Always Crazy, Always Fun, Always Love

Ray Romano once compared life with twins to living in a frat house. As he put it, "no one sleeps, there is a lot of noise and a lot of throwing up." I find this very true with 4 young children, including twins. However, though things are always crazy, we always try to have fun and, most certainly, always love each other.

Monday, June 30, 2008

I did it! (sort of....)

Thanks to Lisa for the Cutest Blog on the Block tip. I had been trying the ones and they have a ton of them, but they seem to want to take away the widgets on the side. The Cutest blog ones do not. I don't know why the border is still brown though, from the old template? I may play around with other templates, but this one is cute for now- fits the title of the blog!

note- there- got rid of the brown. Yay! For those of you, such as Suzanne, who does your template"the hard way" :) I have no idea how you do it and I am way impressed- even these basic ones mix me up sometimes! :) Now to decide whether to keep that picture or find another...

Check out the Blog Roll! (and a question...)

I just added a blog roll to the right titled "What's New With Who?" that lists the blogs I read and when they were last updated. They are listed in order of the most recent post. I think it is pretty cool!

I do have a question for all my blogging friends.... I have been wanting to change my template for sometime now. I found some on another site a like, and it says to just copy and paste in the the "edit html" area. If I do this, it wants to delete most of the extra things I have down the side... including my new blog roll that I retyped 3 times because I kept messing it up. It keeps the profile and the blog name, but wants to get rid of the other stuff. Does anyone know how to change a template and keep all the extras without having to retype them??

Thanks in advance!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Confessions of a True Chocoholic.....

My name is Amanda and I am a chocoholic. There- I said it. Though, I have known for a long time. They say the first step is admitting you have a problem. The bigger problem is my lack of willingness to do anything about it. I love and hate this fact about myself. Anyone who reads my profile on this blog knows this is who I am.

I sometimes hear people say, "Oh, I am such a chocoholic- I just can't get enough of it- I could eat a whole box of girl scout cookies!!" I always think the difference between those who say these things and those who really are chocoholics is that chocoholics actually do it.

I think chocolate and peanut butter is the worlds best invention. There is just simply not a better taste combination. I love Tagalongs- the girl scout cookies. I ordered several boxes earlier this year and they were all gone, except for one lonely box of Tagalongs. I had done well and had saved them. My reasons for saving them? Knowing they would be gone as soon as I opened them- and I had been eating way to much other junk lately so I was saving them for a special time.

So, what happens when you combine a husband out of town with kids in bed, a book to read and a lonely box of tagalongs? You get an empty box....... Yes, I actually ate the whole box while I was reading. And I am embarrassed to admit I do NOT feel like I am going to puke. I only have the sensation of the pounds piling on in my waist. But they were really good!!! (See, I love and hate it! I don't know if there is much hope for an addict like me!) But, it is better to be addicted to chocolate (and I should add junk food too- I am a bit of a junk food junkie.) than cigarettes or alcohol. Those you have to give up entirely, but hey, a person still has to eat! If I could just learn moderation, I would be alright.

So Monday is back to weight watchers..... wish me luck!!

(side note- to those of you who don't know, I recently lost about 100 lbs total with the help of nursing babies, weight watchers, and part of that was on my own too. Despite the fact that I have gained back just a few pounds and tonights indulgence, I do not intend to go backward. It is a daily battle that I continue to fight. Just like an alcoholic who may not have had a drink in years still craves that drink, I will always have to battle, but I intend to win- box of girl scout cookies and all!!!)

Monday, June 23, 2008

Welcome to Kindergarten, Jacob!

Has anyone heard of teachers making home visits? I don't think I ever had a teacher come to my house. Jacob's new Kindergarten teacher called to ask if she could come for a home visit to meet Jacob and the rest of us. I was excited at the opportunity to meet her and get to know her a bit, and give Jacob a chance to get to know her a bit. She came tonight and she seems like she is a great teacher with a lot of experience and ideas. She has been teaching for 20 years. Here is a picture of Jacob with her:Obviously, Jacob is in the middle. His teacher, Mrs. A, is on the right (Jacob's left). The lady on the left is Mrs. H, who works in the office of the school. She even came with a small backpack loaded with goodies to help him get ready for school. Check it out:
Awesome, huh? The backpack is a gift from the county commissioners actually. Very cool idea. And, she knew I had 3 other kids and she came with a toy for all of them! A small notebook and pen for Kenny and a couple squeezy bath/pool toys for the girls. So cool of her to think of them. It made everyone's day! Anyway, it was a great evening and a good way to prepare for the next big step in Jacob's life- KINDERGARTEN! (wow! yay!)

