Always Crazy, Always Fun, Always Love

Ray Romano once compared life with twins to living in a frat house. As he put it, "no one sleeps, there is a lot of noise and a lot of throwing up." I find this very true with 4 young children, including twins. However, though things are always crazy, we always try to have fun and, most certainly, always love each other.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

New Year, New School, Off to a Great Start!

Today was THE big day! Back to school for another year. Kenny is now officially in 2nd grade and Jacob started KINDERGARTEN!!!! It is just unreal that I have TWO kids in school now. It is really different with just me and the girls. I put them down for nap today and the house was soooo quiet. In fact, our power was out (for some unexplained reason....) so there wasn't even the hum of electrical appliances- just perfect silence. A little unnerving when you are used to noise...but I am sure I will adjust just fine.

Both boys were so excited today they could hardly contain themselves. To explain my title a bit, they are going to the same school they went to last year but in a new building that is just barely finished being built. It is very large (going from K-5 to K-8) with all the latest technologies. We met their teachers and saw their new classrooms Monday night during an ice cream social. Before that night, Kenny had been saying that he didn't like school- school work was boring. When we got the letter in the mail telling us what class he would be in, he was disappointed, saying he wanted the other 2nd grade teacher. Sorry kiddo.... so, I was a little worried. But, after Monday night, he said "I like my new teacher, I think I do want to go to school." Phew...
Jacob was a little anxious before, but very excited after seeing his new classroom. His only concern "But, what if I don't know how to do the work my teacher gives me?" I told him not to worry, she would show him how and he could ask questions if he still didn't know.

So, today, they woke up bright and early and I had time to make them a special breakfast of Chocolate Chip pancakes and scrambled eggs. I could hardly get them to stand still long enough to take their pictures. (I'm sure you would never guess that of MY boys! :)) Here is before we left:
Their school requires uniforms. Generally, I support this, but it is a bit of a bummer on the first day of school when there is no cute and carefully picked outfit to show off. So, instead, they are wearing the only new uniform I bought for each of them. (Everything else they have are hand me downs and Once Upon A Child specials!)
Getting Ready to walk in on the first day in the new building!

Kenny in his new classroom (with beautiful new desks!)

And Jacob all excited to start his new adventureJacob did great! No fear about me leaving. I gave him a hug when it was time to leave and he was like "Bye mom- see ya later!" I felt differently of course. While no tears were actually shed, I definitely felt the familiar lump in my throat and welling of emotions. I was thinking of this and wondering why we all get emotional. I think we all think it is because we are sad that our babies are growing up and leaving us all day everyday (By the way- he is in an all day Kindergarten). That is part of it but not all. It is some sadness over the loss of babyhood and the separation, but I think it is also from happiness and pride in our children that they have grown and reached this milestone. That all the years we taught them to walk and talk, learn their ABC's, be nice to others, use the potty and tie their shoes to prepare them for this moment has arrived and they have been successful. Now they can begin the next part of life's journey and it is scary and exciting and sad and happy all at the same time for them and for us.

After I said good bye, it was time for a parent meeting in the cafeteria. Oh, that is another great thing about this school. It does NOT have the "cafegymatorium" that many schools have now- you know, the large (but never big enough) multipurpose room that is used for the cafeteria, gym and auditorium? It has a separate cafeteria and gym with a stage going between the two. Very cool. Check out this computer lab: (There are even more computers in the room, I could not get them all in the shot.)You can see some straight ahead and then off to the right. There is more to the left. And this is just the computers for the K-4 students. The 5-8 students have a computer lab of their own just as big in the upper level of the school!

Anyway, the principal had this meeting after parents said good-bye to the kids to tell us the exciting things going on and new procedures and stuff. This principal is amazing. I am including this picture not because any of my readers care what our principal looks like, but because my kids think he is awesome and will appreciate the memory down the road.
You can always tell when he talks that he cares about the kids and the parents and the school. We are in a large, not well rated, city school district and this caused me a lot of stress when Kenny was first going into school. We were unable to move and I didn't know what to do till I found this school. It is a public school (not charter, not private) but is labeled as an alternative school allowing them to do things a little different. They have a strong focus on math and science- which seems to be a strong point for both of my boys. They do a TON of educational field trips including a science camp. They have a separate science lab where they do all sorts of experiments and have a required annual science fair project. No wonder they are the highest rated elementary school in the district. When you combine a good program with parents that care (you have to apply to go and students are chosen by lottery, so it takes effort on the parents part), this is what happens. I am grateful to have found it and I am excited for what is looking to be a great year for both boys.

