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Ray Romano once compared life with twins to living in a frat house. As he put it, "no one sleeps, there is a lot of noise and a lot of throwing up." I find this very true with 4 young children, including twins. However, though things are always crazy, we always try to have fun and, most certainly, always love each other.

Monday, November 3, 2008

A Confession and a New Plan

Something many know about me, but some do not, is that I struggle with my weight and eating issues. Ever since I started to gain weight in late high school/ early college, I have yo-yo'd up and down quite a bit. However, after having the twins, I was edging close to the highest weight I had ever been (okay, I topped it while pregnant- but that doesn't matter....I had two babies in there..) and started weight watchers. It was relatively easy- I dropped the weight quickly. I was nursing- two babies at that- and could eat quite a bit more than the average person and still lose weight. It practically fell off. I managed to lose nearly 70 pounds following weight watchers- which was about 100 pounds down from where I was at my highest weight. I knew it would get harder after I weaned the babies- and it really did- but I still managed to get down to goal weight.

Well, ever since then, it has gotten very difficult. Let's just say, I have fallen off the wagon. I have been horrified to realize that I have regained 30 pounds from goal weight. I can't believe I let it get that out of control. I have tried a few times to get "back on plan," but I would mess up within a few days and not have the resolve to keep going. So, I have gained little by little the last few months, until now I am 30 pounds over weight again. Better than 100 pounds over, but still 30 too many. I think I know what part of the problem is and why weight watchers worked when I was going to meetings- it is the accountability. Being accountable to someone besides myself seems to work- keep me motivated. When it is just me, it is easy to let myself down. So, that is the reason for this embarrassing post. I need to be accountable to someone else (at least for now) for this to be successful. I can not afford the time or the money to go back to meetings, so I will post my progress here. When I lost the weight I told myself that I would never again buy bigger clothes..... well, my clothes have gotten a lot tighter. So, if I am going to keep the promise, I have to find a way to get the weight off again, or go around naked...... I think everyone would prefer the former....

To kick things off, I thought I would mention some things I have done well this last year and a half, that probably prevented me from gaining back as quickly as I might have. Then a few things I need to improve on....

Things I have done well/healthy living:
1) Converted to drinking more water, skim milk and only diet soda.
2) Meal time portion control has gotten better. Instead of a big hamburger AND a hotdog- I pick one (most of the time.....:))
3) I rarely order fried anymore- just occasionally
4) Use only light condiments/dressings
5) Enjoy veggies a bit more than I used to.
6) Exercised some...... I am not good at exercising... I have had times when I have done well
7) Found lower fat ways to cook/bake
8) Trying to teach my kids to stay active/portion control/ healthy foods are fun- to prevent the from having the same issues... (I hope....)

Things I need to improve on:
1) Portion control on snacks... it is okay to eat a piece of Halloween candy out of my child's basket- not so many pieces I get sick....I mean, really- isn't that what I am trying to teach my kids NOT to do by limiting their access to it? Also- it is okay to have a cookie or two- not the whole plate.
2)I need to exercise regularly...even if it is just twice a week to start (I took the girls to the zoo today- that counts! 1 more for the week at least!)
3) more fruit and veggies as snacks
4) If I blow a day, it does NOT mean I have blown the whole week- I need to remember I can do better the next day and just keep going.

So, there you have it- my struggle all exposed for all to know. I think I will post progress every Friday. Note the new ticker off to the right- I will update it weekly. Wish me luck!


Autumn said...

You go girl. You are inspiring. You know I have weight issues too. I plan to do a post about an interesting psychological journey when I have lost many many more pounds. Its rough, I know, because I have been there/am there. I have ALWAYS gone up and down. ALWAYS. I can gain/lose 5 pounds in a week-EASY. When I don't exercise, the results are incredible-I gain weight REALLY fast. I hate it that I have to do this to be a certain size/weight/whatever. With my body makeup it just doesn't work otherwise. If I go through a period when I'm not exercising, it just seeps up on me-quickly. I have a multitude of workout videos, many that I love. However I am not consistent at home for a multitude of reasons. I'm not recommending you do this, I'm just going on and on. I finally paid to go to a gym when I was pregnant, and now again. It is the best $27.50 a month I could spend. Because I'm not consistent otherwise. I workout reguarly because I'm spending money to do so. A financial splurge, but for now, a necessity also.

