Always Crazy, Always Fun, Always Love

Ray Romano once compared life with twins to living in a frat house. As he put it, "no one sleeps, there is a lot of noise and a lot of throwing up." I find this very true with 4 young children, including twins. However, though things are always crazy, we always try to have fun and, most certainly, always love each other.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Happy Birthday, Jackie! (My Bestest Friend in the Whole Wide World, EVER!)

Since we met in December of 1983, we have basically been inseparable. Jackie and I met when our family moved to a new town when I was 6 years old. The first day I went to my first grade class, I was terrified! The first kid who saw me, actually started laughing, but Jackie came right up to me and introduced herself and we have been best friends ever since. Back then, she helped me adjust to a new school (I cried every day for a while!) and I don't know what I would have done without her. That hasn't changed- she means the world to me! The picture above is from her wedding, last July in Nebraska. She was there for me at my wedding (read on) and I couldn't imagine not being there for hers. I was proud to be her matron of honor. Was she not the most beautiful bride ever?
Today, she turns 31 and so I thought I would tell some stories of her. I have a ton of pictures. This is the first time I have posted old pictures. No, I didn't finally get a scanner, I am using my moms.

**disclaimer- I am quite embarrassed to post some of these pictures. The pictures of me are hideous- keep in mind when you see the glasses that many of these were taken in the 80's. I also had absolutely no sense of style till about a year or two ago. You will love the stringy hair, bad glasses and braces!

The Elementary Years!

Jackie will probably shoot me for including the picture on the lower left, with her in her head gear that she had to wear with her braces, but this one and two others in this set were perfect examples of what we did often- sleepovers!!!!! Her mom was awesome with a camera and probably took a picture every time I was over there, and usually passed the pictures on to me. This is just a few. She also always had such fun birthday parties!!! In every single picture, her hair is always perfectly pulled back in these beautiful braids or pony tails (she was an only child) whereas mine is always long and stringy (I had 4 siblings- I was lucky if my hair got brushed!). I remember in the picture on the lower right, her mom actually pulling out a comb and trying to comb my mop before the picture was taken!

Her parents were incredible. Seriously! They were literally like second parents to me. They frequently took me on trips with them (as in this set of pictures above). I got to go to so many fun places because of them. They always made sure that I was taken care of in just about every aspect of my life.

We even did girl scouts together! Here, we did a scout troop garage sale and had face painting as something we sold. So, of course, we had to paint each others faces. She was and is the artist of the two of us!

The High School Years!! (don't ask where middle school went- guess I just didn't find any great pictures from then.)

The picture on the right- Jackie's mom talked us into it for the pure purpose of a photo opp. I just wonder what Santa thought of it all.......

While in Middle School, we met Lynette, and we became a bit of a trio. I think it is funny that in pretty much ever photo of us taken, the order in the picture goes me, Jackie, Lynette. I don't think it was ever intentional. And, yes, that is Aaron as my prom date. (and I know the dress was bad- not sure what I was thinking).

Again, I don't know what I would have done without her in high school. We did band and everything together. I remember we both discovered certain things about our families that were hard for us each to deal with- but we had each other to lean on. She got me through some tough times.

The College/Post College Years:

When Aaron and I got married, we went to the Chicago Temple. We had to go there a day earlier than the rest of the family to get our marriage license. We did not want to have to pay for two hotel rooms. So, we talked Jackie into going with us and sharing a hotel room with us so that we could all room together and be appropriate. Kind of our "chaperone" if you will. Her parents joined us the next day. The bottom picture above his Jackie and her dad in the visitors room of the temple. (The top picture is her mom and dad with her at my sisters wedding). How many people do you know who are not literally related to you (though, like I said, the are my second family), would drive through two states to sit and wait while you got married in a ceremony they were unable to witness? Like I said, they are the best family in the world! I told Jackie that while our wedding ceremonies do not involve a maid of honor- that she was my maid of honor in every sense of the word.

