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Ray Romano once compared life with twins to living in a frat house. As he put it, "no one sleeps, there is a lot of noise and a lot of throwing up." I find this very true with 4 young children, including twins. However, though things are always crazy, we always try to have fun and, most certainly, always love each other.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Journal Jar Entry #1

This has been a relatively uneventful week around here. Aaron was out of town for 5 days (3 for fun, 2 for an unexpected business trip to Texas). I am grateful to have him home- it is always hard being alone as a parent; but really, things went well while he was gone. The only bummer is that I am not feeling well (so I am extra grateful he is home now!). But, I really wanted to blog a little since it has been a while and then I am off to bed. Being that things have been uneventful, I have not been sure what to write about. Then, I got an idea. A couple years ago, when I was the Beehive leader at church (meaning I was the leader of the 12-13 year old girls), one of my duties was to plan weekly activities. For one such activity, we made journal jars. I bought several cheap jars and we decorated them and filled them with slips of paper with journaling ideas. I made one as well, with the intended effort of being a better journal writer, but that never happened. It occurred to me that this blog has become my journal, so why not pull things from my journal jar? So, I will do this occasionally when I don't have much else to write about. Some are funny, some are reflective, some are simple, some are very thoughtful and of more religious topics. I look forward to those, but thought I would start with a simple one tonight that wouldn't take much thought, as I am longing for bed. So, here goes:

Journal Jar Entry #1: Write about your least favorite job.

This is definitely an easy one for me. I have worked many jobs in my time: ice cream shop, waitress, grocery stores, telephone customer service, gift registry, substitute teacher, day care, home day care, just to name a few.
When I was about 20 years old, I worked briefly as a credit card collector for National City Bank. It was the worst 4 months of my life (okay, that is exaggerating- life was good otherwise- I just hated my job!) I worked in the first level, which meant I was mostly only calling people less than 30 days behind on their cards, so it wasn't heavy collecting, but still miserable. We actually got raises and rewards based on how many dollars we got promised from the card holders. There was always 3 basic types of customers:
1) Just having a hard financial time and having a hard time getting things caught up for a variety of reasons (boy do I understand....) and they would tell their sob story making me feel awful, though not much I could do. I knew (and know) what it is like to have no money, so I couldn't push.
2)Those who became angry when we called. (how DARE I tell them they owed money for a debt they created????)
3) Those who simply didn't care one way or the other.

It was customers like #1 & #2 that made the job impossible. For the #1's, I always felt so bad because I new it was just an unfortunate set of events. The #2's were hard to handle- I always took their rantings personally. I would sometimes get in a bit of trouble for spending too much time on calls, but it was because I couldn't just be harsh with people, whether they deserved it or not. Basically, I am way too nice to be a collector. The thing I REALLY hated about the job was that we had to work every 3rd Sunday morning. I hated this not only because I don't like to work on Sundays if not absolutely necessary, but..... well, just imagine getting woken up on a Sunday morning at 8am wondering when you were going to pay your National City bill. Not pretty. It is really kind of impressive the job lasted 4 months even! I was miserable!

I realize that collectors are a necessary evil due to the #2's and #3's out there who need a kick in the pants. (Don't really need them for the #1's- they know they have debt and would pay it if they could and have every intention of paying it ASAP). But, not the job fore me.

So, there it is- my very least favorite job. If anyone would like to post a comment about your least favorite, I would love to hear it!


Kelly said...

I love the Journal jar idea!! I love that you are using this blog as a journal too, and very much look forward to reading more entries!!! Dana was a collector for Discover Card, and hated it too- but he stayed a little over a year- he called those who were way behind, and some had actually died!! He has some funny stories!

I have really enjoyed all the jobs I have had, except for one- it was at a day care center, right before my senior year in college. Summer had just begun, so school aged kids had started enrolling too. I got hired to be that teacher- yeah, after a week, I put in my two weeks notice, and didn't even complete that- it was horrible- and the kids were a nightmare!! I hated it every second of every minute- I knew that was not the environment for me. So, I got an office job! Then I subbed when I was preg for Leah- that is my favorite!

Autumn said...

Yes, great idea. Also, your new blog look is great.

What a horrible job. I think that would be so hard. I have to say it makes me laugh picturing you-super nice Amanda-being the recipient of uber angry people. Its a funny picture in my mind for some reason.