Always Crazy, Always Fun, Always Love

Ray Romano once compared life with twins to living in a frat house. As he put it, "no one sleeps, there is a lot of noise and a lot of throwing up." I find this very true with 4 young children, including twins. However, though things are always crazy, we always try to have fun and, most certainly, always love each other.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Most Embarrassing Moment Tag

I have been tagged by Bonnie to share my most embarrassing moment. I had to think on it a bit, I think because I try to block all those awful moments out of my memory. At first, I could only remember small things- things that are embarrassing, but not too humiliating. For example, I have been a victim of walking out of the church bathroom with my skirt caught in my hose. Thankfully, my friend Delinda was nearby to save that one from becoming too humiliating....

But then, I remembered. I admit, it still probably isn't the worst- I have probably had even worse that I have blocked out, and no doubt others have worse. But, this one is definitely bad enough that I am a bit shy to write about it for all to read. This is because it could have been avoided if I had just thought things through a little better.

Anyway, enough rambling. When I was in college and attending the university ward of my church, I was really excited to go to a particular activity. There was a boy there that I was developing a bit of a crush on and I hoped his feelings were becoming the same. I was running late and could only think of getting there as fast as I could. I had to stop and get gas on the way. While filling my car, I spilled some gas on me. The thought of going back home and changing my clothes seemed like it would be a horrific amount of time, since I was already late and way anxious to just get there. I went into the bathroom and washed my hands and wiped off my shoes, where it seemed to be the most of it. I convinced myself I had taken care of the worst of it and it would be fine and I went on to the activity. I sat next to this boy, and sure enough him and everyone around me noticed the smell of a gas station sitting near them. I was so humiliated and angry with myself for not taking time to go home and change and clean up more thoroughly. I had to admit what had happened and I just wanted to die! I felt like such an idiot!

Although, in the end, I suppose he didn't think too horribly of me, because even though I smelled like a walking gas station, at the end of the evening he invited me to go to a baseball game that weekend with him and a group of other people from the ward. I was hoping that maybe since he invited me, he didn't think I was TOO much of a loser. He and I went on to be good friends as Aaron and I became engaged and got married, but I haven't talked to him since. I think I heard he is married with kids as well.

So, there you go- evidence in writing of the big dork that I really am. And, the fun part, is I get to tag some people. I tag Bylle, Katie and Kelly. I'll be looking for it! :)

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Girls Night Out

I had said in a blog post a couple weeks ago that I felt that we needed to have a girls night out. I was thrilled when pretty much everyone posted a reply saying they were up for the idea. I knew we just had to do it. I love these women, but we have never gotten together "just because." It is always during church callings or activities and at playgroups with our kids. While all of these things are wonderful, I think we needed an opportunity to connect as women- as ourselves. As much as I wanted to plan this, I immediately had a lot of anxiety over it. Some people know this about me, but many do not- that I have some real insecurity issues. I often don't plan things, but instead wait (and strongly desire) to be invited to things. I have this fear that when I plan something, people don't really want to come, so I often don't bother. But, I really wanted to do this, and I know if I didn't do it now, I never would. It would become one of these things of "We need to have a girls night out" and it would just get put off. It seriously took some major guts for me to do this- as silly as it sounds.

So, I sent out an email to all the women in our ward at church who I felt would have an interest in coming. It was planned tonight at 7pm at Max & Erma's. (One of my favorite restaurants!!!) We had SUCH a good time! There was 7 of us in all and we sat and laughed and talked and laughed and talked for nearly 3 hours. The poor server had to come by and collect the signed checks so he could go home- his shift was over. (after this, we didn't feel bad about hanging out because we weren't keeping him from other tables- he went home- and it was very much not busy.)

