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Ray Romano once compared life with twins to living in a frat house. As he put it, "no one sleeps, there is a lot of noise and a lot of throwing up." I find this very true with 4 young children, including twins. However, though things are always crazy, we always try to have fun and, most certainly, always love each other.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Van Saga....Part II

So, most people have a general idea of the pain we have been dealing with with our van, due to the MINOR fender bender I had a few weeks ago. This has turned into a big production for what wasn't much damage. In the last post regarding the situation, I stated that they said our van would be ready Thurs. or Fri. Also, the claims rep. stated our insurance would max out for our rental on Fri. (Turns out, their normal van rate is $89/day. They gave us & the ins. company a disc. rate of $42/day, which insurance would only pay $25 of, so we have been responsible for $17/day- it has been 4 weeks- do the math... ) So, we hoped all would work out and we would have our own van today. Ha! Here are the characters in the story:
1) us
2) American National Claims Rep (ANCR)
3) Adjuster- gives quotes & such (ADJ)
4) 3C auto body shop (3C)
5) Enterprise Rental Cars (ER)

Okay, that establishes all involved with abb. I will use. Today, of course, we hadn't heard anything yet. Aaron Calls 3C. "Is our van ready?" 3C says "Yes, just about- it is in Quality Control, you should be able to get it today." Yay! But no, not so fast....They call later and say it is done, but we can't have the car because they don't have complete payment from insurance yet. They need their money & our deductible first. What? Well, ANCR says they don't have final statement yet. Huh? Why not? Well, 3 weeks ago, 3C found more damage- calls ANCR who sends out ADJ for quote. ADJ makes quote and says go ahead with work. ADJ sends fax to 3C with very fine print saying "fax your final copy to me before check will be written" Apparently this is something 3C doesn't normally have to do, so they didn't see it and never did. The ADJ, instead of calling and checking on it, sits twiddling his thumbs doing nothing. So, both 3C (also dragged out repairs) and ADJ dropped the ball- who suffers? US! So, ANCR says check will be sent over night tonight, but because of weekend, won't get there till Monday- so no van till Monday- even though it wasn't our fault no payment was made. We say to ANCR- what will you do about our rental? They say- nothing we can do- you hit your max, not our problem- they will start charging you the regular rate. We say- ha!-They say, no, too bad. 3C at least has some pity and knocks off $100 from our ded. The only one really working for us and being nice is ER! (who don't have anything to do with this at all, go figure- they are the nice ones.) They are keeping it at the discounted rate ($42) and (before, when it was dragging out, ANCR did one nice thing and talked them into 2 days free rental) said they would give us the 2 days free over the weekend. So, ANCR gets no free days on the rental, we get it after they stop paying! Isn't that nice? So, anyway, sorry to drag this on- I know it is long. It is just frustrating, because this shouldn't be that big of a deal and would never have happened this way if the woman who hit me had INSURANCE! So, ANCR will go after her for some of the money, but not the overage on the rental. (if she ever pays them anything anyway....) and if we want that back, we have to take her to small claims court to get it- of course we would win the case, but will she be able to pay? Who knows..... This is just so annoying and heartbreaking to me because we are out a total of $1200 now (between ded. and rental) for an accident that wasn't my fault and complications in repairs that weren't my fault- but who pays- we do! What is wrong with this picture????


Kelly said...

That is so terrible!! I feel awful for you- $1200 you could've spent on something you wanted, not a rental van for an accident that wasn't your fault!! I am a principle fighter, you know, but fighting that kind of fight with that many people involved, is just too much. I am sorry. If there is a bright side to this, you will find it- you are the sunshine through all tough situations. Let me know how it goes!

Suzanne said...

That is horrible! Seriously I would be losing sleep wondering how I could get justice. At least the Economic adjustment checks will be coming soon! You should treat yourself to a night out or a day of pampering! You deserve it.