As we have grown, we have grown into completely different people. But our friendship has been strong enough to appreciate our differences and they actually enhance our friendship, I think. I think both of us offer a chance to escape from our own reality for a time. I like to marvel at the difference between us. Here are a few:

Jackie- only child Me- #2 out of 5

Jackie- newly wed Me- 10 years coming up in August

Jackie- no kids (yet....) Me- 4 (and if she still wants kids after the weekend she just spent in Ohio, I will be impressed- I think my kids acted as birth control for her and her hubby!

Jackie- working on PHD in English- loves school Me- finished BS ed. Couldn't wait to leave school, no current desire to go back- Reading/ Writing is purely for entertainment in my book.

Jackie- very fashionable and stylish- good at decorating. Me- ha! none of those. But, decent at cooking (although she does well there too just doesn't like it much.)

She- lives in Nebraska Me- lives in Ohio with no desire to leave- a true home body

And it could go on from there, but you get the idea. But, we are still as close as ever, despite our differences. The funny thing is that despite our differences, it is strange how parallel our lives are. Events in our lives would be different, but the underlying theme was the same. For example, there was a time when she went through a horrible break up with a fiance. And then I went through an aweful miscarriage. When she was starting grad school and going through a lot of adjustments, Kenny was just starting Kindergarten which was a huge adjustment for him and me. I called her the day the girls were born and she had an announcement of her own- her boyfriend had just proposed- at about the exact same minute the girls were born! So, we both had one of the happiest moments of our lives occur simeoultaneously.

Jackie- you are by far one of the most important people in my life (right there with Aaron and my parents). I am so grateful to have had you in my life. We have been best friends for 25 years and I look forward to 50 more! Hope you have an awesome birthday!

Friday, May 30, 2008

Science is Great in 2008!!!

This was the title of the science fair at Kenny's school this year. His school is a Math/Science alternative school (as I am sure I have mentioned before). All of the children, in each grade are required to do two science projects. One is done at school as a class, under the direction of the teacher and one is done at home and can be on whatever they want. I turned this over to Aaron to help Kenny with. Aaron has a much stronger science brain than I do. I hated science and would hide from science fairs and only did them when absolutely required. Besides, I figured I helped with homework all year, he could help with the science project.

As I have mentioned before, Kenny has an odd fascination with tornadoes. (see the post here) So, we figured what better thing to study for the fair? Here are some pictures:

He made three models to demonstrate what he learned. The first is a lamp, with an unwrapped wire hanger bent to hold a spiral (made out of const paper) over the bulb. When you turn on the light, the heat from the bulb will make the spiral spin, demonstrating how heat rising off the earth is one component to tornados. The second is just water between two pop bottles. When you flip it over and shake it, a tornado forms in the top. The third is the same thing, but with beads added that demonstrate what happens to debri in a tornado (cars, trees, etc.). Kenny had said they were people in the tornado, I told him it was better to say they were cars and such!

This is a close up of his display.

His score was 100%. He did great!

This was one of the class science projects. They learned about heat induction and made ovens out of pizza boxes. It has a flap covered in aluminum foil that goes over a hole in the box. The hole has plastic over it. They put chocolate and marshmallows in the "oven" on a piece of black paper. (This was done outside). Then, they aim the shield (the part with the aluminum) up or down, to get the sun to reflect into the box, "cooking" the food. Then, they ate them with crackers. Can you say yum? Very cool I thought.

Anyway, we were very proud of him!

**side note- Aaron was taking Kenny to T-ball on Wednesday and didn't come to a complete stop at a stop sign and got a $100 ticket!!!!!! Ugh..... Now we have to come up with $100 we didn't have. I couldn't help but laugh though, because when they came home from t-ball, Kenny came in all excited and said, "Mom! I'm not supposed to tell you that Daddy got stopped by the police and got a ticket because he ran a stop sign!!!" Great....