One more note in closing. When I picked them up, I asked Jacob how his day was. He had been all excited to play on the new fenced in Kindergarten-only playground. But when I picked him up, the first the he had to say was (in a pouty voice) "I never got to have a recess!" It hadn't rained AT ALL in a couple of MONTHS, but on the first day of school it rained ALL DAY-which we needed! (Thanks to remnants of TS Faye...) But other than that, he had all good things to say and Kenny came running out all excited to tell me about his great day.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Me to the 8th

Last week, I was tagged by both Katie and Emilee with this fun tag. (Thank you! :)) I only just now have time to do it. So, sit back and enjoy some unimportant information about me. (Each are in random order- not listed from most to least important...just as I thought of them)

8 things I am passionate about
1) My family
2) Close friends
3) The Gospel
4) Baking
5) Not hearing people chew (I can't stand the sound- I know it is dumb...)
6) Honesty
7) I can't stand evil people- especially those who hurt children- I am passionate about ridding the world of them
8) Enjoying Life

8 things I want to do before I die
1) Learn patience
2) Be proficient at an instrument again (I have been more than once before...)
3) Travel to Europe
4) See my children grow up and raise them righteously
5) See my children go on missions and complete college and get married
6) Hold my grandchildren
7) Buy a bigger house
8) Live debt free

8 things I say a lot
1) What??
2) No way!!
3) No! (I do have 4 young children.....)
4) Awesome
5) I love you
6) Dang it
7) Really?!?
8) (In response to the question...) "Yes, I do have my hands full!" (and I never actually say this, but I always think "Better full than empty")

8 Books I have read recently
1) Dean Koontz Odd Thomas series- most recently #4 "Odd Hours"
2) Cover Her Face (a mystery by PD James)
3) The Old Testament
4) The Book of Mormon
5) Working on The New Testament
6) The Comics and advice columns in the paper- almost daily
7) Innumerable children's books- daily
8) The Secret Life of Bees
( 9.... getting ready to jump on the bandwagon and start reading "Twilight"!!)

8 Movies I have watched recently
1) Evita (I love Andrew Lloyd Webber and listen to his CD's regularly- the Evita songs kept sticking with me so I finally indulged and pulled out the video tape and watched it again.)
2) Harry Potter Movies
3) Charly (at 3 am....thanks Suzanne!)
4) Penelope (at midnight.... again thanks to Suzanne! :):) Both at a Young Women Sleepover- both very good movies!)
5) Legally Blonde- I love watching it when it comes on TV- usually as background noise while I pay bills or whatever.
6) Do Pampered Chef training videos count?
7) The Eye (very creepy!)
8) The Nanny Diaries

8 Bloggers I tag
1) Amy (your first tag, are you excited???)
2) Mom K
3) Sarah
4) Jen (from Mexico)
5) Kristin
6) Stephanie
7) Valarie
8) That is it because Katie's tag pretty well covered everyone else on my list. :) But, if you are reading this and want to do it, it is fun and I would love to read it- so consider yourself tagged!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

4 Kids, 6 New Shoes and a Grand announcement!

I finally went shoe shopping for my children and I am broke. And I don't buy fancy expensive shoes... With 4 children, I actually had to buy 6 new pairs of shoes. That doesn't add up does it? Well, Kenny and Jacob start school next week and they will be attending school in a brand new building that will barely be finished being built when school starts. In an effort to keep their new gym floors nice, they are requiring each child to bring an extra pair of tennis shoes to keep at school to be used only during gym class. What???? Are you kidding me? While I understand their dilemma, I find this ridiculous! We do not live in an affluent area at all so I am sure it isn't just us huffing about it. This meant two new pairs for each of them because both of their old tennis shoes are just too small and too beat up to be used for ANYTHING! And, the girls do not have any tennis shoes that fit them at all. While that is fine for now, while it is warm, they obviously would need some here in a few weeks. So, between the "Buy one Get one 1/2 off" at Payless and also going to Walmart, I have bought 6 new pairs of shoes this week. The plain white shoes in the picture are what I got the boys for gym- basic and cheap- $6 each.