Friday, June 20, 2008

The Most Redundant Chore of all.....

Today I did my bi-weekly trip to the grocery store. This is really not an enjoyable chore to me. It causes frustration and anxiety from worrying about paying to much and lots of thought to think things through in making the correct purchases. Add children to the mix and it can be down right impossible. I am lucky that, if I plan my week right, I can go without taking children, which I did not take any today. It has also occurred to me just how truly redundant grocery shopping is. I have come to realize that every item has to be touched 7 times in its journey from the store shelf to your shelves at home (not to mention how many times it journeys before it reaches the store shelf...). Seriously, you take it off the shelf to put it in your cart. You take it out of the cart to put on the conveyer belt. The cashier takes it from the belt to put in the bag (add a step if there is a separate bagger involved). You put the bag in the cart. Then the bags go from the cart to the car. From the car to the house. Then once in the house, the items are taken out of the bags and put in their place. That is seven times each item is moved or handled. It would be really nice if technology would advance to where a few of those steps could be erased..... I can dream!

With rising gas and grocery prices, grocery shopping causes more anxiety for me then it ever did before. Especially now that I have a large family to feed. Our income is limited, but we still need to eat and prices still go up. I couldn't believe that the generic Wal-Mart macaroni and cheese (which was 33 cents/box) is now up to 50 cents a box! That is a 50% increase! I have never been a smart shopper. I don't really enjoy shopping, even if it is stuff for me. I am not patient enough to find good deals. But I am trying to learn. When we were first married, I didn't bother with coupons. But, I do use them frequently now. I am now trying to learn how to use them more efficiently. I actually did a first today- and, while I still spent what felt like a TON of money- I know I saved some too. I only go to one store when I shop because I don't feel I have the time or patience to go to different stores to hit the sales. I know a lot of stores price match so I tried it today and it worked! I had several items, but I made a point to have it all organzed and ready for the cashier so it wouldn't take forever and she was really nice and gave me no problems with it. Here is the one I was most proud of- a different store than where I went had Gen Mills cereals 5 for $9. I price matched it at the store I went to and got that price. Then, I actually had 3 different gen mills coupons I had saved. For boxes that are normally over $3/box, I got them each for about $1.25/box. I also got a stick of deodarent for 23 cents. So, maybe I am learning- today was a first for me. But, I do still worry that I spend so much and I need to learn how to do better. It doesn't help that all six of us are cereal & bread eaters, milk drinkers, etc- stuff that can really add up- and I buy a lot of fresh produce- fruits and veggies. I also have two children in diapers. Being I only go every two weeks, I just about always have two carts- usually one full, the other about 1/2 full. So, I am going to go out on a limb and say how much I spend in hopes of getting feedback to see if I am way above everyone else. Hopefully I won't embarass myself too much. I only go shopping every two weeks, with the exception of making a stop to get more milk after a week or so. I went to Sams Club today to get diapers (which I need everytime...) and other things that last a while that I don't need everytime (laundry detergent- it lasts a month or so if I get the bulk ones) and also some produce if at a good price. So, today was kind of high at Sams Club- about $75. But, next time I won't need laundry detergent, for example, so it will be a bit less. So, then to Walmart. After coupons, price matching and all, I spent $220 for groceries that will last two weeks. So, for two weeks of groceries, diapers and all, I spent just about $300. This works out to approximatly $600/month (or $150 a week). Of course, at times it may be a bit more or less. So, I am really curious as to how other people do (if you are brave enough to throw out a $ amount of what you spend- if not, I understand!) and any tips you may have. As money gets tighter, I feel there should be ways I can help and do better.

Honestly, I truly hate money. I hate having to worry about it and think about it all the time. I really don't even think I would like to have a lot of money, because I think that would cause another whole set of problems. Ugh....

Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy 7th Birthday Kenny!!!! (and other related events)

I just can't believe that my little Kenny is 7 years old. I mean, seriously, when did this happen??? Just yesterday, I was holding this tiny baby in my arms, marveling over the fact that I was finally a mom. I blinked and he is 7! It is like those Nationwide commercials....Life comes at you fast! That is the truth for sure. I don't have any baby pictures to post because that was all pre-digital era and I still don't have a working scanner. But, I am thinking that maybe that will be a good idea for birthday posts next year- maybe a flashback for each.