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Welcome to Life, Dominic !(and other weekend events)

Dominic Alexander was born on Monday, May 19th, about 5:30 pm. He was 6 lbs and 8 oz. This is our 7th niece/nephew. Dominic is Aaron's sister's (Rachael) first baby. Both he and mom are doing well. He is so cute and soooo tiny- I can honestly say- none of my babies have ever been that small. I was afraid I would break him! On Sunday, we went to visit Aaron's family and meet the new little guy. Every year on the Sunday before Memorial Day, his dad and step mom make a large spaghetti dinner for the boat club they are members of and so we usually go. I did a crappy job at taking pictures of the boys, or any pictures at all for that matter, but here are a few (mostly of the new baby and the girls).

Here is Dominic with his mom, grandma (standing) and great-grandma (holding the baby).
And I was so happy that I got a chance to hold the sweet little guy! Notice his hands up by his face? Rachael says that every ultrasound picture showed him doing that in utero. How cool!
Here is Ellie- looks like she is thinking "Is it time to eat yet?"
Meghan found Aaron's hat....

The girls didn't get a nap, except on the way there (not quite an hour of sleep time) and they were very tired. Meghan put herself into this position in this chair and nearly fell asleep. I didn't move her because I was curious as to how long she would stay this was about 10 minutes! Then, I just sat and held her for a while.
Monday, we did the church memorial day picnic, which I have come to look forward to every year. It was fun for everyone. Again, I did bad about pictures, but the kids loved the playground. Aaron enjoyed playing baseball and Tug-of-war. Kenny joined in an egg toss- but became quite upset when he tried to catch an egg and it broke. I tried to explain that is how the game goes, but he just didn't get it. I thoroughly enjoyed chatting with some of my friends that I just don't get the opportunity to talk to as much as I would like.

Out of Order, I know, but on Saturday, I helped pack up my Grandma & Grandpas house a bit. They have been down in health lately so they have moved in with my aunt. So, now begins the task of going through their house and packing everything up and deciding what to do with it all. So, at least I was able to help for a few hours. That evening, I went out with my friend, Jackie, who was in town from Nebraska. I hadn't gotten to see her since I was in her wedding last July. Due to life craziness, we really don't even get to talk as much as we need to, so this was a great night for us just to talk and be together. That is all I will say for now, because I am going to post more about her next week on her birthday, with photos and such. So, it was a wonderful weekend, aside from one thing.....

Downer of the weekend: Not to end this post on a negative note, but we did have some drama Saturday afternoon. Kenny was riding his bike and fell off....hard.... onto the sidewalk. He chipped his front, permanent tooth. I suppose I should have taken a picture, but I was distracted by the craziness of the time. It was a big chip- half of one side almost to the gum line! So, I called the pediatric dentist- who had a message saying he was out of town for the weekend and the other dentist just had a baby and is home recovering. Great...... But, they gave a number in case of an emergency for a dentist that was covering for them. So, I called him and he said he should see Kenny that evening. I was like, really? Would it be better to wait through the weekend? He said no, and arranged for us to meet him at his office. Really, it was pretty cool that we are not even his patient and he made time for us on a holiday weekend. He put a temporary cap on it and told us to see his regular dentist in a few weeks for a permanent cap. That will be on June 18th. That was no fun, but I am grateful for our dentist, who made arrangements in case of an emergency, and for the doctor who saw us even though we aren't his patient and took care of Kenny.

Again, I don't want to end on a bad note, so I will just say, aside from this, it was a wonderful weekend of family, friends and sun!!!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Google Images Tag

Katie tagged me to do a Google Images tag, so here it is. It was really quite fun and made a good excuse for me to sit here and do this instead of the things I SHOULD be doing. (So, Katie- and everyone else who did a great job on there's and therefore tempting me- it's all your fault nothing got done in my house this afternoon! :)) It is very easy, you just go to, click on images and do a search and choose a picture! I could only use a picture, no explanations or anything, to answer the questions.

