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Ray Romano once compared life with twins to living in a frat house. As he put it, "no one sleeps, there is a lot of noise and a lot of throwing up." I find this very true with 4 young children, including twins. However, though things are always crazy, we always try to have fun and, most certainly, always love each other.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy 7th Birthday Kenny!!!! (and other related events)

I just can't believe that my little Kenny is 7 years old. I mean, seriously, when did this happen??? Just yesterday, I was holding this tiny baby in my arms, marveling over the fact that I was finally a mom. I blinked and he is 7! It is like those Nationwide commercials....Life comes at you fast! That is the truth for sure. I don't have any baby pictures to post because that was all pre-digital era and I still don't have a working scanner. But, I am thinking that maybe that will be a good idea for birthday posts next year- maybe a flashback for each.

Anyway, Kenny was born Saturday, June 16th at 12:06 pm. My due date had been June 7th. I was well beyond that date (obviously) so they actually scheduled to induce me on June 13th. Just a few hours before I was to report, I got a call saying the hospital was overbooked so I was getting bumped to Friday, the 15th. I just sat there and cried. Even my doctor was angry at the hospital. But, what can you do? Here I was- first time mom-excited, scared, anxious- a week past my due date. Actually, a friend of mine had been due on June 5th, but she had her baby 3 weeks early. That was tough for me, because our babies were expected at the same time, and here she had a one month old while I was still waiting. So, I report to the hospital at 8pm Friday the 15th. I wasn't even dilating yet, which makes me wonder when he ever would have come on his own. So, I labored through out the night and they had me start pushing about 10 am Saturday morning. After a couple hours, he still wasn't quite coming through, so they used a vacuum. They actually had to try 3 vacuums to find one that fit his head right! His heart rate was dropping more with each contraction and I was about a half step away from a c-section when the 3rd vacuum finally worked and he was born at 12:06. Turns out he was "sunny side up"- face up- which was part of the problem. He was also huge- 9 lbs. 11 oz. - and perfectly healthy!

He is a very energetic child. He makes me tired just watching him sometimes. He is very happy and loves to play hard and have fun. He played soccer last fall and is in Tball now, which I am finding to be good for him- he loves to play! He loves to be outside. I'm noticing a nice tan he is getting already this season. I don't know where he gets it from, since Aaron and I do NOT tan!
Kenny is also an incredibly affectionate child. He loves to hug, cuddle, and such. He is very compassionate and shows genuine concern when someone is sick or hurt. I have to be careful about letting him watch the news because he is old enough now to understand what is going on and it really upsets him when he hears bad things. He is incredibly sweet and truly loves to be a helper. I am grateful to call him my son. We had to wait a while for him- to the point we initially wondered if we could have children. But, I came to learn that God has his own time table. He was so worth the wait! :) Not to mention, that the day after he was born was Father's Day, so Aaron's first Father's Day came just one day after the birth of his son. He has had to share it ever since, as we often have a cookout on Fathers Day to celebrate Fathers Day and Kenny's birthday together. So far, neither one seems to mind sharing the day!

He has had an awesome birthday. I have lots of pictures. I think it will be best to explain events in 3 parts.

