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Ray Romano once compared life with twins to living in a frat house. As he put it, "no one sleeps, there is a lot of noise and a lot of throwing up." I find this very true with 4 young children, including twins. However, though things are always crazy, we always try to have fun and, most certainly, always love each other.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!!

Today I turn 31. (I got the picture on the left from google images and just thought it was cool. Count the balloons!) Even now that I am becoming an "old woman" :), I still love my birthday. It is my day that I can look forward to for the year. I like to celebrate things and, so far, I still don't mind getting older. Actually, I feel like I fit more into my skin then I ever did before. Right now, I am married with young children- which is what others my age are doing. When I was married at 20 and had my first child at 23, my peers were still going to college (I was too, actually) and were single, dating and did not have children. I don't regret this even a tiny bit, I just find it interesting. If I had it to over again, I would do it all the same. I just find I am enjoying my 30's. I am more at peace and content with life than ever before.

In honor of the day, I thought it would be fun to list 31 random facts about myself that you may or may not know and likely don't care. Before I started blogging, I remember my friends who blog all did a "tag" between each other where they listed as many random facts as they could. It was fun to read. I was not yet a blogger so I could not participate, but now I am- so here goes. They are in no particular order- just as they came to me.

1) I was born September 3, 1977 at 11:30 pm. In February, when my mom found out she was pregnant with me, my dad predicted I would be born 9/4 at 1:30 in the morning. Good, huh?

2) When I was 3, I spent 6 weeks in the hospital right before Christmas for surgery on a bone infection in my heal that would have been fatal if not treated.

3) I wore braces for 3 1/2 years

4) I have two brothers (one older, one younger) and two sisters (both younger).

5) I met Aaron in March of 1993. We married in August 1998.

6) I am severely addicted to chocolate and sugar and consume entirely way too much of it.

7) My other favorite foods are long pastas (spaghetti, angel hair, etc), messy cheeseburgers, pizza, raw green peppers, watermelon, fresh pineapple, mexican, cajun & spicy foods.

8) I hate fish and never eat it in any form.

9) I have two boys and two girls. I always wanted a large family and, though many think I am absolutely crazy, I sometimes think I would like another.

10) My girls are twins. I never wanted twins but as soon as I saw them both on the ultrasound, I was thrilled and couldn't wait.

11) I had a miscarriage before becoming pregnant with the girls.

12) I still check on all 4 kids before going to bed.

13) I can't stand the sound of someone chewing, even though I know I make sound too. I would honestly rather hear nails on a chalkboard then someone crunching.

14) My favorite color is purple

15) I love all types of music, except rap

16) I am not truly proficient in any instrument right now, but I have played the clarinet, trumpet and piano at different points in my life.

17) I enjoy baking and could bake everyday but don't because I would eat it all.

18) I used to weigh nearly a hundred pounds more than I do now. (okay, I have gained a few pounds back, but I'm trying....)

19) I never get tired of watching the same old reruns of The Cosby show, Full House, Everybody Loves Raymond

20) I have a bachelors degree in Elementary Education, but have not taught, aside from a very brief period of student teaching.

21) I have done daily child care for 12 years, ages newborn to 12 years old. Both in a daycare center and home child care.

22) I abhor and deeply fear spiders. I know it is stupid. I get tense as soon as I see one and the bigger it is, the less likely I am to deal well.

23) I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints (mormon) and yet have never been to Utah, or anywhere west of Lincoln, NE.

24) Other than a few day trips to Canada, I have never been outside the USA-but I long to go to Europe.

25) I grew up in a small village where everyone new everyone. When I was real little, there was one small grocery store, no fast food and one traffic light. There was less than 600 kids in my high school (about 180 in my class). It is now a city- completely different!

26)Despite growing up in a small village, two girls I grew up with were murdered during our senior year. It is a long story but it was a terrifying event that has stuck with me- it was a couple fellow students that did it. They are still in jail and I hope they rot there (though they won't- they will get out when they are around 50 I think.)