Anyway, Kenny was born Saturday, June 16th at 12:06 pm. My due date had been June 7th. I was well beyond that date (obviously) so they actually scheduled to induce me on June 13th. Just a few hours before I was to report, I got a call saying the hospital was overbooked so I was getting bumped to Friday, the 15th. I just sat there and cried. Even my doctor was angry at the hospital. But, what can you do? Here I was- first time mom-excited, scared, anxious- a week past my due date. Actually, a friend of mine had been due on June 5th, but she had her baby 3 weeks early. That was tough for me, because our babies were expected at the same time, and here she had a one month old while I was still waiting. So, I report to the hospital at 8pm Friday the 15th. I wasn't even dilating yet, which makes me wonder when he ever would have come on his own. So, I labored through out the night and they had me start pushing about 10 am Saturday morning. After a couple hours, he still wasn't quite coming through, so they used a vacuum. They actually had to try 3 vacuums to find one that fit his head right! His heart rate was dropping more with each contraction and I was about a half step away from a c-section when the 3rd vacuum finally worked and he was born at 12:06. Turns out he was "sunny side up"- face up- which was part of the problem. He was also huge- 9 lbs. 11 oz. - and perfectly healthy!

He is a very energetic child. He makes me tired just watching him sometimes. He is very happy and loves to play hard and have fun. He played soccer last fall and is in Tball now, which I am finding to be good for him- he loves to play! He loves to be outside. I'm noticing a nice tan he is getting already this season. I don't know where he gets it from, since Aaron and I do NOT tan!
Kenny is also an incredibly affectionate child. He loves to hug, cuddle, and such. He is very compassionate and shows genuine concern when someone is sick or hurt. I have to be careful about letting him watch the news because he is old enough now to understand what is going on and it really upsets him when he hears bad things. He is incredibly sweet and truly loves to be a helper. I am grateful to call him my son. We had to wait a while for him- to the point we initially wondered if we could have children. But, I came to learn that God has his own time table. He was so worth the wait! :) Not to mention, that the day after he was born was Father's Day, so Aaron's first Father's Day came just one day after the birth of his son. He has had to share it ever since, as we often have a cookout on Fathers Day to celebrate Fathers Day and Kenny's birthday together. So far, neither one seems to mind sharing the day!

He has had an awesome birthday. I have lots of pictures. I think it will be best to explain events in 3 parts.

Part 1- Preparation
We were planning our usual Father's Day celebration with a cook out and all the family, so of course, everything needed cleaned. We have a wonderful backyard that gets pretty messy, so it needed cleaned up. It has become tradition to have an annual "car wash" to wash all the kids toys that get grubby from being outside during the winter. We did this on Friday. Sooo much fun- this was the girls first time participating. Notice they are dressed (or not, depending on how you see it) for getting wet- that is key to making it fun because then I don't care how much they splash and mess around.Kenny shows Ellie how it works!
Jacob scrubs hard to make it shine!Meghan get in on the act!Ellen & Meghan really enjoy splashing in the soapy water!
Part 2: The Father's Day/Kenny's Birthday Cookout!
So Sunday, we had a cookout with our family. We had my parents, my sister Julie and her husband, Aaron's dad and Deb, his sister Rachael, husband John and new baby, and Aaron's sister Sarah were able to come. It was a beautiful day! Due to lack of ability to hide it, we gave Kenny his first present before church- a basket ball hoop! He was so excited and went out to play while still in his pajamas!I actually didn't take many pictures during the cookout (I was pretty busy just trying to serve everyone, get food ready, etc.) but I did get this one of my dad with Ellie. Like I said, he loves hanging with the grandkids!I made the cake myself. Not too much to be proud of. I actually love to bake, but have no talent for cake decorating and don't really enjoy it. I am more of a cookie, brownie, bread, dessert type of baker. But here it is:It was a 3 layer cake and I used a pampered chef tool that my sister let me borrow that is supposed to make it like a checkerboard inside. I did chocolate and white cake. It didn't really turn out exactly right- more like marble or blobs of color instead of a checkerboard, but it was still really good, so that is what matters!
Part 3: Today- his actual Birthday!
We may have celebrated his birthday yesterday, but I still wanted the day to be fun. So, we took advantage of the sun (after a brief storm passed) and went to the "sprayground" for the first time this year! I tell you, that place is awesome (and FREE!)! The kids just loved it! The girls were big enough for the first time too. Both weren't so sure at first, but Ellie quickly decided she loved it. Meghan decided that she liked it too, but it took her a little longer.Kenny loves the giant buckets that dump on your head!Ellie thought it was awesome!Meghan finally got into the actionDespite the fact that Jacob looks like a starving screaming child, he was actually having a ball! He was smiling here, though it doesn't look like it. And, I swear I feed him! :)This is my friend Amy, who came along with her two year old twins (Amelia & Sophia) and her son Jacob, who is also Kenny's age. None of her kids were real impressed with the water.But her Jacob and my Jacob and Kenny did have fun playing on the playground next to the sprayground as well!
We finished up the day by going to the park for Family Home Evening. Grandpa had given Kenny an air pump powered plane that both him and daddy were itching to play with. Everyone enjoyed the evening.
Both girls enjoyed the slides!