1)Age at my next birthday:2) Place I would like to visit:

3) My favorite thing:

4) My favorite place:
5) My favorite food:
6) My favorite colors:
7) Where I live:
8) A past pet:
9) A nickname I have had:
10) College Major:
11) First Job:
12) Goal for this year:

So, there you have it. My life according to Google images. So, now is the fun part where I can tag someone else. What do you think, mom K and Sarah? Are you ready for your first tag? I'll be looking for it. I also tag suzanne, kristin, valarie and bylle. Have fun with it!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

How do you eat an Elephant?

Well, I finally did it. For a while, I didn't really believe it would ever happen, but I did it! Last night, I finished reading the Old Testament!! I am a bit embarrassed to admit how long it took for me to read it, but no sense in not being honest- at least I read it! It took me 2 1/2 years! I started it in January 2006, with the goal of finishing it by the end of that year. But, as the end of the year approached, I wasn't anywhere close to finishing and the girls would be born in early January 2007. So, I changed my goal to simply finishing it- not matter how long it took.

Reading the scriptures is something I have come to appreciate over the years as I have gotten older. I feel it is a way to be close with our Father in Heaven- a way to get His words directly. As I have continued reading, I feel I have grown a lot. As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, we believe that the Bible and the Book of Mormon are both the words of God. I have read the Book of Mormon a few times. I felt it was important to have an understanding of it, since many in the world are curious- I knew it was important to understand what I believe. Also, compared to the Bible, it is a much easier read. I have also read the Doctrine and Covenants a few times. This is revelation given to Joseph Smith as the church was being restored. Again, I knew it was important to understand what I believed. Of course, I have never doubted the truthfulness of the Bible. I have always loved it from what I have studied- I had just never read it straight through- it seemed so hard to tackle. But, I figured- it is like they say- How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. So that is what I did- just a little at a time.

I know someone in our church who reads all 4 scriptures (Old & New Test., Book of Mormon and Doc. & Cov.) every year by September. Of course, he is quite elderly and has nothing better to do with his time, I suppose. So, good for him- I am happy for him. It is taking me much longer, but at least I am doing it.

It was quite hard to read often times. There were times I had no idea what I was reading, but I just kept reading anyway and sometimes a single verse or a simple story would inspire me or uplift me, making it worth it. Sometimes it would get a bit frustrating- such as when I wondered- how long can Moses actually live and how much does he really have to say?? Or why do I care who begat who begat who begat who? Or why does it really matter how many cubits the tabernacle really was from every possible dimension? But there are so many beautiful parts that spoke to me in a way they hadn't before. I love the story of Jacob and his wives Leah and Rebecca. Before tackling the OT, I had read The Red Tent and loved it. Who knows how truly historically accurate it is, but it really made it personal as to what life just might have been like. I always imagined I was Leah and my sister was Rebecca (if it was our family, this is how it would have been. I was the plain older sister, she the beautiful younger sister.) As I was reading this and other stories, it was so much easier to relate it that way.

My other favorites are favorites I had before reading the OT, but maybe they just seem a bit closer to me now. One is the story of Ruth and Naomi- the love and loyalty that being in a family brings- even if that family is defined a bit differently. Or the story of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. How fascinating the bravery and faith that these men had to stand their ground even as they were thrown into the fire for their beliefs. When others looked in, not only were they standing there unhurt, but there was a 4th being in the flames- it was Christ protecting the men from being harmed.

So, now it is onto the New Testament. I will make no commitment as to when I will finish (except that I will at least attempt to be done by this time next year- it should be more possible- much shorter that the OT) but I will finish it. I do believe with all my heart that the Bible and the Book of Mormon are the word of God. I am grateful to have them both to learn from.