At one point (or maybe more than once) the subject changed to "certain topics" that caused some of our cheeks to get red (and we were not quiet and within earshot of other tables.....). I thought this was awesome because we never would have been this open in our conversation at a church activity or at a playgroup with our kids there. It showed that we were comfortable enough with each other that we could be open and honest. At times, we were even a bit loud and obnoxious, but no one complained (though they may have wanted to!) and I felt we were really able to "let our hair down" and be ourselves and enjoy each others company. Maybe even crossed the line into gossip a bit, but hopefully we will be forgiven.

When I sent out the original email, a few responded saying that they regretted they would not be able to make it. One, in particular, said that it sounded fun, but "there were not enough hours in the day." I was thinking, so does she think I should feel guilty because I am making time for this? I give 98 percent of my time to my family- As a women, and an individual, I feel it important to give myself that 2 percent to remember who I am. I am very busy and there were several things I needed to do- my house was a mess, work for my church calling needs done, my children needed bathed- but what is wrong with letting it wait until tomorrow? I feel like I now have the strength to be a better woman, wife, mother, etc, because I took time out to breathe a little. I am a wife and a mother and many other things that I am proud of, but I am also me.

So, anyway, to Suzanne, Kim, Abbey, Autumn, Mary & Kelly- thank you for an awesome night- you have NO idea how much it meant to me. You are awesome women and I love you and am grateful to call you my friends.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

First Grade Camp!!!

So, here is the question of the day.... What kind of crazy person would:

1) ride 3 hours in a hot school bus (1 1/2 hrs each way) full of first graders
2) assist in supervising during activities for 2 days
3) sleep in a cabin with 6 boys and one other mom on a bunk bed that was made out of a 3 in. cheapo mattress on a piece of ply wood
4) watch over the boys as if she was their mother- making sure they brushed their teeth, ate, stayed safe, slept,get all their stuff packed, etc.
5) get dirty, muddy and sweaty
6) have a blast and do it all over again?

Who would that person be? That would be me! I went with Kenny on his first grade camping trip on Monday and Tuesday this week and it was a blast! His school has a focus on math and science, and so they require a camping trip for each grade. Kindergarten is just a one day day camp and then in first grade, they stay over night one night. By 5th grade, they stay for a week. I got to go with him as a chaperone!

Kenny had a blast and it was just really nice to spend the time one on one with him. This was possible thanks to my mom, who stayed with the other kids all day Monday while Aaron worked, and Aaron, who took Tuesday off work. Being I have so many little ones at home, it is hard to get away to volunteer at the school like I would like, so I am grateful to have gotten to do this.

Check out the collage I made! Aaron just showed me how to do it- this is a first for me. Just click on the collage to see it bigger and read the text. (Sorry the text is a bit hard to read- I am having a hard time figuring it out....)

I wanted to record some of the funny things the kids said, but I forget all but one. I will share this though, as it was quite funny. Soon after getting there, the kids collected their luggage out of the massive pile and took it to their cabins. Afterward, we all met at the mess hall for lunch. Before eating, the camp director announced that if anyone picked up the wrong bag, to just bring it to dinner and they could trade. A little girl raises her hand and says, in all seriousness,

"If we got the wrong bag, can we use the stuff in it until we get our own bag back?"

After the laughter died down, she replied that if it wasn't yours, don't use it. ha ha!

I even learned something new!!! I learned all about "Ort." Anyone know what this is? I had never heard the word before. Ort is the scraps of food left on your plate, that you serve yourself, that you don't eat. It is the waste of your meal. After each meal, all scraps left on plates were scraped into one "ort bucket" and there was an "ort report" after each meal. The kids learned how much food was wasted and encouraged to cut it down for the next meal by choosing only what they would eat, and eating what they chose. The highest "ort report" was 14 lbs. of wasted food (!!!!). The lowest they managed was 5 lbs. (of course that meal was chicken nuggets and fries- not really a meal that first graders waste... probably did that on purpose!)

