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Ray Romano once compared life with twins to living in a frat house. As he put it, "no one sleeps, there is a lot of noise and a lot of throwing up." I find this very true with 4 young children, including twins. However, though things are always crazy, we always try to have fun and, most certainly, always love each other.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

I swore I would NEVER......

....................................... go shopping-or even anywhere NEAR- a store the day after Thanksgiving. I would also NEVER be one of those crazy people that got up before the sun to catch the great deals.

Nope...Not me!

At least not until my dear friend Amy asked me to join her Friday morning. She told me about the great deals that Target and Toys R Us were having and said we could go out to breakfast afterward and everything. So, much to my surprise, I decided Why not? I could try it out once- it would certainly be much more fun with a friend to go along with! And, I really was interested in getting some Christmas shopping done.

It was definitely an adventure! I got up at 5 (!?!?) am and she picked me up at 5:30 to get to Target when they opened at 6. I got in her van and she had a "peace offering" waiting for me- Hot chocolate and a McDonalds biscuit. Just what I needed to clear some of the fog out of my head. We get to Target and the lines to get in the door are halfway down the parking lot on each side! I would have taken a picture- I even took my camera- but I forgot the memory card. It was crazy in the store! But, we did get quite a few good deals. The kids must have been good this year! Then, on to Toys R Us. Their deals were better than Targets, we found. Amy was getting a couple very well priced video games for her son, among other things, and had to wait in the electronics line. It snaked back out of the electronics section and through several toy aisles. It only had two registers so it was a long wait. I did not have electronics, so I went to the regular checkout line (which fed 10 registers) and still snaked clear to the back of the store, up and down the clothing racks and through some toy aisles. It took me about 1 hour 20 minutes to get through the line!!!!!!!!!! A couple times, I literally almost fell asleep standing up. She was still waiting, so I went to her car, got it started and warm and listened to some Christmas music while I waited for her and even dosed a bit. She waited in that line a total of just about 3 hours!!!!! Can you believe it!!! So, we left at 11 am and went and had a yummy lunch at TGI Fridays and went home. Here is the two of us with our haul- I can honestly say that shopping for my kids is mostly done- with the exception of one other thing, maybe!!
So, as to whether or not I do it again- we will see. Does anyone else ever brave the craziness? It was fun to hang out with Amy, get shopping done and go out to eat.

The REST of the weekend....
Unfortunately, this was about the only bright spot to the weekend. I love Thanksgiving and look forward to it every year. I love helping to cook the meal and spend the day with family. I had a whole blog post planned out in my head with pictoral representations of all I was thankful for. We were going to have an early afternoon meal at my sister, Emily's, house and then travel in the evening to Aaron's Uncle Mike's house to spend time with them. Well, we were awoken at 6:30 am by the girls throwing up......AT THE SAME TIME!!! I know they are twins and all, but really- did they HAVE to do THAT together?! So, Aaron and I got them cleaned up and came out to the couch to sit with them-hoping they would go back to sleep. Well, other than a brief cat nap- not really. Meghan only got sick the once luckily, while Ellie did a few more times. So, we got up and I did the cooking I had planned on. We decided that, since we couldn't take the girls out, I would take the boys to my sister's house for a while and then come home. Aaron would then take the boys to his Uncles house. So, we each got to see our families and each got a yummy Thanksgiving dinner, but not together- which was a bummer.

So, Friday morning, I went on our little shopping spree. Despite that I was tired and not feeling great myself (I had also had a bad cough for several days that was keeping me from sleeping) I managed to get some cleaning done since Aaron's Dad and Step-mom, his sister and family were planning on coming over for dinner today (Saturday). Aaron and I were supposed to go out Friday evening to dinner and see the movie "Twilight." About 5pm- about 30 minutes before our babysitter was to arrive- Kenny starts throwing up. Since we couldn't go anywhere, Aaron and I both had to admit that our stomachs had been unsettled for hours- we just didn't want to mess up our evening by admitting it- hoping it was nothing. Well, by 7pm- Aaron and I were sick as well. It was very very ugly..... I will spare you the details. 3 people sick at the same time was not pleasant. Ugh....... My clean house? Not so much anymore.... Oh well- if I hadn't cleaned, it would be worse. It has been years since I was that sick.....

So, we had to cancel our dinner today. So instead of getting ready for it as planned, I am sitting here blogging about the weekend because I don't have the strength for anything else. Aaron and I feel better- not nauseated anymore anyway- but both feel like we have been hit by a Mack truck- just absolutely no energy and achy. So I am very bummed about not having this dinner today, I was looking forward to it! Jacob is the only one who hasn't gotten this stomach bug now, but he has been sick for nearly 3 weeks with a bad cough. I finally took him to the doctor Friday (in addition to everything else....) but it is just a virus- not bronchitis or anything else. Hopefully this bug will pass him by- he has suffered enough.

Anyway, the weekend certainly did not go as planned, but that is life I suppose. People get sick, but we are getting better. I am truly Thankful for my family, the help they have been, for my children and their health and so much more. I am so very blessed and lucky and don't ever want to seem ungrateful by not acknowledging it. Life is good!


Amy said...

Amanda B!
You forgot the part about you being SUPERWOMAN! Not flu, nor cough, nor sleepless nights will keep you away from being the best friend ever and hopping into a waiting car to stand in LONG lines (at your friend’s merciless begging) to catch the best possible deals for your kids presents. Yeah, offering you hot chocolate and buttery carbohydrates was the LEAST I could do. Since I did persuade you into doing something you swore you would NEVER do.
Your the best - AND you made my day by coming along with me as we made our way through all the crowds and endless lines.
Can't wait till next year can ya?!
wink" wink"

Lauri said...

What a miserable few days! I hate the stomach flu. I too have had a cough for 4 days and no voice but I haven't felt too miserable.

I went early morning shopping last year and had a good time doing it but didn't see anything this year worth getting up early for.

Kelly said...

So sorry about the sick babies! That does not sound fun! So glad you had a good dinner and fun shopping- so jealous I am! I don't shop that day for several reasons, but if I had a friend dragging me, I probably would reconsider! Hope everyone feels better soon!

The Cochran Family said...

Oh what a bummer! We all had colds and spread them around right and good, but man the stomach bug is the worst!!! I'm so sorry! One thing I love about you is your positive attitude about the whole thing! Twilight is soooo good!

Natalie said...

Wow! What a lousy weekend! I didn't brave the sales. You're actually quite possibly the first one that I've heard say they found lots of good sales. That's cool for you. Cheers to a bright spot in your otherwise miserable weekend!

trentnjeanmorello said...

Hmm...I have went shopping the Friday before Thanksgiving before, but not this year. I thought it was crazy that a store employee (was it for Walmart?) got trampled!!! Anyway, I am glad you found good deals though!
Sorry about the rest of the weekend! Hope all is going well now!