Kenny loves the new plane! Very very cool! (first he pumps it up with air, then spins the propeller and gives it a throw!

Aaron loves showing Kenny and Jacob how they work! (I'm noticing a blue shirt theme today!)

More playground fun with Ellen and Meghan!

Ellen and Meghan also really enjoyed discovering the little white flowers growing everywhere! Perfect photo opportunity!

Anyway, not only did we have a special birthday to celebrate, but it was obviously a very fun weekend as it was! We got to get out and do a lot. I know it was a lot of pictures, but it is hard to narrow them down when you have 4 kids you want to show off who have done a lot! :)
Happy Birthday, Kenny! We Love you!!!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

To The Wonderful Fathers in my Life

Today on Fathers Day, I would like to reflect on all of the wonderful fathers in my life and why they mean so much to me. After my mothers day post, my dad said "You know, Fathers Day is coming....." I told him not to worry, I had not forgotten! :) Since I have a very linear style of thinking, I tend to think in lists. So, as with mothers day, I would like to list the awesome things about the fathers in my life.

To Aaron: My Husband, My Friend, Father of my Children

- He works hard and is willing to do what it takes to take care of us.
-He has always been an "active participant" in the role of fatherhood- always willing to change diapers, help feed, hold a crying baby in the middle of the night, etc. I LOVE this!
-I am grateful that he enjoys working on cars and that he has a natural knack for it. I know he has saved us thousands by fixing our cars and house issues by himself. I think it is awesome that he likes to have the boys around while he works. He is a good example to them. I am thankful that he is excited to teach them what he knows. (I love this picture of Kenny- already Like Father, Like Son!)

-I love that you can see in his face how much he loves the kids, as in the top photo. (yes, that is the girls footprints stamped on his hands- just minutes after they were born! Soooo cool!)
I love these following pictures- even though they are simple and you can't really see Aaron's face, you can still see or sense the wonder inside him as he looks at his brand new daughters sleeping together.

-I love that after 10 years we are not only spouses and parents, but friends. While we both have other friends and interests, we both still look forward to the time we can spend together. I love that we are still not tired of each other. We enjoy talking to each other. He usually calls at least once a day from work just to say hi! I love watching TV with him after the kids go to bed and I love our dates.

-I think it is great that he doesn't mind sharing Father's Day with Kenny's birthday. (Kenny's birthday is tomorrow so we had a big cookout today. More on that tomorrow....)

-I am grateful that he loves spending time with the kids. Here is a picture of the Clippers game he took the boys to Saturday night. They had so much fun. He forgot to take the camera, but I snapped a picture when they got home. They didn't get home until about 9:30 and the boys were still so excited about the night, they could hardly stand still for a picture. They will remember this forever. I think Aaron was as excited as they were! (I know the shirts say the "jets"- the first 2000 through the gates got a free jets shirt!) -This picture was taken Easter 07. I love how proud he is of his family. He is the best!

Thank you for loving us so much and working so hard. You are an incredible husband and father. I love you more now than ever!

To My Dad.....
-My Dad has a gift for being a grandpa. I love that he is so involved in our lives. We see him usually twice a week and I love how everyone gets so excited when they see him.

-In this picture, he is holding my newborn girls and my sister-in-law's baby(not his grandchild) who was born just 9 days before. Can you see how proud he is?

-He is constantly volunteering to babysit so we could go out. There are times when we tell him no because we can't afford to go anywhere, so he has paid for us to go to a movie. He is very generous and loves to help others. He is always helping my older brother and my grandparents, who need a lot of assistance. During most of the winter, he took time out from work so he could take Kenny to school so I didn't have to load the babies up in the cold. He is always looking for ways he can help out.