The only hard part, really, was learning the boys names in our cabin. (Keep in mind, it is a city school...). There was Kenny and Joshua (Joshua was the son of the other mom in the cabin- we got along great, by the way!). This was easy enough, but it took the entire two days to get the other 4 names down and matched to the right kid. Get this....their names were (no joke)... Javon, JeJuan (pronounced JeWon), LaShawn and Deven. Ya.....okay. I felt so bad having such a hard time remembering them and tried to hide the fact that I couldn't get them straight, but the poor kids probably noticed. They were all such good kids. They were well behaved and did great being away from their families. There were no homesickness tears (apparently, there really weren't any problems in the other cabins either!) and everyone slept well (once we got them quieted down).

Here is what I found interesting. I had assumed I would be in a cabin with little girls, but they put me and another mom in Kenny's cabin with boys because they didn't have enough dad's sign up. (I find it incredible that they did have dads sign up at all!) As I thought about it, I realized that it made sense to have moms in boys cabins and that I was actually more comfortable with this than even dads being in there. Interesting huh? And, of course, I would never in a million years (nor would anyone) accept a dad in girls cabins. Just an observation about this world we live in.

I thought is was an interesting idea to have a camp for all the ages, but thought it brave, or a bit scary to have an overnight camp with kids so young. Apparently, they had so many moms sign up to be chaperone's, they had to be chosen by lottery. Some moms who were not chosen to go, opted to not allow their children to go to camp because they didn't think their child was ready to be away without them. I respect this thought, as I think I would have been a bit nervous about Kenny going if I wasn't there. (Though Kenny is such an extrovert and not really afraid of anyone, I think he would have been fine.) But, now that I went, I think it was awesome and I would be okay with my child going without me there. The program was well run- the children learned so much and they were well supervised. The other parents there were awesome. The children were apparently ready, because they did great. It was obvious that those in charge knew what they were doing by having it last only one night. By the time it was time to go home, the kids were starting to get pretty tired and melting down at the slightest problem. But, that didn't happen until it was time to go anyway. I am thankful that Kenny was able to have this wonderful experience and that I was able to experience it with him.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Autumn's typing contest II

74 words

Speed test

Better, but still doesn't compare to Autumn's score. I tried...... :) This was actually my 5th attempt, so I will quit now!It was very fun! (okay, I went on to do tries 6 & 7 and still didn't beat 74. I lose, but it was addicting and fun! Smart to put a limit on it, Autumn!)

Autumn's typing contest

68 words


Okay, I suck.....

Saturday, April 19, 2008

"I don't want to mess up my bed!"

A long time ago, I started teaching my kids to make their bed in the morning. Kenny made his one morning and did a particularly nice job- got it nice and straight and I complimented him on it. This was probably a year ago or so now at this point. That night, he did not want to get under his blankets, because he would mess up his bed. It was like he figured he wouldn't have to make his bed anymore if it never got messed up, or something. So, I decided not to make a big deal out of it and he slept on top of his blankets. Not wanting him to get cold, I put an old throw blanket on him later. This continued over the next nights, but I still just figured it was a passing phase. You know the old line, "Choose your battles." I figured this was a time to not choose the battle. I figured if he got cold enough, he would cover up- or just eventually get tired of it. Nope, he is still doing it. He just covers up with the same throw blanket and will not mess up his bed. (Despite the fact I have taken his comforter off to wash it several times during this time, because it has to be washed if he is laying on it all the time, just like sheets!) It is almost like he is doing now because he knows I want him to cover up and he is determined to do things his own way. So, I still figure this is not a battle to fight- it isn't a big deal, just kind of silly! This will definitely be something we laugh at down the road and tell his girlfriend about! I love this kid and his silly quarks! :) Here is the goofy boy (he sleeps in the top bunk):

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Let's go fly a Kite!!!

For Jacob's birthday, he got two kites. The kids have been so excited to try them out. Today was a perfect spring day. Upper 60's, slightly breezy- so we took advantage of it! We had a ball! He got a Spider Man and a Cars kite. Here are some pictures!

Aaron gets things started, showing the boys how they work!
For being simple kites, they work very well and both boys get the rhythm right away!
Look at Jacob go!!
The girls finally got released from the stroller and had a blast running across the field!

