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Ray Romano once compared life with twins to living in a frat house. As he put it, "no one sleeps, there is a lot of noise and a lot of throwing up." I find this very true with 4 young children, including twins. However, though things are always crazy, we always try to have fun and, most certainly, always love each other.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

New Year, New School, Off to a Great Start!

Today was THE big day! Back to school for another year. Kenny is now officially in 2nd grade and Jacob started KINDERGARTEN!!!! It is just unreal that I have TWO kids in school now. It is really different with just me and the girls. I put them down for nap today and the house was soooo quiet. In fact, our power was out (for some unexplained reason....) so there wasn't even the hum of electrical appliances- just perfect silence. A little unnerving when you are used to noise...but I am sure I will adjust just fine.

Both boys were so excited today they could hardly contain themselves. To explain my title a bit, they are going to the same school they went to last year but in a new building that is just barely finished being built. It is very large (going from K-5 to K-8) with all the latest technologies. We met their teachers and saw their new classrooms Monday night during an ice cream social. Before that night, Kenny had been saying that he didn't like school- school work was boring. When we got the letter in the mail telling us what class he would be in, he was disappointed, saying he wanted the other 2nd grade teacher. Sorry kiddo.... so, I was a little worried. But, after Monday night, he said "I like my new teacher, I think I do want to go to school." Phew...
Jacob was a little anxious before, but very excited after seeing his new classroom. His only concern "But, what if I don't know how to do the work my teacher gives me?" I told him not to worry, she would show him how and he could ask questions if he still didn't know.

So, today, they woke up bright and early and I had time to make them a special breakfast of Chocolate Chip pancakes and scrambled eggs. I could hardly get them to stand still long enough to take their pictures. (I'm sure you would never guess that of MY boys! :)) Here is before we left:
Their school requires uniforms. Generally, I support this, but it is a bit of a bummer on the first day of school when there is no cute and carefully picked outfit to show off. So, instead, they are wearing the only new uniform I bought for each of them. (Everything else they have are hand me downs and Once Upon A Child specials!)
Getting Ready to walk in on the first day in the new building!

Kenny in his new classroom (with beautiful new desks!)

And Jacob all excited to start his new adventureJacob did great! No fear about me leaving. I gave him a hug when it was time to leave and he was like "Bye mom- see ya later!" I felt differently of course. While no tears were actually shed, I definitely felt the familiar lump in my throat and welling of emotions. I was thinking of this and wondering why we all get emotional. I think we all think it is because we are sad that our babies are growing up and leaving us all day everyday (By the way- he is in an all day Kindergarten). That is part of it but not all. It is some sadness over the loss of babyhood and the separation, but I think it is also from happiness and pride in our children that they have grown and reached this milestone. That all the years we taught them to walk and talk, learn their ABC's, be nice to others, use the potty and tie their shoes to prepare them for this moment has arrived and they have been successful. Now they can begin the next part of life's journey and it is scary and exciting and sad and happy all at the same time for them and for us.

After I said good bye, it was time for a parent meeting in the cafeteria. Oh, that is another great thing about this school. It does NOT have the "cafegymatorium" that many schools have now- you know, the large (but never big enough) multipurpose room that is used for the cafeteria, gym and auditorium? It has a separate cafeteria and gym with a stage going between the two. Very cool. Check out this computer lab: (There are even more computers in the room, I could not get them all in the shot.)You can see some straight ahead and then off to the right. There is more to the left. And this is just the computers for the K-4 students. The 5-8 students have a computer lab of their own just as big in the upper level of the school!

Anyway, the principal had this meeting after parents said good-bye to the kids to tell us the exciting things going on and new procedures and stuff. This principal is amazing. I am including this picture not because any of my readers care what our principal looks like, but because my kids think he is awesome and will appreciate the memory down the road.
You can always tell when he talks that he cares about the kids and the parents and the school. We are in a large, not well rated, city school district and this caused me a lot of stress when Kenny was first going into school. We were unable to move and I didn't know what to do till I found this school. It is a public school (not charter, not private) but is labeled as an alternative school allowing them to do things a little different. They have a strong focus on math and science- which seems to be a strong point for both of my boys. They do a TON of educational field trips including a science camp. They have a separate science lab where they do all sorts of experiments and have a required annual science fair project. No wonder they are the highest rated elementary school in the district. When you combine a good program with parents that care (you have to apply to go and students are chosen by lottery, so it takes effort on the parents part), this is what happens. I am grateful to have found it and I am excited for what is looking to be a great year for both boys.

One more note in closing. When I picked them up, I asked Jacob how his day was. He had been all excited to play on the new fenced in Kindergarten-only playground. But when I picked him up, the first the he had to say was (in a pouty voice) "I never got to have a recess!" It hadn't rained AT ALL in a couple of MONTHS, but on the first day of school it rained ALL DAY-which we needed! (Thanks to remnants of TS Faye...) But other than that, he had all good things to say and Kenny came running out all excited to tell me about his great day.


Emilee said...

i bet they had fun!

Katie said...

Two kids gone all day? I bet that is quite. My power went out on park's second day of school and when the other two were sleeping...It was a little eerie. I bet your girls will love some of the time wiht just them.

your boys are so grown up. I'm glad Kenny changed his mind about his teacher. That could ahev been rough.

What a nice school. What a blessing.

Kelly said...

They look so handsome, Amanda!! I love that they are excited- and what a great school!! Those computers look amazing! They will do great- and enjoy the silence at naptime!!

Suzanne said...

It's great to be in a routine. And, I bet it's nice to have some time alone with just the girls. I actually like uniforms but I admit it's fun to pick out fun clothes for kids to wear. Enjoy your quiet time!!

The Cochran Family said...

I love what you said about how all the training leads up to that true! Today I'm stressing out beacsue I think of how Ethan has to go through all that...I have to go through all that :) They look so cute in thier uniforms. So glad they are liking it and didn't have any seperation anziety huh! :) Now it's twin town huh!

Autumn said...

I'm so glad it was such a good day! That school really sounds great. I'm SO glad your scientific, mathematic boys get to go there! Awesome. I hope you enjoy your time with the girls! I enjoyed your thoughts on being emotional. For a long time I've wondered what the big deal about the first day of K is. I'm sure when its my turn I'll understand. When I read Kelly's post about it, for the first time I could put myself in the situation and start to understand why it might be hard.

Mom Janet said...

SO glad the boys did well and that you had a normal reaction to the whole thing - remember it very well, oh those millions of years ago. It does make the event go smoother when they enjoy going to school. Aaron only had one teacher that was a real pain - his first grade teacher and she never should have taught that young of a grade. She would have been lots better with older kids. He survived but it sure took toll on my nerves by the end of the year. Both Sarah and Aaron really didn't have any qualms about going to school.

Give Kenny & Jacob a big kiss from grandma Janet.

Abbey said...

Wow, that school does look nice. Even though they were in uniforms they were still super cute.

Valarie said...

I am so glad that everything went well!! And it took me about three days and I was used to the quite. :)