And, did I mention that my children could all be nicknamed "big foot"?!?! Kenny is in a Boys 3 already. Jacob in a 13. And the girls...... I bought them a size 8!!! I couldn't believe it- they aren't even two and I had to buy toddler size 8!! I bought them a little too big so hopefully they will still fit in a month or so when we need them, but they really aren't much too big. They can wear them now and they don't fall off their feet..... ugh.... Now on to Aaron and I... we both desperately need new shoes as well- it has been a few years since either of us got new tennis shoes...we are much overdue.

And now.... the Grand Announcement....

Well, some people know that I have been on a pursuit to bring in some much needed extra money while still staying home with my kids (gotta do something about all these shoes to pay for). For example, I may start babysitting a single child in a few months, but that is up in the air. I have decided on something that I am nervous yet excited about.....
I signed on with Pampered Chef to be a Independent Consultant! Before anyone starts thinking I am too crazy, let me explain why I decided to do this. Until now, I have NEVER been interested in doing anything like this party kind of thing. I would sometimes go to a party, but it always seems so expensive, so it wasn't always top on my list. Recently, as I was looking into finding some kind of work at home, I thought that I still wasn't interested in this kind of thing, but if I ever did, I would probably do Pampered Chef because I love their products and enjoy cooking and their parties always are fun- with the consultant making yummy food you get to eat afterward and such-but still didn't think I would ever do it. Well, fast forward to last Friday when I went to a local fair that had a Pampered Chef booth. I was filling out a free entry for a drawing to win a large basket of Pampered Chef stuff (I didn't win- bummer...) and got chatting with the lady and asked her some questions. Turns out they are running a special for new consultants- you buy the starter kit for $155 (really not bad- the kit has a huge amount of stuff- retails for much more than that...). If you sign on before August 31st, and then sell $1000 worth of product within the first 30 days (which I am optimistic won't be too hard to do...) then I will get 50% ($77) of the starter kit fee back! So, say I only sell the minimum $1000. My commission would be approximately $22o, plus the $77 rebate- that is $300 in the first month. I will have already made more than I put in. I figured that would make it worth it. Even if it doesn't work out, at least I have a bunch of cool product I know I will use. So, there you have it- my new adventure. As if I didn't have enough to do.... Although I will be busy the next month or so getting started, I won't go that crazy all the time- I will probably try to do only 2-4 parties a month.

Here is my shameless promotion.... If you live local to me, I would love to do a show for you! They have awesome hostess specials where you get free product and a huge discount- and Christmas really isn't far away. Pampered Chef makes great gifts for many on your list! Let me know if you are interested and we can arrange it! And, I promise to make it very easy on you to have a show. I will provide the food to be cooked (you choose the recipe from a list) and I will send out the invites!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Welcome, Savanna!!!

My beautiful niece, Savanna Austin, was born last Friday, August 8th (8/8/08) at 3:40pm. She was 8lbs 1 oz. and is very healthy! I hadn't yet posted because I was waiting until I could meet her in person. I couldn't believe it took a whole week to see her. Aaron and I went out of town the day she was born and then I had a cold early in the week, along with Ellie's horrible virus- I knew it would be better to keep the germs away from the new baby. So, finally today, I got to see her beautiful little face and hold her. As you can see, she is a cutie!
You may think I mis spelled her name. You may think I meant to type "Savannah", but no, it is Savanna. My sister's name is Sara. No "h", so she held the tradition. Austin is my grandmother's maiden name. I think it is beautiful!

For such a pretty little girl, she sure made a statement coming into the world. Sara's labor was induced a little before her due date because her first baby (Joey, now 3) was late and 10 pounds. Around mid day, the baby's heart rate plummeted to around 50bpm (!!!) and would not go back up. Nurses, residents, etc. began to panic. This was not good. They got a hold of her doctor who had them turn Sara in different ways, trying to stimulate the baby. Didn't work. So they stopped the Pitocin and gave her a shot to stop labor- figuring the labor was too much to fast for the baby. Luckily, after stopping labor, her heart rate picked right back up. So, they slowly restarted labor. Luckily little Savanna handled it better this time with no more major heart rate problems. It dropped some, but not dangerously low. Sara's pain level went way up, so they kept increasing her epidural, but it wasn't working. They then discovered that it had fallen out, so the anesthesiologist replaced it and also gave her a spinal. Well, in the process, her spinal column lining was nicked, causing a small leak in spinal fluid, resulting in a true spinal headache. For those who have never heard of it, it is a headache above all others with no relief. The doctor told her they do sometimes go away on their own, or she could be given a "blood patch" to cure it. (The blood patch takes platelets from under the arm and injects them in the spine, clotting the hole, curing the headache.) She opted to wait it out, but by Wednesday the pain was still incredibly high so she went to the ER and had the blood patch done. She is now feeling much better.