And they just LOVE the baby swings!

Anyway, it was a perfect evening. Everyone was sad when it was time to go home, but had a great time.

I love spring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What do you get when....?

What do you get when you add 4 moms, 8 one year olds, a bored 5 year old, and a small house???

A "young toddler" playgroup with the Mothers of Twins Club I am involved with! :)

I hosted at my house today- it really was a good time. It has been wonderful getting to know other moms of multiples and comparing stories.

It can get a bit crazy having that many young children in a house at the same time, but it was well worth it. Before I had kids, I would hear people talk about playgroups and I always thought the idea sounded a bit silly. Why schedule time to play and make a big deal out of it- can't kids just play? But now I totally understand......

Playgroups have nothing to do with the kids, really. Playgroups are about the moms...... :)

Monday, April 14, 2008

For all the "Lost" Junkies- What?

This is hilarious- (It is about two minutes long...)

Only a couple weeks left until the story continues....maybe this will help tide us over! :)

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Today was MY Day!!!

A couple of weeks ago, Aaron announced that his work was offering the possibility of working 4 10 hour shifts and having Friday off. We both thought it would be a great idea and thought it would be great for him to be home on Fridays. As he said, I wouldn't have to load everyone up to take Kenny to and from school, I could make doctors appointments on Fridays, or whatever. He could also offer to work on his friends' cars for a little extra money. Well, that was what he did last Friday- he was in the garage ALL day. Yesterday, he went to a friends house to work on a car. He did, at least, take Kenny to school, but then ran into problems on the car they were working on and got home at midnight. I know I won't get him next weekend either because his group has a big annual get-together on Saturday and there are people coming into town Friday for it. So, I was just a little miffed last night. Although, to his defense, I know it won't be like this every Friday- I just get impatient. And, he is always willing to keep the kids while I go do "my thing." The only problem is, I don't have much of a "thing", other than church callings (yipee!), grocery shopping (more fun!) and twins club meetings (okay, that one really is fun! :))

So, I am thinking- girls night out anyone???? I think we should do it! (Obviously not next Saturday....) I am a bit envious of Katie's night she described and I think we need to do something similar. So, who is up for it??

Anyway, so when Aaron finally got home yesterday, I told him I had multiple errands to run today and I was going to do them all kid free and I was going to take my good old sweet time and get home whenever I got home. He knew better than to argue! :) So, I started the day getting my haircut. Which, actually, I am totally NOT thrilled about. Getting it cut was fun, of course, but the results were not as planned. My cut is pretty basic, hard to mess up- but she did. I was going to post a picture, but not now. The worst part is she butchered my bangs. I have to have bangs because I have a big awkward forehead. I told her eyebrow level. Well, she must think my eyebrows are an inch or so higher than they really are....... Anyway, it isn't too bad otherwise- she just didn't layer it quite like I had envisioned. I trimmed it a bit to fix it, but don't know what else to do. So, don't make fun of it :)- the good thing is that bangs grow quickly and hopefully I will look more normal in a couple weeks.

So, then, I went to the library to get some reader books for Kenny to practice with. Then, to Children's Orchard to look for clothes for the girls (these poor girls have nothing for spring/summer.) I got a couple things, but really wasn't too impressed. The clothes were cute- but pricey. I mean, these were used clothes and most of the jeans were like, $10. I can get them new for that price at Walmart. (of course, these were Tommy H. and Gap, etc, but I, personally, have no desire to use these brands- I mean, why? It's just kids clothing!) So, I figure I am better off going to OUAC. Then, I did stop by Kohl's to check out the clearance racks, but still didn't quite see what I wanted so I left without buying. They have all kinds of shorts and such, but these girls have outgrown their pants and it isn't shorts season yet- I need CHEAP pants! Oh well, I will go to OUAC soon.

