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Ray Romano once compared life with twins to living in a frat house. As he put it, "no one sleeps, there is a lot of noise and a lot of throwing up." I find this very true with 4 young children, including twins. However, though things are always crazy, we always try to have fun and, most certainly, always love each other.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Van Saga...Part III- The Intense Finale!!!

To read Part I or Part II, click on the links in this sentence. So, we had been told on Friday that 3C would not release our van until they received full payment- our deductible and the rest from the insurance company. The ins. had sent one check to us, but they still owed $500 for extra repairs needed. They said Friday that they would overnight it and it would get there Monday. We have been paying full price for the rental since Saturday, because ins. ran out on the rental coverage. Well, we call 3C today- no check received yet. Grrr.... so, Aaron calls Am. Nat. (our ins. -this claim rep has not been nice!) and after lots of back and forth, finally admits that he never sent it over night and has "no memory or notes" of saying he would be overnighting the check, so we can't get our car. We are furious, of course and can't keep the rental anymore. He says nothing he can do, will not extend rental coverage. Check is in "snail mail" somewhere most likely.

Aaron insists on speaking to his supervisor, which he clearly doesn't want Aaron to do, but of course we insist, so he does. Basically, she did the only thing she claimed was possible to do- not ideal, but we have our van back. She would stop payment on check to 3C (by the way, she claims 3C is ridiculously holding our van hostage because even without the paper check, they had all the info they needed to get payment. I think both 3C and Am. Nat. were way wrong in this whole situation!) We had to pay the $500 difference (along with deductible) and they will overnight the check to us instead and we will get it Wednesday. It was the only way to get our van and be able to turn in the rental. They would not extend rental coverage. I think both companies were incredibly unfair and unhelpful, but what could we do? So, we did this and should have their check by Wednesday. The rental is turned in, van fixed, all is well!

I know I have done a lot of griping about this situation, but it has been therapeutic to write it out. I have been thinking about my last post (part II) where Kelly said she knew I would find the positive, and there has definitely been positive things. I like to be a positive person, so I will list the positives out of this, to end it on a happier note:

  1. No one was hurt in the accident (this is the biggest one!) and damage was minor.
  2. Van is fixed and works! :)
  3. A long time ago, Aaron's sister backed into the van, leaving a big scuff on the bumper- it was fixed with this, since the bumper had to be replaced! (We never would have bothered fixing it.)
  4. Aaron was working late, so my dad went with me to pick up the van and then took us out to dinner, so I didn't have to cook!
  5. I got to drive a VERY cool mini-van for a month- one I could never afford to drive otherwise! It was very fun! :)
  6. Kenny's teacher only gave him one short page of homework tonight, instead of the usual Monday pile- this was especially nice since we were out all evening getting the van, eating dinner.
  7. It's all over!!!!! Yay! :)


Kelly said...

You found more positives than I would've- that was nice. I am sorry it was such an ordeal- but thankfully it was over, and if I were you, I would file complaints on all parties involved- that is ridiculous!

Suzanne said...

Hooray! What a hassle for sure. Now- stay away from the uninsured if that's possible around here!!

Lauri said...

Uninsured motorists are the worst!!!! I got hit a few years ago and it totaled my car. Unfortunately, we had to take the drive to court to get it taken care of.

STUFFellaneous said...

Life is a terrible thing to happen to a person!!!