The picture above shows Sara with her hubby Kris and baby Savanna soon after birth. The next picture is baby Savanna, 1 week old today and Sara feeling soooo much better.

This makes niece/nephew #8!! I love it! I now have 4 nephews and 4 nieces. I love them all! Welcome Savanna! I look forward to getting to know you. You are beautiful!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Beware....I'm Very Contagious

I have written before about the blogging virus- how I have caught it and managed to spread it to my sister-in-law and mother-in-law. Well, I have spread the virus again. If you have not caught it and don't want to, you may want to stand back (ha ha!). My wonderful friend, Amy, has started a blog! :) Check it out here.

I met Amy through the local twins club we are both members of. Turns out she lives right down the road from me and her twin girls are only 8 months older than mine. And, she has a 7 year old boy like I do.
This is her at the sprayground. She is holding Amelia and holding hands with Sophia. Her 7 year old, Jacob is in the background with his hands on the stroller.

Her blog is looking great and I know she would love a comment or two if you have a minute to check it out. Whenever we get together, this is often how I see her-snapping a cute picture:
She loves to take pictures and is very good at capturing cool moments, like this one:
This was at a park where we went to play together. From left to right is: My twins, Ellen and Meghan and then Her twins, Amelia and Sophia. Imagine our luck that we unknowingly went to a park with a 4 seater teeter totter! And me without a camera. Thank you Amy!

Happy Blogging Amy!! :)

Speaking of viruses, however, just as a note- Ellie has been really sick! High fevers since Sunday. I always wait to go to the doctor until I am almost positive it is more than a virus, because if you go too soon, that is what they say... "it's just a virus." Well, her fever hit 106.4 overnight last night. I did all I could to break it (meds, cool washcloth, bath, etc), but it wouldn't go under 103 (even medicated!). So, I called the on call doc at 1 am who said as long as she is breathing okay, (which she was) the fever itself wouldn't hurt her, just keep her dosed up and bring her in the next day. So, I took her in today and guess what- "It's just a virus." Everything is clear! Her throat was obviously red and sore he said, but they did a strep test and it was negative. He said there is a virus circulating with ultra high and long fevers and it should break soon. He said if not better by Friday to bring her in again. But, she did eat a little at lunch, so maybe she is getting better....I hope! Has NOT been a fun week. Meghan's nose is super snotty as well, but no fever. Keep your fingers crossed! :)

Sunday, August 10, 2008

A Perfect Weekend in Hocking Hills

This weekend, Aaron and I went on a trip ALONE to celebrate our 10th anniversary (which was last Tuesday, the 5th). The weekend was absolutely perfect- a much needed retreat. My parents were so wonderful to stay with our kids the entire weekend. My dad was asleep on the couch when we got back- a sign of their busy weekend with our 4 little busy bodies. But, they did great! Thank you Mom and Dad!!!! We did quite a bit and took a lot of pictures, so I grouped them into collages to make it easier to look at. You should be able to see pictures better and read the captions by clicking on the collage itself. The weather was perfect. Not typical Ohio August (which is 90's and sticky humid). It was low 80's, not humid, with nights in the 50's.

We went to Hocking Hills and stayed in a special cabin made for two. Hocking Hills is a beautiful place full of nature and geological history, with lots of fun things to do-located in southeast Ohio. There are many many cabins in the area and this particular company and specific cabin were recommended by my brother, Randy, who stayed there a few years ago with his wife and loved it. It did not disappoint- it went beyond our expectations. Here is the story:

Chapter 1: Before departing on the trip-
I had specifically told Aaron to NOT get me an anniversary gift because the trip was already expensive (though not bad, really) and that was our gift for each other. As you can see, he listened well....

On our anniversary, he surprised me with having the flowers delivered to me at home and then gave me the ring when he got home. It is beautiful and I can't wait to show everyone who lives close to me when I see you next. On the way to our cabin on Friday, we were looking for a nice place to stop for dinner. I usually pick a chain I am familiar with because I know it will be good. Aaron really wanted to go somewhere different and "Billy Crickets" was a place we passed that looked interesting to him. I was nervous but agreed to give it a shot. It was a nice place- not crowded at all- and I actually liked my dinner more than he liked his!