Next, I stopped at Arby's for lunch and had a very yummy but very fattening lunch- I figured I deserved it- it was my day out alone! :) Then, I got gas in the van, got my two week diaper supply at Sam's club (it was probably a good thing they didn't have the samples out or I would have eaten that on top of the Arby's!) and did my two week shopping at Walmart. On the way out, I stopped at Subway to get dinner for Aaron and I. (the kids were stuck with chicken nuggets from the oven- it is kind of cool that they are still too young to know they are missing out on something yummy! :))

It was definitely nice just to have the day to do what I needed, kid free, not rushed. I left at 9:30 and got home at 3:30! I never would have done all those stops with even one child!

Also, we got notified in the mail today that Jacob is accepted at the same school Kenny is in! (If you remember, Kenny goes to a public school, but it is an alternative- based in math and science- it is all based on lottery to get in. We tried in Kindergarten to get him in, but got wait listed so he went to a charter school, which was okay. We tried again for first grade and he got in. I was nervous hoping Jacob would get in too because I didn't want to drive to different schools. Plus, for being in a public school, I think it is the best option. I would like a better school district, but that won't happen right now. And, well, who can afford private school? not me- I can't even do preschool for the poor kid! But, I have been really impressed with how well Kenny does here, so if we have to be in this school district, this is where I want them to go. I knew they give siblings a priority, but there was no guarantee. Well, he got in! Yay! )

And I am serious about the girls night out! I would love to hang with anyone who would like to!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Baby Girls Checkup

It just seems unreal that the girls are 15 mos old already! Today was their 15 month checkup and they are growing like weeds! They are just perfect! Here are their growth stats:

Meghan: height- 33in. weight- 24 lbs. 4 oz. (70% for weight, 90th % for height)
Ellen: height- 34 in. weight- 27 lbs. 12 oz. (95th %ile for both)

They did a test to check for autism risk and they passed with flying colors. They aren't talking much yet- both girls say "uh-oh" and I think I have heard Ellie try to say "Thank you" and Meghan may have said "da-da" when it wasn't by accident, but still not sure it was real. But, they do communicate well using signs. They do really well with them. Their favorites are "eat", "more", "all done", "bath", "drink", "pacifier" & "fish".

I asked the doctor about their chronically snotty noses- they have been snotty since Christmas, aside from a short 2 week reprieve in March. She said it is most likely viral- that they just keep sharing it since they share pacifiers and such. But, if it isn't better in a few weeks when the weather is consistently good, then she will start to look into allergies.

The only bummer to the day is that we learned our doctor is leaving the practice. We love Dr. "S" and are very saddened by this. (I am avoiding last names and cities in this blog, but Katie & Melissa- you know who I am talking about.) She is leaving to start her own practice- which is good for her, bad for us. Her new practice will be about 20 min. away; which isn't impossible- but right now, it is only 5 min. away. It is more practical to have a closer doctor when you are competing with an ill child, nap schedules and school pick up times. So, we will see how it goes. All the other doctors we have seen there are good also- only one that I haven't liked- so we should be able to find another doctor we like. It is just a bummer- she is an awesome pediatrician. One of those where you can feel free to ask a question, no matter how simple and she doesn't make you feel stupid or talk over your head. She is very personable and friendly and happy and connects well with the kids.

Anyway, I am grateful to have two babies that are so healthy and doing so well. They are so much fun. 3 years ago, if you would have asked me if I wanted twins I would have said "no way"- but now I can't imagine life any other way! Just goes to show that our Heavenly Father knows what is best for us. I thank Him daily for all 4 of my beautiful babies!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Name Game

So, Katie tagged me to do a post on how my kids got their names, so here is the story. Most of them came from family just because it was an easy resource. We had two boys first and they were the hardest for us to name. From the time I became pregnant, we had two girls names picked out (see below) so I thought I was having a girl. When we found out it was a boy, we really struggled to agree on a name- we both liked different names. I will explain more as I go along- here are the stories:

Kenneth James- Kenny was born 6/16/01. Kenneth and James are two of Aaron's uncles. He has always been close with both (though, sadly, James aka "Jimmy" passed away about 1 1/2 years ago). We liked that it was a good solid name that was cute for a little boy, hence the nickname "Kenny", but good and solid for a grown man, and not too over common. James also appealed to me as a middle name because it is somewhat common on my side too. I have a grandfather named James, who is incredible as well as a brother named James. (The outfit looks a bit funny because he wore it as PJ's- he didn't go out like that!)