Comic Relief- It seemed a bit ironic that a friend emailed the following site to me just this week, as I was finishing the OT. It is a bit strange, which is why I didn't even bother embedding it. But, it is kind of funny if you have 4 minutes to waste. It is a you tube clip called Baby Got Bible and it is a rap parody.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Two Weeks in the Life of Us

Over the last couple of weeks, while I was ranting about gas prices and raving about mothers, there was quite a bit of other fun going on around here that I just didn't have time to blog about. Here is some of the fun in pictures:

Kenny and Jacob:
When my nephew (Kurtis) spends the night, or if a napping child spends the day here, I have some foam mats that I use for them to sleep on. I cover them with sheets and make up a little bed for them. The other day, while the boys were getting ready for bed, I went into their room and they had layed the mats on the floor and made up their beds on them. They said they wanted to sleep on the floor like Kurtis. I figured, okay- if you really want to. Sure enough, they actually fell asleep on them and stayed their the whole night!
Helped make waffles for breakfast on Saturday- He was quite proud of himself (as you can see by the grin!) and did a great job!He also started T-Ball for the first time last weekend. So far, he absolutely loves it. He has another practice tonight, if the rain holds out. After his first practice, I told him he did a great job and he said (breathing a little harder..) "That was hard work!"

Jacob: Finally got to go with grandpa for his birthday lunch. This is a tradition my dad started several years ago- taking the kids to McDonald's, or wherever they want to go for lunch on their birthday. Kenny had wanted grandpa to take him to Red Lobster for his birthday, so that is where they went last year. Well, ever since, Jacob said that is where he wanted to go. On Jacob's birthday, grandpa wasn't able to go but said they would soon. Well, one thing led to another and a month slipped away and they finally got to go. Jacob said he didn't want to go to Red Lobster, he wanted to go to Wendy's- and wouldn't here of anything else. So, that is where they went! A few cute conversations my dad told me about afterwards:
Grandpa- You can have anything you want
Jacob- Anything? You mean I don't have to get chicken?
Grandpa-no you can get anything you want! (side note- he usually wants just fries- I usually insist on getting chicken or a hamburger- he chooses chicken)
So Jacob orders french fries, oranges (good at least!), and a frosty. They sit down to eat...
Jacob- you didn't get me anything to drink...
Grandpa- (thinking that was what the frosty was for) what do you want to drink
Jacob- chocolate milk. (which grandpa gets for him...)

Later-still during lunch...
Grandpa-Someday you will get to do this with your grandson
Jacob-Grandpa, I don't even have a son yet!

Later- still during lunch...
Jacob-(after looking quizzical for a few seconds) Why did you keep forgetting about me? (wondering why it took a month to get his birthday lunch)
Grandpa-(feeling awful!) explains how he did NOT forget- things just kept happening to get in the way.

Ellen & Meghan-

They have been learning to feed themselves with a spoon. You can see how well THAT is going!

They also learned that empty boxes are fun!

Learned how to climb on on chairs and so also the table. Oh no..... now I have TWO climbers!Meghan:
Learned to play the piano....

Aaron & Amanda:
Amanda helped organize a mother/daughter dinner at the church for the young women (ages 12-18) and their moms. Although it was all consuming of my time for the last few days (another reason why their was no time to blog), it went very well and was well worth it!
Aaron and Amanda did a lot of yard work on Saturday. No exciting pictures to show it off, although we did discover the new tenants in our small pine tree in the front yard.
Here is the nest (slightly above dead center).
Right about dead center- the bird had flown out of the nest right before I took the picture. Now he sits on a limb about to fly off as I took the picture.

So, that is just some of the fun from the last couple of weeks. These kids are just so fun and despite the frustrations, they make me smile everyday!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

To My Moms: Happy Mother's Day!