Chapter 2: The Cabin..... Amazing!!!!!!
This place was so nice- we could have just stayed there and been happy. We ate out Friday, as described above, but then took food for snacks, and meals on Saturday and breakfast Sunday.
The hot tub was to die for..... Oh how I would love to own one!

Chapter 3: Activities

When we got there Friday night, we took advantage of the fire pit and roasted marshmallows for s'mores.

We took a trip to visit some of the beautiful natural scenery on Saturday. The nature is amazing- to think that nature (under God's direction, of course...) did all of this. Here is Cedar Falls:

And Old Man's cave:

I was surprised to find it was actually named for an old man who was a recluse and made the caves his home in the 1800's! Did you see the sphinx head? That was just just a few yards to the west of the cave. Amazing!

We also enjoyed canoeing:
Aaron had never done it and I had only gone a couple of times. Well worth the five mile trip. So fun to work together to figure out how to get the canoe to go where it needs to go. So peaceful to float along the river and enjoy the beautiful weather.

Even with all of these activities, we found time to relax, enjoy the hot tub, take a nap, read, watch movies that we took along with us, eat out on the porch of the cabin and just enjoy each other and reflect on the last 10 years while imagining the next 10 (and beyond). This weekend was the perfect blend of relaxing and getting out there and enjoying the world. There was a guest book in the cabin where previous guests told their stories of who they were, why they were there and things they did while there. It was fun to read their stories and add our own. I would recommend this to anyone. We came home today (Sunday) and we felt rejuvenated and ready to resume our lives. It was just the break we needed. I enjoyed every second of it, but also missed my babies and was grateful to get home and hug all 4 of them!

Chapter 4: Beware of the Killer Moths!!!
One final story I had to share. This won't compare to Lauri's story about scorpions, or Randy's about Mexican cockroaches, but for us anyway, it was big at the time. Friday night, I had fallen asleep and woke to this sound of "flappita flappita flappita" going on in the cabin- the other side of it. It sounded like a large winged bug hitting up against something and I tried to ignore it. After a while, when it didn't stop, I finally got up to check it out. I turned on the light and caught a glimpse of what I thought was a moth flying into hiding. It was on the other side of the cabin and I thought, oh, it's just a moth. I turned off the light and went back to bed. It wasn't long before the noise stopped and I fell asleep, sleeping well the rest of the night and sleeping in Saturday morning (wonderful!!!!). I didn't think anything more about it. Saturday, I was having trouble falling asleep, but finally began to dose as I hear the "flappita flappita flappita" begin again. "Great," I think. I again try to ignore it, knowing it had stopped the night before- it was just a moth- and on the other side of the cabin. But, it kept going. My imagination began working overtime as I begin to question whether or not it was a moth after all- I couldn't be sure. I could actually hear the wings flapping! What if it was a small bird...or......a.....bat??? But, then I thought, it couldn't be because it had been in the cabin since the night before- I would think there would be droppings, or it would make noise, which it didn't. Still, that fear grew within me, gluing me to the bed-at least it was staying on the other side. Finally, at 3 am, I had hardly slept and could take it no more. I had to deal with it. I turned on the light, and yes it was a moth- but a bigger one than I had ever seen! And, the light attracted it into the bedroom. AAA! Now there was no way I could go to bed with it there. It...was....huge!! It flew into the ceiling fan, which stunned it and knocked it on the bed. As Aaron went to get it, it flew onto the ceiling. Aaron grabbed my shoe and hit it ( I couldn't look). He carried it outside and it was gone. Yay! Peace and Quiet! The next morning, Aaron went out to look if it was still there and it was- he had only injured it- it was still alive but couldn't fly. So, he took a picture of it, with a Quarter to show the scale:

So, that stupid huge moth is what kept me from a good nights sleep last night, but everything else about the trip was beyond perfect. We want to make it a point to do something like this every few years. (minus the killer moth!)

Friday, August 8, 2008

I am a Superior Wife!!

Ha Ha! Check it out!! Who would have thought? Obviously not very accurate, but fun!


As a 1930s wife, I am
Very Superior

Take the test!

Thanks for the link Autumn, it was fun! A very interesting set of questions! Click on the "Take the Test" link in the box to play.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Ten Years Ago Today....

