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Ray Romano once compared life with twins to living in a frat house. As he put it, "no one sleeps, there is a lot of noise and a lot of throwing up." I find this very true with 4 young children, including twins. However, though things are always crazy, we always try to have fun and, most certainly, always love each other.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

No Longer a Baby (But Always MY Baby!)

Yesterday, Jacob reached yet another milestone. He lost a tooth!
I could hardly believe it! It is kind of funny really. It started with Kenny- quick story here first. Very early this week, Kenny pointed out he had yet another tooth loose (he actually lost his first tooth at about the age Jacob is now). At 4:30 am (!!) Tuesday morning, he came into our room and turned on the light to say his tooth had fallen out. So, later Tuesday morning, we were talking about it and Jacob was very interested. Knowing that Kenny was Jacob's age when he first lost, I told Jacob he would probably lose one soon. Jacob got very excited and said he was going to check his teeth to see if any were lose. A few moments later, he exclaimed he did have one lose. I thought for sure he was making it up so I took a look and, sure enough, not only was it lose, but just barely hanging on! How had we not noticed? It hung on for another day until last night, he got it out just in time to be able to enjoy corn on the cob for dinner. He was so excited for the tooth fairy to come. He knew the tooth fairy would bring a dollar. This is what he got:
He was a tad disappointed that he did not get a dollar. I had to explain that it really was the same thing, that the tooth fairy probably did not have a dollar bill, so gave him 4 quarters which was the same thing. He wasn't really convinced, even though this was the same thing Kenny got the night before. (Actually, I think the tooth fairy may need to take out a loan if this keeps up- especially in a world where we rarely have cash as it is!!! She had to dig up quarters for Kenny the night before, and, as bad as it sounds, couldn't even find 4 quarters that night for Jacob and was at a loss for what to do...... So she took the quarters out of the kids piggy bank- which is where Kenny had put his upon receiving them.... shhhhh..don't tell!)

Anyway, it just blows me away to see him growing up. He has been working so hard at getting ready for school- practicing his writing, practicing his shoe tying (he is really doing pretty well!), and now, he is even losing teeth! I swear, he was just a baby yesterday! When did this happen!

I tell my kids often that no matter how big they get, they will always be my baby. Kenny finds this funny and reminds me that he is not a baby. I explain again that he will always be my baby. The other day, when I said this, he said "But, mom, some day I will grow up and get married to someone!" And I said, "I hope you will, but you will still be my baby, even then." He said "Nooooooo!" They'll understand some day!


Kelly said...

A whole dollar?! You have a really great toothfairy at your house!! Don't tell my kids!! Just kidding, the toothfairy at our house gives it too- thankfully its just Alex who has lost teeth- Leah has yet to even get a loose one, but my niece, who is 4 months older than Leah has already lost 6, including her two top!!
Yes, he is really growing, and is soooo cute!!

Lauri said...

Nothing like a toothless grin!

I love that you had to steel quarters from your kids. How many of us have done that?!

Katie said...

Look how excited he is! Very cute.

And stealing Kenny's quarters, that's classic.

And this is to my mom...WHAT??!!!!!!!

Mom Janet said...

Just ask Aaron - he is still my "baby"... all 6'3" of him. Such a sweet story and I am sure that you will replace the quarters in the piggy bank as soon as you can! I love the picture of you at the pier taken when you were here in November.

Kristin said...

JACOB!?!? I cannot believe it!