I am truly blessed to have an absolutely amazing mother, 2 mother-in-laws, and so many other women in my life that have made such a huge difference. This post is for you. I would like to list some reasons why all of my moms are so important to me and why I love them. I will start with my own mother:

My Mom, Sara:
Where to even begin- you mean the world to me. Here are just a few things:
-for being so compassionate and loving when I was sick, or needing extra love
-for teaching me compassion and service
-for working so hard all the time
-for making me feel I could always come to you
-for staying with me and helping whenever I had new babies
-for supporting me as a mom and making me feel like a good mom, even though I could never compare to you.
-for making me feel important
-for always taking us to church even though it had to have been a huge challenge by yourself (and I know we never made it easy!)
-for always being willing to help with my kids when I have doctors appointments or other things I need to do.
-for being the perfect example of motherhood
-for making me feel loved even when I was in trouble.
-for being so proud on my wedding day- I could tell how much you loved me.
-for being such an awesome grandma.
-for saying the dinner prayers on our birthdays and thanking God for us
I could never ask for a better mother! I love you so much!

My Mother-in-Law: Janet:

-for raising such a loving son and teaching him good values and how to be a good man- despite so many challenges you faced.
-for loving me and accepting me into your family from the beginning
-for supporting us and helping us in our challenges
-for coming to our wedding in Chicago- you will never know how much that meant to both of us
-for loving your grandkids and being excited to hear about them
-for being so fun to talk to
-for being there when Jacob was born
-for letting our whole crazy family stay with you for a whole week unexpectedly during Christmas 2004 when we had no power due to an ice storm. You took us in, fed us, dealt with our mess and noise, and even seemed a bit sad when it was time for us to go home. This could not have been easy for you!
I am grateful to have you as my mother-in-law. Thanks for everything! I love you!

My "Step"-Mother in Law: Debbie (Aaron's Step Mom):
-for always loving Aaron and all of us as if he was your biological child.
-for always being there for us and caring about our welfare.
-for always being happy to invite us over and feeding us such yummy food.
-for including us in the boat club fun and paying for our meal when money is tight (which is pretty much always)
-for opening your home so willingly for overnight visits- we have always felt welcomed and loved.
-for always agreeing with a smile to make your 7 layer salad for just about every family function. It is really the best!
-for putting up with Dad and his "toys" :)
-for being so supportive of us.
I am very grateful to call you my mother-in-law as well and love you very much. Thanks for everything.

There are so many other women that have been like moms to me that I am so grateful for. Too many to list that have been such an influence in my life. But just a few- Judy, (Jackie's mom), has always treated me like her daughter and has always been so supportive of me. You have always been there for me and taken care of me. To all of my young women leaders at church who taught me, provided such a good example and loved me despite my struggles and my quirks (and I am not just saying that because I am a young women's leader right now). To my first grade teacher Mrs. L, who loved me and helped me adjust to moving to a new school and to all my teachers that taught me so much.

Happy Mothers Day! I love you all! You mean so much to me.

I am who I am because of YOU!

**read on to the next post to see how wonderful my mothers day was!

My Family is the Best!

I just had to brag a bit about the wonderful mothers day my family has given me. I feel so spoiled and so honored to be Aaron's wife and my kids mom. They are wonderful! Thanks for the wonderful day! I think this has been one of my best mothers days ever. I love being a mom- it is what I always wanted and feel so blessed and grateful just to be their mom. I thank my Father in Heaven nearly everyday in my prayers for sending them to me. Here are some pictures of what they have done for me, along with the stories to go with them.

First, I got to sleep in- which is always nice. Aaron got up and changed baby diapers, fed everyone breakfast and made me a yummy breakfast of eggs, toast and juice. (He even made lunch AND dinner AND he and the boys did dishes while I typed this!) I was woken up by Kenny, presenting the card he made at school that he had been anxiously waiting to give me. He talked about it every day and just couldn't wait. See it in the picture below- the mosaic with his name.
Also, in the above picture is the rabbit made out of towels they made in Sunday School, and the homemade cards they made (sooooo cute!).