27) My favorite author is Dean Koontz and I have read every book he wrote under that name (I think he wrote some under a "pen" name that I haven't read). My favorite genres are mystery and historical fiction (the kind that teach real history around a fictional tale.)

28) I only shower at night before bed- not in the morning. I would rather stay up a bit later and therefore sleep a bit later than go to bed earlier and have to get up earlier to shower.

29) I think it is cool that I am 31 and all of my parents, parent-in-laws, grandparents and aunts and uncles are still living.

30)My favorite subject in school was math.

31) I have strong emotions. I cry at any feeling- and I can't help it. Whether I am mad, sad, happy, embarrassed,scared- whatever- the tears come and I am helpless to stop it, despite how much I hate it. I am also easily embarrassed and am constantly worried about what others think, though I wish I didn't.

Well, after all that, I feel a bit silly and embarrassed, but I will post anyway. I hope my readers have enjoyed this and don't hold it against me!


Aaron said...

I love you Amanda.

You complete the World that makes me, me.

I wouldn't change a thing about you. I love your smile, all your tears, (even if its just because the socks all matched :D) and that you wanted a big family.

Happy Birthday my love,

Forever and Always,


Emilee said...

happy birthday. Have a great day!

Autumn said...

Sorry-I'm a succor for men confessing their love for their ladies. Aaron gets the attention first here. I've always like Aaron, but I like him 20x more now. He's so in love with you-I love him for that!!! That's SO sweet!!! (Aaron-drop that clue to Jake about leaving love notes on my blog for the world to see, kay?) :)

Amanda, happy birthday!! I too have strong emotions that are hard to control. At least you can control yours when bearing your testimony-as I can't. That really is neat about you being "so old" (not really) and having so many living relatives. I've got to hear more about that strange story from HS. Yikes.

I'm so glad we've become friends the past few years!! Have a great birthday!

Kelly said...

Happy Birthday, dear friend!! I loved all 31 things of you! There is so much more- you could've gone on and on!!
Hope you enjoy your special day- oh, and love that Aaron posted a comment- Dana has no clue to even begin that!!
Happy Days to you!!

Suzanne said...

Happy Birthday!! I loved reading all your 31 things and getting to know you even more. Very fun. And, that was very sweet of your husband to post a love note. He knows how to score some points!!

Aaron said...

Hey Ladies,

The way I figure it, any Woman who willingly lets me disappear off the planet for 4 days over labor day weekend to go to a car related conference is a keeper..

gotta make sure that she knows that I know.

Love you Amanda!

trentnjeanmorello said...

Happy Birthday!!! I think it is so great that you like to be your age and that you shared some facts about you. I don't think you know this but you are someone that has "silently" helped me with certain things. Thank you for that!

I hope your birthday was beyond special!!!

Abbey said...

Happy Birthday!!! Sorry I called yesterday and didnt know to tell you happy birthday. hope it went well.

Katie said...

Yeah...I'm with everybody. Aaron...that was so sweet. I've always liked you...but now I like you just a bit more.

I KNEW your birthday was the third and have been crazy busy and haven't even checked your blog or said happy birthday. Sorry. Happy late birthday.

What I can't believe is that all your relations are alive. Between Spencer and I, we have one grandparent alive. That's it. My dad's mom.

Fun list. I fear turning 30. YOu have handled it so well. I think it will help that ALL of my friends are older than me. I'm like you and got married and had kids young. Most of the people in the same stage of life as me are just a couple years older. (more like Spencer's age) So sometimes it's embarrassing to be the baby of the group. I get made fun of for being so young. YEt I still dread the big 3-0.

Lauri said...

How fun to get to know a little more about you. I'm with you on the chocolate and pasta. I also went to a small high school and there were 183 in my graduating class. And I love my birthday. I haven't ever minded getting older. I think the only one that ever bothered me was when I turned 29. I felt like my young, fun life was over and that I had to be mature and responsible. I got over that real quick though. I don't think I've ever been mature OR responsible. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

The Cochran Family said...

Happy Belated b-day, and OMGash, Aaron, you cou;dn't be a more dear are so lucky Amanda! I hope you ahve a great great year and I luv ya!!!