I too am getting rid of clothing as I'm getting more back to normal. I will allow myself SOME grace clothing since I can fluctuate SOOOOO much SOOOO easily. But I'm NOT keeping the clothes I have worn most recently! I hear you on that.

I'd be happy to be your listening ear, and you could be mine! :) It doesn't help that I love sweets. Its hard to accept that some can eat sweets, not exercise, and not have weight issues. :( I guess we all have our demons. I admire you for getting back on track.

Regardless of how excellent I'm doing now, I have simply accepted the fact that I will forever have an ongoing battle with numbers on the scale. Unless I exercise EVERY day the rest of my life and eat REALLY well the rest of my life. And I'm not that consistent. I think I can force myself to be good 90% of the time. Until I reach a certain goal weight I will probably hang onto the sweets once a week idea from Katie's competition. That by far is the best aspect of this for me. (But I will give myself a specific break during the holidays.) Rock on!

Katie said...

I agree 100% Accountability does it for me, too. I think of the times in my life I was healthiest...During my healthy competition and when I saw a dietitician on a weekly basis. I am certain that I would do just as well in my healthy competition if no money was involved. Reporting weekly to people keeps me healthy.

When this competition is over we should work out a plan were we report to each other weekly. We could have our own individual goals and just let each other know what we did well and what we need to improve. That would keep me on top for sure. Just a thought.

Good for you for announcing this on your blog and taking the initiative.

Kelly said...

You are still insprirations, Amanda! I so feel your pain. I have not struggled with a significant amount of weight gain, but even a few pounds sends me over the edge. I was so happy last week because my scale finally said the number I loved a few months ago- and I truly think it is because I drink water like crazy now! I was trying to flush out an infection last week, which is why I started drinking a lot- now I am drinking a lot to keep healthy!
The candy is such a hard thing for me- I just went through the mounds we got for Halloween and gave 75% of it to Dana for his kids. I saved reese's (my ultimate fav) for us to munch on here and there and a bag for RS when I teach! Other than the chewy candies for the kids treats, it is out of here.
I love that you are holding yourself accountable- I have been walking almost every other night with my neighbor who is on WW and she has already lost 5 pounds- she is pretty heavy, so she has a ways, but I told her that was great- every little bit counts!
You still look wonderful!!
If I don't exercise regularly, it just comes on so fast- sadly our bodies are getting older and it is getting easier to gain! Hate it!
Put things in perspective too- I love that it's either lose weight or go au natural- !!
Love it! You go girl! I say Autumn's gym membership sounds awesome!!

Breezi said...

Good luck with your goal. I have always been a struggler. The bomb hit after having my two girls. urgg... I need motivation.
Halloween candy isn't good motivation. :o)

Autumn said...

I'm all about Katie's idea of doing some reporting to each other. I've considered proposing something like that myself. I've also considered proposing a similar version of Healthy Competition to those in the circles that I know, even if it was just family.

Lauri said...

Good for you for posting your goals. I think all of us do better when we know someone is watching. Like everyone else, I too have some bad eating habits that I need to deal with. There are two things that I am ABSOLUTELY firm on soda of any kind. My philosophy on that is why drink my calories? I am also a firm believer in some sort of physical activity daily. I have been walking for 30-45 minutes at least 5 times a week for 15 years. It is a free activity and it is an opportunity to daily clear my head and plan my day. I realize that it is harder for you due to weather in Ohio.

Good luck with your goal and we'll all be cheering you on.

The Cochran Family said...

Ugh I lament...b/c I am in the same boat right now. Weight is such a state of mind for me and I can't force that state of mind! So frustrating! I hate that this has to be a struggle for you, me, anyone....becasue it takes up so much energy and brain cells beating yourself up! I think ultametly, you can try everything that has worked for everyone else, but you have to find and I think you have what works for you! Whatever that is, and sometimes it's hard to get back on the wagon again, but keep trying b/c if it worked for you can work again! Just keep trying and eventually it will happen for you...I just love you girl and remember that in the next life chocolate will be fat free and zero calories!!! You will do it!

Abbey said...

Amanda I am with you, if you want to start your own little club or support group I am in. That is what helps the most. You still look great for having four kids by the way. Halloween Candy is the Devil:)