Aaron is not always the best at getting cards, which I tease him about because I get him cards for everything. So, he decided to make it up to me:
Hilarious, huh? And the message in it was really sweet too. Here are the other gifts he gave me:
The little vase was something I had seen and hinted about. It is hand blown glass and is called a "mothers" vase- because it is just about the right size for the "flowers" mothers usually receive from their kids. I will happily keep this on my counter so I now have a place for all of the beautiful bouquets my kids bring me. The flower in it in the picture is what was passed out to the women at church today. The socks are hand crocheted- he bought because I hate wearing shoes, but loved comfy socks or slippers around the house. I am actually wearing them now and they are very cozy! I love them. Then, you see two little coins. A heart and an oval- the oval says yes on one side, no on the other. Aaron knows I have a hard time making decisions- whether it is where to eat or which brand to buy, etc. So, now, all I have to do is flip a coin!
This is a view of the planter box on my front porch. My parents got us a flat of flowers which I planted here. They are Impatiens and Geraniums. The taller plants sticking up are the few Gladiolus's that survived despite my kids digging there. My mom also sent me a book about "Blessings on the Hand of Women" by Boyd K Packer and I got a very sweet card, which I really appreciated, from my mother-in-law, Janet.

Again, I feel truly blessed. I love my family and I am honored to be a mother- it is the best blessing I could ever have asked for.

Friday, May 9, 2008


If this were Jeopardy, the question would be.....

How much did I spend on gas in the van today?

ugh..... Not to mention the $55 that Aaron spent fueling his car (which wasn't even empty yet, whereas mine was on fumes!) or the unmentionable amount of money I just spent on groceries. I am honestly feeling a bit sick to my stomach. We have spent a good amount of our money and haven't even paid bills yet.....

Is anyone else stressing at all?

Warning- it really is contagious!

Here is my sister-in-law, Sarah's, blog! She has a great start- I really look forward to keeping up with her this way. Check it out here.

So, who will be next to catch the virus? Julie, maybe? Hmmm- Emily? (if she can stop rolling her eyes long enough- it really is fun! :)) Maybe mom?

Thursday, May 8, 2008

And the blogging virus spreads.....

Guess what? My mother-in-law started a blog! Check it out here. She said she enjoys reading mine and decided to give it a try. And, my sister-in-law is starting one too, but hasn't passed on the address yet- she wants to wait until she feels it is ready to view. I never knew I would have an influence on others when it came to the blogging world. And really, I am still a huge novice compared to the other ones I read. I have really been enjoying learning, though! This picture was taken in November 2007 when we went to visit for Thanksgiving. It is Grandpa Bob, Grandma Janet, Meghan, Ellen, Kenny & Jacob. I look forward to keeping up with you this way, Mom & Bob!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

You know you're an overwhelmed mom when.....

Here is one to add to my ever growing list of embarrassing moments. I went to babysit this morning for a community choir that a few of my friends sing in. In the past, I have done this regularly, but today I was just filling in for Abbey, who is having her baby today. It was the first time I have done this with the girls in tow. I had to pack a lunch for everyone because the women in the choir were performing in a concert and then going out to lunch, as they do once a season.

So, I was getting the girls and Jacob out of the car. Being that the girls are 16 months old, of course they both want to dart across the parking lot. I give Jacob one bag that has our drinks in it to carry. I set the diaper bag (with the rest of our lunches, my cell phone, diapers, etc.) on the passenger seat and put my keys in it to free up a hand. All of this while trying to hold the girls to keep them from running in two directions. I close the door and then hear the locks engaging as I remember hitting the lock after I opened the door originally. Of course, they diaper bag is still on the passenger seat- with my keys- door locked. I feel panic start to rise, but I think- well, Aaron works just 10 minutes down the road. He could probably come unlock it for me. So, I go into the nursery where several moms are waiting for me (I was a few minutes late as it was). I explain my stupidity and one of them lets me borrow her phone to call Aaron. Aaron says he will be there shortly. Yay! He's my hero!