-we often say he is "addicted" to his grandchildren because he can't stand to go too long without seeing them- we say he goes through "withdrawal!" (this picture is him with Meghan)
-He worships my mom and has always been good about showing how much he loves her and does special things for her. I have always appreciated this example. I think kids need to know that their parents love each other. I never doubted their love for each other.

-He works so hard to help despite the fact that he has suffered with Multiple Sclerosis for at least 15 years now. His pain level is often unbearable, but he always smiles and hates to let it slow him down.

-He was always involved in things I did in school. I always liked it when he came on band trips with us. (maybe because I used him as a walking ATM. Sorry dad..... :))

-When I went to Kindergarten, he was so nervous about his little girl going to school. He had a voice pager for work at the time. He wanted me to page him after school to let him know I was home. I would call his pager every day and say "Daddy, I'm home, I love you" and repeat it several times before hanging up. I am grateful he still remembers that and tells the story with a smile.

I could never thank you enough for all you do for us. Thank you for being such a loving and giving father and grandfather.

To My Father-In-Law

-To my kids, he is the exciting "Grandpa Chuck"
(Can you tell by this picture which parent Aaron resembles??)

- My kids always get excited to go spend time with him and he loves hanging with the kids.

-He loves to go boating and also enjoys flying a small plane. I think it is appropriate that he lives with a river running through his back yard and a small airport strip in his front yard (not kidding...) He always brings a sense of adventure that we all love. He is someone who loves to get out there and enjoy life.
-Whenever someone is sick, or a new baby arrives, he is always right there!

-I first met him as a teenager, when Aaron and I started dating in high school. I was a timid, scared teenager, but he loved me and welcomed me into the family from day one. Every year, the family has a large family reunion. They always take a large family photo. The first year I went, long before we married, I intended to hang back from the photo since I wasn't part of the family. He scoffed and said "You are here, you are part of the family- you get in the picture!" I could tell he wasn't one to argue with. He always made me feel like part of the family long before it was official.

Thank you for always loving us and being there for us- you are a wonderful Father, Father-in-law, and Grandpa!

To my "Step" Father-in-law, Bob:

-Ever since he married Aaron's mom in 1995- he has always loved us and cared for us like we were his own.

-He treats Aaron's mom very well and is truly a good, honest man.

-Event though he didn't enter Aaron's life until Aaron was 18, he always found time to spend with him. He taught Aaron so many things that Aaron is so grateful for.

-They moved to Florida about 2 years ago so we don't get to see him as often as we would like, but my kids often fondly recall "Grandpa Bob." They were so excited to go on our trip to Florida last November to spend time with him and "Grandma Janet." This is a picture of that trip. You can see Kenny cuddled up next to him at thanksgiving dinner. (don't you love the spread of food???) It looks like Bob is thinking... "I think maybe there is one last scrap of meat on this leg and I'm going to get it!"

-He has always been there for us. When Aaron became very sick and was hospitalized several years ago, he was right there doing whatever was needed to help pull us through.

-While they were living here, he was always willing to come help Aaron with projects around the house. We are grateful for his knowledge, time and love!

Thank you for loving Janet and for loving us like your own. We are grateful that you are in our lives.

So, to these 4 wonderful men, and all the dad's out there........
Happy Father's Day!!!!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

What is it like to have twins? (10 things we have learned)

This is a question I hear quite frequently. I have wanted to do this post since I started blogging and so now I have had a chance to look through some older pictures of the babies (I had a hard time narrowing it down- be ready for lots of pictures!) and finally did it. We have nearly survived the first 18 months already! They were born Jan 4, 2007 and I just don't know where the time has gone. Everyday, they look more like little girls and it is so fun to watch them develop into the little people that they are.

Just for fun, I thought I would list some things that describe what it is like to have twins. This will no doubt be a continuing list that I will add to as they grow bigger and move into different developmental phases. Here are some things we have learned about what it is like to have twins.