Aaron and I were married in the Chicago Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints.At the time, the building of the new Columbus Temple had been announced, but had not yet been built. The closest temples were Washington DC and Chicago. The Washington Temple was closed for annual maintenance, so we went west. (For those who do not know much about the Mormon Faith- here is a quick explanation. A temple is different then a church building- they are considered to be the most sacred of places. We believe that a marriage given under correct authority (granted by God) lasts beyond "till death do you part" and lives on eternally. We believe the family will play an important role in God's plan after this life. While our church buildings are open and welcome to everyone, only members of the church who meet certain requirements are able to enter, due to the sacredness. We do not do this exclude anyone- we wish for all to be there- it is all simply part of a progression.) This temple, along with all others, was incredibly beautiful and peaceful. It was a wonderful day! Here is a picture of us coming out of the temple after the ceremony:
It was actually quite a busy week. The Saturday before the wedding, I moved all of our stuff into our new apartment (I thought our house was should of seen that apartment- I suppose we thought we couldn't afford anymore- don't really think we could!). Then, on Monday August 3, we left for Chicago. It was Aaron, Jackie and I. We had to go up early to get our marriage license and we did not want to pay for two hotel rooms, so Jackie came along to share a hotel room with the two of us, making it more appropriate. So, on August 4th, we went to get our license and it was incredibly easy. Took about 20 minutes. I had been so worried and called them several times to be sure of their hours and what we would need- so afraid we would get there and not have something we needed. So, since that was so simple, we had the day to explore Chicago before our families got there that evening. We all went out for Pizza when they got there. (I like to say we had pizza for our "rehearsal dinner").

Then, Wednesday the 5th we went to the Temple and were married. It was a beautiful and simple ceremony. One nice things about these weddings is they are simple and spiritual- no fluff that comes with many other weddings (not to put those down- those are fun too!)- no bridesmaids, or huge expenses. Just you and your spouse-to-be kneeling across the alter from each other with a few close family members to witness. The officiator counceled with us a bit and it was all just very simple and beautiful. I don't remember the words he said (it was a big day- I was overwhelmed- and it was 10 years ago...) but I remember feeling peace and happiness. Here are some family pictures after the ceremony:From left to right is Aaron, my mom (Sara), my brother (Randy), me, My dad (Buck) and my youngest sister (Sara Emily).This is some of Aaron's family. They will never know how much it meant to us to have them there. I know it was a tough trip to make and they are not members of our faith and so were unable to witness the wedding, but they came anyway to support us. I will never forget how they were there for us. From left to right is Aaron's youngest sister (Rachael), me, Aaron's mom (Janet), Aaron, and Aaron's older sister (Sarah.)

Also, of course, my friend Jackie was there and her parents as well, it would not have been the same without them- I really needed them there and was so grateful. Why do I not have a picture of them? I couldn't find one- what was wrong with us??? I do have a picture of Jackie later in the post..
This is Aaron and I with the Bishop of our ward at the time. I found it unbelievable but was so thrilled that he came- and with his family! He was certainly a busy man and it was so special to have him travel two states to be there.

So, anyway, after the wedding, we went to an Olive Garden for lunch all together- there was 16 of us and it was so much fun! After lunch, everyone except us headed east and Aaron and I enjoyed 2 days in Chicago for our "honeymoon." This picture was in a little shop we browsed around on Michigan Ave. It was some kind of toy shop, I believe and it had this magnetic board with letters. Aaron just had to...

We drove home on Friday. Saturday, the 8th we had a large reception at our local church building with all family and friends in attendance.
There was lots of dancing! (This was our "first" dance)And cake of course!!
And Jackie caught the bouquet in the toss. She actually wanted nothing to do with it. We made her get up there. She didn't even put her hands up- it just went straight to her as if I had planned it. She has been married just over a year now! :)

And my brother had to "decorate" our car for us.

Who would have known that 10 years later we would be the parents of 4 beautiful wonderful children and love each other more than we did when we got married?

For those of you who are curious as to how we met: We met in the 10th grade in geometry class (okay, Aaron, I'll say it.... Aaron likes to say "Yah, she had all the right angles...." ha ha...). We dated throughout high school and then he dumped me early in college for another girl. About a year and half later, he started calling and asking me out again, but I ignored him for a while. Obviously, he won eventually! :) I see now that the time apart was just what we needed to be sure of what we wanted and to be ready to commit.

Sorry, I know this post has been long- but it is our first anniversary since I started blogging and it is our 10th after all- so it's a big one!

This weekend we will be going on a trip together to celebrate the occasion. More on that later!