Jacob Ryan-Jacob was born 4/6/03. This is a boys name I have liked for a while and wanted to name Kenny either Jacob Ryan or Ryan Jacob, but Aaron didn't really like it. When we were having another boy and were once again struggling with names and I really stilled liked these two and Aaron didn't know what he wanted so I pretty much told him to pick either Jacob Ryan or Ryan Jacob, so he picked Jacob Ryan. Jacob is actually Aaron's middle name and Ryan is my mother's maiden name- I thought they sounded nice together. Though, part of why we picked Kenny's name was because it was a well known yet not too common name and here we picked THE most common boys name that year, but oh well- I still like it. So what if there will probably be 5 Jacobs in his Kindergarten class?

Ellen Grace-Ellen or "Ellie" was born 1/4/07. Though I wasn't initially sure if I wanted a girl (I had gotten so used to boys) I was thrilled at the opportunity to use the girls names I had had picked out for more than 6 years. (Though, let me say- I LOVE having girls now! They are so fun! I am so glad to have a mix of both!) Originally, the name was going to be Ellen Marie, because Ellen is my mom's middle name and Marie is Aaron's mom's middle name- I thought it was a good tribute to them. But, I just wasn't sure about using Marie because it is such a common middle name. Then, I thought of Aaron's mom's maiden name, which is Grace and thought it would be beautiful as a middle name and still a way to have a tribute to her as well. We call her "Ellie" frequently just because I think it is a cute nickname for Ellen.

Meghan Elizabeth-Meghan was also born 1/4/07. This is the only name that doesn't really come from anywhere. I can't even say for sure other than it is a girls name a came across or put together many years ago and thought it would be a pretty girls name if I ever had a second girl (knowing the first would be an Ellen). I really liked the name, but Aaron wasn't so sure. He finally came around and said he could go with it as long as we put the "h" in Meghan- so I said, works for me!

It is funny, too, with the girls because I had just pretty well decided that which ever baby was born first would be Ellen because it was the family name and the second would be Meghan. And their names fit so well as they are. If they had been born in reverse order, it wouldn't have worked. Ellie is the cuddle bug, gentle, sweet one; whereas, Meghan is the feisty, ornery, funny one that just seems to fit with the name "Meghan." I guess they figured if mommy was going to use these names, they better decide on the correct birth order so there names would fit.

So, that is our stories. Now I get to tag some people. I tag Kelly, Abbey, Suzanne & Lisa C. I'll be looking for it! :)

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Cool new shirts!!!

A friend of the family, Linda, bought the kids these really cool shirts while she was in Florida. You have to look at all the pictures to get the full effect. I realize the first picture isn't the greatest- but, hey, you try taking pictures of 4 kids (including 2 15 month olds and a dog walking by) and see if you have better luck! :) I tried to get another but couldn't- this was the best I could get.
It can probably be seen better by clicking on the picture. The girls shirts are a simple pink T with a lady bug with the word Florida under it. The boys is white with designs outlined in black.
Then, we walk out into the sun:
The boys shirts are colored in! (Look up top, you will see no color). And the girls (again, not the greatest- the best they would let me get):
The lady bugs have a heart shaped border made of more bugs that wasn't there when inside. Pretty neat, huh? I guess whatever they used to print the shirts is clear, but reacts to UV rays to make colors. You can only see it when you go outside. I just had to show them off- I have never seen anything like it before!

Also- here is a picture of the back of Ellie's head showing off her curls. I had said the other day that wanted to get a picture of her back so her curls could be seen:

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Jacob!!!!