1) Things are different from the very beginning. I remember saying (before the girls) that I never wanted twins. When Kenny was a baby, I babysat another little girl the same age and I remember saying, "Wow- this is what it would be like to have twins- I am so glad one goes home at the end of the day!" When the doctor said there was two (I was 7 1/2 weeks along...) I was in shock. But, from that moment, I knew I wanted them both. I was thrilled....terrified... but thrilled! (I was a bit reluctant to post this photo...obviously not very flattering....) The end of the pregnancy was way harder than my other pregnancies. I was HUGE!!!! I was physically unable to sleep in my own bed. I slept in a recliner. While I was fortunate to never be on bedrest, it hurt just to walk to walk around. But, hey- I was carrying 15 lbs. of baby in there!2) From the first moment that I held them both, I completely understood how someone could have sextuplets and love them all the same . (Not that I would want to...)
3)There is truly a bond from the very beginning. This is my all time favorite picture of them and it was taken just minutes after they were born.I feel like they are "venting" to each other about what they just went through. I also like this one, taken Easter 2007, when they were about 3 mos old.4)They seem to naturally need to be close. When they were first born, I tried putting them in a crib together, but they would not sleep. A wise friend, who has twin granddaughters told me they probably had too much space and to try a bassinet. I thought they couldn't possibly fit. But I tried and was so glad I did. They did not sleep well until I did this:
They slept this way for more than two months until they just wouldn't fit anymore. This was another favorite napping position (laying on each other- on daddy!)
5) Everything takes longer. When they were newborns and I was nursing them, I figured out I spent more than 4 hours a day,everyday, just nursing babies. That is just feeding time and doesn't include burping, changing, etc. Also, I used to be early everywhere I went. When the boys were born, I could usually be on time. Now, I get there eventually.....

6) They often get sick together. This is a given, since they share pacifiers, sippy cups, toys, nursed from the same mom, etc. When they were two weeks old, they both contracted RSV and were hospitalized for 3 days. (these pictures are sad...)
Yet, I have also learned that just because one gets sick, it doesn't guarantee the other will. There have been a couple times when one got sick, but the other never did.

7) Their little personalities are obvious from the beginning. Meghan has always been the sillier, outgoing, adventurous one. Ellie is more laid back, reserved and cuddly. You can see here, that when they were 10 months old and we went to the beach, Meghan loved the sand and Ellie wasn't so sure...This one says it all (about 16 mos old).....
Despite the close bond, they do have very distinct personalities, wants and needs. These clash and sometimes result in fights as bad as between any siblings. This always seems to surprise people. This also makes outing to the park or other open places difficult, as they usually run in two opposite directions. So, who do I chase after first?

8) Bath time is much more fun with two
9) You can't leave the house without someone saying, "Wow- you sure have your hands full, don't you?" (thank you Captain Obvious.....) If I had a dollar for every time I heard that one...

Other stupid questions I am asked on a daily basis include: "Are they twins?" (hmmm, they are wearing the same outfit, and look the same twins at all...just born 8 min. apart!) Or "are they identical?" (that would imply they would look exactly the same...look closer!) Or, my personal favorite..."Oh, so you have one boy and one girl?" (Despite the fact that they are both wearing pink shirts and pink sandals. I always want to ask them- which one do you think is the boy?)

10) The reason moms of twins often dress their twins the same has nothing to do with denying them their individuality. This is a common misperception. Now I understand. In the beginning, everyone buys you matching outfits. It makes sense to have them wear them at the same time. Or, like these unbelievably gorgeous dresses Aaron's mom made for their blessing day... But, as they get bigger, there is two reasons why we frequently dress them the same. First is just a matter of convenience- when you are shopping for two and you have 4 kids in tow, it is just easier and faster to buy two of the same thing. You know you have two babies, you need a shirt for each, so you grab two shirts. Second, there is this underlying fear of people thinking you dress one cuter than the other. This can be avoided by just dressing them the same, or at least coordinating. Their distinct personalities shine through regardless of clothing. When they are old enough to choose their own clothes, they are welcome to do so.

I can honestly say that having twins has been the hardest, most blessed, most tiring, most fun time of my life. Even though I would never have chosen to have twins, I can't imagine my life without them both. I wouldn't trade it for the world. Another mom with twins said, of what it is like to have twins, "We never would have asked for it, but love it, and we would never wish it on anyone!" That is pretty accurate. Except, maybe I would wish it on others because the blessings exceed the trials. To conclude this post, I will add a poem that says it all. It came with a photo frame I received as a welcoming gift from one of the twins clubs I am in:

There's two to wash, there's two to dry,
there's two who argue, there's two who cry.

One's in the mud having a ball,
the other holds a crayon...another marked wall.
Some days seem endless, my patience grows thin.
Why was I chosen to be a mother of twins?

The answer comes clear at the end of each day.
As I tuck them in bed and to myself I say,
there's two to kiss, there's two to hug,
and best of all there's two to love.
Ellen & Meghan, Valentine's Day, 2007