Aaron pops his head in the door about 15 minutes later, hands me the rescued diaper bag and tells me that the drivers side window was down.... All I had to do was reach in and unlock it!

Sometimes these blonde roots go deep..... I apologize to Aaron, who actually finds this quite funny, despite the fact I took him away from work for no reason. But, hey, at least I kept the girls from running out into traffic!

Monday, May 5, 2008

The Fight is On!

Today was Jacob's 5 year checkup. Which, I will say- he is totally and completely healthy- physically and developmentally. The poor kid had to get 4 shots!!! The doctor suggested maybe doing 2 today and 2 on another day, but I figured that would be more traumatic knowing he had to come back for more. Not to mention the logistics of loading everyone up again....... So, I was a mean mom and had them do them all. It was NOT fun. He freaked after the first- kicking and screaming. The girls immediately started crying as well. It didn't take long before I started too..... At least it is over with. His growth is great- he is in the 90th % for height and 78th % for weight. So, hopefully he will forgive me for the shots soon. I will be able to register him for Kindergarten this week! It is just unbelievable!

My biggest reason for posting, aside from the above, is we are finally trying to do something about the girls snotty noses. They have been snotty since Christmas, except for a short reprieve in March. I mentioned at their 15 mos. checkup last month and she said if it didn't get better within a couple weeks as the weather got better, to give her a call and we would start to explore allergies. Well, it didn't get better. My sister always says they are so cute, yet the snottiest babies she has ever seen. I put off calling the doctor, probably knowing we would see her today. She said it could be viral, but looking more like it is allergies- especially because their ears are clear and no other symptoms, like a cough or anything. So, she wants me to give them Claritin for a week and then call her. If it is better, we will try to stop giving it to them and see how they do. So, I don't know if it will work, but at least I am finally trying something. I will probably try to give their toys a good scrub as well. I admittedly haven't done this like I probably should, because I figured, with their noses still snotty, they would just reinfect the toys anyway, so what was the point. (I know, I am making all of you who have brought your kids here feel all warm and fuzzy about my house....) But, as long as this has been, I just don't think it is a cold anyway. Anyway, hopefully it will work!

Friday, May 2, 2008

31 Cents X 6 = Lots of Fun!

On Wednesday, we went to Baskin Robbins for their 31 cent scoop night. What an adventure! It was actually more like "31 cents X 5 + a regular scoop for Aaron because he didn't want a "baby" scoop." But, that would have made a long title. We saw several friends from church and enjoyed chatting while waiting in a line that went out the building and around a corner. Really though, the line wasn't bad. Of course, we took some pictures to mark the occasion...
Jacob really enjoyed his chocolate chip on a cone. Kenny loved his penguin swirl in a cup and did a great job of getting it all over his face and shirt!Kenny was full of energy today. He was very excited by the event. While I was paying for the ice cream, I was oblivious to his doings until an employee said something about paying for the chocolate milks. I didn't understand until I turned around and saw Kenny opening two chocolate milks that he had taken out of the cooler. (At least he was considerate to get one for his brother as well!) Luckily he only got the lid off, not the seal, so we quickly said "no!" and put them back in the cooler. A bit embarrassing, as everyone in the restaurant stopped to watch. I talked to him later, telling him we had to pay for those and he said "Oh.." I really think he just didn't understand it was like a regular store, since they were in a cooler off to the side.

Don't let these pictures of the girls fool you, they really weren't into the ice cream. Meghan (green jacket) only tried one bite. Ellie (pink jacket) had a few bites, but wasn't much into it either. Who did they get THAT from? Not Aaron or I!Thanks, Suzanne, for snapping this picture for us! Please don't look too close at me, I realized what a bad hair day I was having after looking at this picture.

Anyway, it was just nice to get out as a family. We rarely go out for ice cream, so it was a nice, and cheap, treat! Yum!