Today, our Jacob turned 5 years old. I can hardly believe it has been five years. He had a great birthday! (Picture will love this post- I had a hard time narrowing them down!) The festivities began Friday night with a party with a few of his friends. We started with just some fun, random balloon play!
Then, we put together a rousing game of balloon volleyball.....
After volleyball, we played a fun easter egg scavenger hunt. (It was a game I got on clearance at Walmart- It is very cool that his birthday was so soon after Easter this year!)

Next, was an exciting game of "pin the trunk on Dumbo." Aaron hand drew this game two years ago when Kenny turned five and was way into Dumbo at the time. Jacob and the kids loved it!
Everyone smiled for a quick photo before cake. Starting on the left and going around the circle, we have TJ, Kenny, Spencer, Hope, Jacob and Grace.
Then, everyone got to decorate their own cupcake and we had ice cream! It was an awesome night!

Today, we celebrated by having a party with our families. We had the party at my sisters house, which is much bigger and works better with a large crowd. It was an incredibly gorgeous day! Spring has finally sprung! It was mid 60's and sunny- perfect! Before leaving, we gave him our main present from us:
His very own big kid bike!
We then headed out. Jacob had been fine all day and all weekend, but then started coughing suddenly on the way there. (The girls and I have had a bit of a cough recently.) Just as we pulled in her driveway, he coughed and gagged and threw up all over the car seat next to him! I felt so bad for him! But he was okay- he does have a cough, but I gave him some medicine and it helped.
We also had a special surprise in store for the kids:
My sister owns a horse and keeps her boarded about a mile from where she lives. She walked her over so the kids could have a ride! It seemed a bit silly, especially to people passing by- a horse in the front yard of a new housing development. But, the back yard was too muddy, and the kids had a ball! Jacob got on first since he was the birthday boy. He was pretty scared and wanted right back off, so we didn't push it. Once other kids did it and were having fun, he suddenly decided it wasn't scary and wanted to do it again and had a blast!
Kenny had the time of his life! He kept wanting to do it over and over! (My sister, Emily, is the horsed owner and it was her house where we had the party. She is expecting baby #2 in August.)
We even held the girls up there for a quick photo opp. (My other sister and I are holding them on the other side while Emily holds the horse.) A perfect shot! Meghan is first in the green, Ellie is in the pink.
And, no party is complete without cake and ice cream! It is just a boring basic cake, but it was yummy! It was a great day! The poor kid was so worn out he fell asleep on the way home and then went into total melt down mode once we got home and got ready for bed. But, aside from this, I believe he was very happy today!

Here is a little information about Jacob, since it is his day:

Jacob was born Sunday morning, April 6, 2003 at 4:52 AM. He is the only child I actually went into labor with. About 11pm the night before, I was getting ready to go to bed when my water broke. I quickly went into heavy labor. We were flying down the freeway at midnight- about 80 mph, and went right past a cop, who didn't come after us! It sounds like it was a 6 hour labor, but it was really only 5 because he was born during the time change! It was that night, at 2am that we hit daylight savings time and lost an hour! I think it is cool he was born during this- just something to remember. Aaron soon started calling him "Cubby", a play off of the 2nd half of his name. It stuck and now both of our families call him this frequently.
He is an incredibly lovable and cuddly child. He loves to be close, to sit on laps, to have stories read to him. He is incredibly intelligent and I know he will do great when he starts Kindergarten this fall. He just seems to naturally pick up knowledge. He is very good with fine motor skills- he builds block towers better than I could, I believe! He loves to build with blocks and is excellent with puzzles. We sometimes call him our "drama queen" because he tends to be dramatic over little things. He is a bit sensitive, which is good and bad. He loves to have someone to play with and I often feel bad because we can't afford preschool, and so he is home with me and the babies while Kenny is at school. It is hard for me to devote the attention he needs with two babies at home. I think he gets bored easily because of this. This is another reason I think he will excel in school. He loves to play his game boy (he would play all day if I let him, so I have to give him a time limit!) and I like to here him tell me about it. He gives such good detail when he tells stories or describes something. I love him dearly and it makes me happy to see the little man he is turning into, though also a bit sad to see him growing so fast! Happy Birthday, Jacob- my sweet little man! We love you!

