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Ray Romano once compared life with twins to living in a frat house. As he put it, "no one sleeps, there is a lot of noise and a lot of throwing up." I find this very true with 4 young children, including twins. However, though things are always crazy, we always try to have fun and, most certainly, always love each other.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

On To Happier Thoughts.....

Now that I got that little rant out of my system (necessary every now and then!), I am happy to move on to better topics.

Kenny- Coach Pitch/T-ball

This is Kenny's first year playing T-ball. I suspected it would be a game he would enjoy and he does. I didn't understand why it was called coach pitch until the first practice. It is actually meant to be a transition from T-ball to Baseball (for the kids who have played the previous year...). During the game, the coach throws up to 5 pitches to the batter. If they don't get a hit during that time, then they get an opportunity to hit from the Tee. Here are some pictures of Kenny's first game yesterday.....

Here he is in the outfield getting ready to catch a ball with one of the assistant coaches. Great form huh? Oh, and don't you love the yellow soccer shorts and socks & tennis shoes? The coach said, other than the shirt and hat, there is no real uniform at this age and we didn't have to buy the pants and shoes if we didn't want to. I am a bit cheap (can't afford not to be...) so we didn't. He still looks great though! (only about half his team has the shoes and pants, so it isn't just us, which always makes me feel better! :))

Here he is up to bat and watching the ball! (if you look close you can see it between the trees!

And here he gets to hit it off the tee. He is really learning a lot and enjoying it. That alone makes it worth it!

Amanda practices a new skill!
As you can see in the picture, all 3 "boys" got a haircut. This was taken this morning before church. I got brave and gave everyone a haircut last night. I am still learning. I used to not have a clue how to do it and was willing to pay someone. Aaron kept trying to talk me into learning, but it seemed so complicated. He finally talked me into buying a pair of clippers to he could buzz his own head. He would need a bit of help with the back and so I would have to do it. Over the past few months, I have gained a little confidence. Once before, the two of us together gave the boys cuts, which turned out decent enough, so I got braver and did all 3 by myself last night!! They turned out okay. I didn't really intend to buzz Jacobs head. I was trying to scissor cut the top so it would lay to one side a bit like it usually does (just not as long...) but I wasn't sure I was doing it right and it was getting late. So, I just got impatient I guess and figured I will keep practicing next time. I only feel bad I didn't start this sooner- one more way to save a bit of money. Instead of forking over $35+ for 3 haircuts at the barber shop, I can just experiment with the clippers here!


Mom Janet said...

Well, you aren't the only one cutting hair. Bob has had me buzz him a couple of times too and it really isn't too hard - just a bit scary that it will leave a big bare spot in the middle of his head or something just as bad. Great way to save money - too bad it won't work on my own hair though sometimes I feel like just cutting it all off.

Kenny looked so grown up playing ball. Hope he stays with it for a few more years. Aaron would just go from one thing to another and never really got into the sport thing. Maybe now with the boys he can pick up some tips too.

Kelly said...

I think their hair looks great!! We, too don't pay for haircuts, but use clippers for my boys- Dana has been cutting his own hair his whole life, so he does Alex too. I help them with the trim, and yes, patience is required!
I love the baseball pics- they are so cute, and he is so grown up! Love this season!
You looked so nice at church today, I meant to tell you but never saw you after Sacrament- those girls are just too cute, by the way!

Suzanne said...

How fun! I love baseball and can't wait to sign Spencer up next year. He's been going to my nephews little league games all his life and is ready to be on a team himself.

I started cutting Ryan's hair when we were first married because he was a full time student and we were living off my income. I was all about saving and cutting corners where we could (I'm still that way!). I've improved and learned a lot through the years. I first went to a haircut with him and watched the lady cut it to learn some tricks. I think I do a pretty good job now but I had some scary one's in the beginning! I also cut my kids hair. The hardest thing is getting them to hold still. Spencer wants to grow his hair out long right now so we'll see how long I can stand it! Keep it up because it's a great way to save a few bucks:)

Katie said...

Good work on hair cuts. I cut my families hair, too. It dates back to our early marriage years...Spencer wanted a hair cut way more often than we could afford. He, too has had some bad ones. But there have been some good ones, too. I scissor cut my boys, but I tried a buzz on Reid for convenience this last time. HE HATES hair cuts...this was faster and I'll have to do it less often. I don't think I'll ever buzz it again. I think he looks ridiculous. I'm so used to his tall spikes. PArker is getting particular about his hair. He wants it longer with no spikes. IT's driving me crazy.

How fun to have a kids in baseball. We haven't entered the wild world of children's sports yet. I think we're starting later this summer. very fun!