Part 1- Preparation
We were planning our usual Father's Day celebration with a cook out and all the family, so of course, everything needed cleaned. We have a wonderful backyard that gets pretty messy, so it needed cleaned up. It has become tradition to have an annual "car wash" to wash all the kids toys that get grubby from being outside during the winter. We did this on Friday. Sooo much fun- this was the girls first time participating. Notice they are dressed (or not, depending on how you see it) for getting wet- that is key to making it fun because then I don't care how much they splash and mess around.Kenny shows Ellie how it works!
Jacob scrubs hard to make it shine!Meghan get in on the act!Ellen & Meghan really enjoy splashing in the soapy water!
Part 2: The Father's Day/Kenny's Birthday Cookout!
So Sunday, we had a cookout with our family. We had my parents, my sister Julie and her husband, Aaron's dad and Deb, his sister Rachael, husband John and new baby, and Aaron's sister Sarah were able to come. It was a beautiful day! Due to lack of ability to hide it, we gave Kenny his first present before church- a basket ball hoop! He was so excited and went out to play while still in his pajamas!I actually didn't take many pictures during the cookout (I was pretty busy just trying to serve everyone, get food ready, etc.) but I did get this one of my dad with Ellie. Like I said, he loves hanging with the grandkids!I made the cake myself. Not too much to be proud of. I actually love to bake, but have no talent for cake decorating and don't really enjoy it. I am more of a cookie, brownie, bread, dessert type of baker. But here it is:It was a 3 layer cake and I used a pampered chef tool that my sister let me borrow that is supposed to make it like a checkerboard inside. I did chocolate and white cake. It didn't really turn out exactly right- more like marble or blobs of color instead of a checkerboard, but it was still really good, so that is what matters!
Part 3: Today- his actual Birthday!
We may have celebrated his birthday yesterday, but I still wanted the day to be fun. So, we took advantage of the sun (after a brief storm passed) and went to the "sprayground" for the first time this year! I tell you, that place is awesome (and FREE!)! The kids just loved it! The girls were big enough for the first time too. Both weren't so sure at first, but Ellie quickly decided she loved it. Meghan decided that she liked it too, but it took her a little longer.Kenny loves the giant buckets that dump on your head!Ellie thought it was awesome!Meghan finally got into the actionDespite the fact that Jacob looks like a starving screaming child, he was actually having a ball! He was smiling here, though it doesn't look like it. And, I swear I feed him! :)This is my friend Amy, who came along with her two year old twins (Amelia & Sophia) and her son Jacob, who is also Kenny's age. None of her kids were real impressed with the water.But her Jacob and my Jacob and Kenny did have fun playing on the playground next to the sprayground as well!
We finished up the day by going to the park for Family Home Evening. Grandpa had given Kenny an air pump powered plane that both him and daddy were itching to play with. Everyone enjoyed the evening.
Both girls enjoyed the slides!

Kenny loves the new plane! Very very cool! (first he pumps it up with air, then spins the propeller and gives it a throw!

Aaron loves showing Kenny and Jacob how they work! (I'm noticing a blue shirt theme today!)

More playground fun with Ellen and Meghan!

Ellen and Meghan also really enjoyed discovering the little white flowers growing everywhere! Perfect photo opportunity!

Anyway, not only did we have a special birthday to celebrate, but it was obviously a very fun weekend as it was! We got to get out and do a lot. I know it was a lot of pictures, but it is hard to narrow them down when you have 4 kids you want to show off who have done a lot! :)
Happy Birthday, Kenny! We Love you!!!


Suzanne said...

What a fun weekend! I love that sprayground too. We should go sometime soon. Happy Birthday Kenny. Sounds like he had a wonderful celebration:)

trentnjeanmorello said...

I am glad Kenny had a great birthday! Birthdays are so much fun!!!

Kelly said...

Kenny is such a great kid, and that sounds like a great birthday!! Happy Birthday, Kenny!! And you go girl for taking so many pictures, I loved them all!!

Autumn said...

What an awesome birthday!!! I haven't been to that sprayground but looks like we need to. (Though Ellie isn't much of a water girl.) I especially love the car wash pix. Awesome. The cake totally looks checkerboard-I knew that's what it was before I read that. Sounds like a neat tool. One thing I love about Kenny is his super great big smile. Its impossible not to smile at him because of his big grin.

The Cochran Family said...

You are such a FUN mom! This is what life is all about you know! You make me miss Ohio and my fam so much! Happy B-day Kenny! I can't believe your doc let you go that far over, now-adays, they induce you if you don't deliever a week before your due date!

Abbey said...

Happy Birthday Keeny!!! Glad it was a fun one. Could you please tell me how to get to the sprayground, I have been dying to go there. thanks

Mom Janet said...

Great pics of the kids. It is so good to remember these times because like you said...Life comes at you fast. Before you know it they will be cleaning real cars to get ready for dates (of course, not until they are 30 hahaha). The sprayground must be something new because I don't remember anything like it around Columbus. Great idea and can't beat the price. Love the curls on Ellie, so cute. Both girls are getting so big now and grown up. You really are blessed and have a houseful of love.

STUFFellaneous said...

I can't believe he's 7! The cake is beautiful!