Friday, April 4, 2008


Elliebean is our nickname for Ellie (which is a nickname for Ellen :)) This post is for her- I just had to post some cute pictures and tell a couple stories about her. She recently said her first word, which is still her only word. It is "uh-oh!" She is quite hilarious with it! She will do something like, hold out her sippy cup, smile and say "uh-oh" and then drop it on purpose. Very funny! She is our cuddle bug. Loves to give hugs and sit quietly on your lap. She is very inquisitive and likes to check things out.
This picture is from a trip to COSI in January.
In November, we went on a trip to Florida. I was still nursing the girls, so we would stop every few hours and I would nurse one in the front seat while Aaron held the other. In the above picture, he was holding Ellie in the drivers seat. She actually figured out how to turn on the turn signals and she kept doing it and laughing about it.

Also, while in Florida, we went to the beach. I put both babies down in the sand. Ellie wasn't so sure she liked it and started fussing, so I picked her up. After she settled, I put her back down and she gradually started to check it out. This is another good picture showing her inquisitive nature as she studies the sand. Look how short her hair is- you can just barely make out the hint of a curl forming in the back. Check out the next picture taken March 1st:

This isn't the best shot- I should really take a picture of the back of her hair. It is even more curly now! But, you can see the curls really starting to form. Just gorgeous! I think someday soon I will do a post with pictures of both girls (as we fondly sometimes call them Elliebean and Nutmeg! :)) and talk a little about what it is like having twins, as that is a question I get a lot.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Kenny and Tornadoes

My friend, Suzanne, and I were talking about this last night and it occurred to me that I should write about it. For some strange reason that I don't understand, Kenny (age 6 1/2) is fascinated by tornadoes. He has been for as long as I can remember. He isn't really even afraid of them- just fascinated by them. He can spot a tornado siren anywhere. We can be flying down the freeway at 70 mph and he will say, "Hey mom, there is a tornado siren!!" He tends to be incredibly observant anyway- he gets it from Aaron. They both always see things I never would have noticed otherwise. Even at school, when they were asked to make a picture representation for 3+5=8, he drew pictures of 3 tornadoes, + 5 tornadoes and then drew a picture of 8 tornadoes.

Last week, he was on spring break and we went to a play group at Delinda's house. She had a Little Tykes doll house that her kids no longer play with but my kids always do, so she gave it to us. (They love it and play with it everyday!) We brought it home and Kenny went on to play with it for the afternoon. Yes, it is a "girl toy"- but it was new, so he thought it was pretty cool. He set up all the dolls and furniture and such. Then, he got out some paper and made trees and cut them out. He set them up outside the house to make a path- like a tree lined street for the car. Then, he made a tornado siren and cut it out. Next, he drew a tornado and cut it out. Then, the tornado proceeded to destroy everything he had set up.

Yep.....he's a boy! :)

(note- the only child I haven't yet posted about is Ellie- I will post about her soon, I didn't forget her! :))

Meghan the Climber

Meghan had been the more adventurous of the girls since the day she was born. She became mobile first and is constantly getting into whatever she can. She learned quickly how to climb and climbs on chairs, the couch, whatever she can get her little legs up on to. She tries to climb out of her crib, though has luckily not succeeded yet. This actually scares me since we have hard wood floors I am afraid she will crack her head. Well, this morning, she reached a new level that I figured was her next step. I went down stairs to put in some laundry and this is what I find when I come upstairs. (luckily the camera was close by, or I would not have been able to capture it....)

Yes, she is on the kitchen table...
So... how do I keep her off??? Even now as I post this I keep chasing her off......This is why we have nick named her "nutmeg". She keeps me on my toes for sure! :)