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Ray Romano once compared life with twins to living in a frat house. As he put it, "no one sleeps, there is a lot of noise and a lot of throwing up." I find this very true with 4 young children, including twins. However, though things are always crazy, we always try to have fun and, most certainly, always love each other.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Name Game

So, Katie tagged me to do a post on how my kids got their names, so here is the story. Most of them came from family just because it was an easy resource. We had two boys first and they were the hardest for us to name. From the time I became pregnant, we had two girls names picked out (see below) so I thought I was having a girl. When we found out it was a boy, we really struggled to agree on a name- we both liked different names. I will explain more as I go along- here are the stories:

Kenneth James- Kenny was born 6/16/01. Kenneth and James are two of Aaron's uncles. He has always been close with both (though, sadly, James aka "Jimmy" passed away about 1 1/2 years ago). We liked that it was a good solid name that was cute for a little boy, hence the nickname "Kenny", but good and solid for a grown man, and not too over common. James also appealed to me as a middle name because it is somewhat common on my side too. I have a grandfather named James, who is incredible as well as a brother named James. (The outfit looks a bit funny because he wore it as PJ's- he didn't go out like that!)

Jacob Ryan-Jacob was born 4/6/03. This is a boys name I have liked for a while and wanted to name Kenny either Jacob Ryan or Ryan Jacob, but Aaron didn't really like it. When we were having another boy and were once again struggling with names and I really stilled liked these two and Aaron didn't know what he wanted so I pretty much told him to pick either Jacob Ryan or Ryan Jacob, so he picked Jacob Ryan. Jacob is actually Aaron's middle name and Ryan is my mother's maiden name- I thought they sounded nice together. Though, part of why we picked Kenny's name was because it was a well known yet not too common name and here we picked THE most common boys name that year, but oh well- I still like it. So what if there will probably be 5 Jacobs in his Kindergarten class?

Ellen Grace-Ellen or "Ellie" was born 1/4/07. Though I wasn't initially sure if I wanted a girl (I had gotten so used to boys) I was thrilled at the opportunity to use the girls names I had had picked out for more than 6 years. (Though, let me say- I LOVE having girls now! They are so fun! I am so glad to have a mix of both!) Originally, the name was going to be Ellen Marie, because Ellen is my mom's middle name and Marie is Aaron's mom's middle name- I thought it was a good tribute to them. But, I just wasn't sure about using Marie because it is such a common middle name. Then, I thought of Aaron's mom's maiden name, which is Grace and thought it would be beautiful as a middle name and still a way to have a tribute to her as well. We call her "Ellie" frequently just because I think it is a cute nickname for Ellen.

Meghan Elizabeth-Meghan was also born 1/4/07. This is the only name that doesn't really come from anywhere. I can't even say for sure other than it is a girls name a came across or put together many years ago and thought it would be a pretty girls name if I ever had a second girl (knowing the first would be an Ellen). I really liked the name, but Aaron wasn't so sure. He finally came around and said he could go with it as long as we put the "h" in Meghan- so I said, works for me!

It is funny, too, with the girls because I had just pretty well decided that which ever baby was born first would be Ellen because it was the family name and the second would be Meghan. And their names fit so well as they are. If they had been born in reverse order, it wouldn't have worked. Ellie is the cuddle bug, gentle, sweet one; whereas, Meghan is the feisty, ornery, funny one that just seems to fit with the name "Meghan." I guess they figured if mommy was going to use these names, they better decide on the correct birth order so there names would fit.

So, that is our stories. Now I get to tag some people. I tag Kelly, Abbey, Suzanne & Lisa C. I'll be looking for it! :)


Katie said...

I hope Meghan never feels jipped. I think it's so funny they all have family names but her. I never realized that. I feel the same way about Reid as you do about Kenneth...a solid, timeless boys name. No one ever questions if he's a boy or girl and everyone knows how to pronounce it, but you just don't see it all the time.

Good choice on the kids names. They all fill their shoes rather well.

Kelly said...

Those are great stories- I have to admit that mine aren't that exciting, but I will post about them in a day or two- thanks for the tag! By the way, I love the h in Meghan!!

Suzanne said...

Very cute. I have a niece named Meaghan Elizabeth without the H though. The names do go well together. It's interesting that they have similar personalities. I've never been tagged before so thanks for the tag and I'll have to think back and try to remember the details. I'm sure my stories are much different than Ryan's so this should be fun!

Autumn said...

Great. Such cute pictures! I can't get over how different Ellie and Meghan look. I like Meghan with an h, so pretty.