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Ray Romano once compared life with twins to living in a frat house. As he put it, "no one sleeps, there is a lot of noise and a lot of throwing up." I find this very true with 4 young children, including twins. However, though things are always crazy, we always try to have fun and, most certainly, always love each other.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Christmas- My Way!

This is a fun little blog game that I saw on Lauri's blog. Figured I would play along. Thanks for the blogging idea, Lauri!

1) Gift Wrap or Gift Bags?

Gift Wrap. I am no good at it and don't really enjoy wrapping, but I prefer to open a wrapped package then dig in a gift bag. For that reason, I generally wrap presents for others as well. They just aren't always very pretty.

2) Real or Artificial Tree?

Generally Real. There is something magical about going in the cold to get a real tree and the tradition of having it in your home- as well as the scent it gives. However, I am somewhat tempted lately by the positives of an artificial tree- no fallen needles and you can put it up earlier (without the fire hazard....)

3) When do you put up your tree?

Usually about the second week of December. Though maybe earlier if I end up going the artificial route. Maybe later if I am too lazy to deal with 2 toddlers picking things off the tree....

4) When do you take down your tree?

No later than New Years Day. I always look forward to getting ready for Christmas and putting the tree up. But, once it is over it is over and I am ready to take it down!

5) Do you like eggnog?

2 words..... eww gross!!!!

6) Favorite gift as a child.

Hmmm- have to think there.... Probably when I got my very own stereo when I was 13ish and it was also about the time I got my own room for the first time. So, it was cool to have my OWN stereo I didn't have to share. I am sure there is more, but this stands out the fastest as I think about it.

7) Hardest/ Easiest person to shop for.

Hardest would probably be either Aaron or my Father in law. I never know what to get Aaron- all he wants often times is tools for his garage. I wouldn't know what to buy, which leaves the option of giving cash/gift cards which just seems boring.

Easiest would be my kids. They haven't hit a stage yet of having "must haves" that they really want. They are happy with anything.

8) Do you have a nativity scene?

I have two- one that is pure white glass that my aunt Margie got for Aaron and I the first Christmas we were married. The other is a Fisher Price "Little People" Nativity set- very cool!

9) Mail or E-mail Christmas Cards-

Definitely Mail- What kind of cheap-o would e-mail? It would be better to not send then to just do email!

10) Favorite Christmas Movie-

It's a Wonderful Life, Christmas Vacation, A Christmas Story, The original Miracle on 34th St, The original The Grinch who Stole Christmas.

11) When do you start shopping for Christmas-

Generally not before November. I used to never shop before Thanksgiving, but now with a larger list, it helps to start a little sooner. Any sooner than November though just feels weird.

12) Favorite things to eat during the holidays

Chocolate, Chocolate and more chocolate- love the candy, the cookies, etc. Also, Mint Hot Chocolate....oh, the best!!!

13) Favorite Christmas Song

O Holy Night (especially by Josh Grobin), Sleigh Ride, Silent Night, Away in a Manger, Carol of the Bells, that cool song done to Canon in D by Transiberian Orchestra ("On this night"?)

14) Angel or Star on top of your tree?

Angel- She is watching over us. Actually, it is because I bought it cheap at Odd Lots when we were first married and I just still like it.

15) Open gifts Christmas Eve or Christmas Morning?

Christmas Morning. Sometimes Aaron and I will exchange one Christmas Eve.

16) Most annoying thing about the holiday season?

People who spend ridiculous amounts of money for a single person for a Christmas gift, stores that put decorations out in September, Bruce Springsting's version of "Santa Clause is Coming to Town," and the version of "The Drummer Boy" with those operatic old sounding ladies that the radio plays all the time.

17) Favorite Ornament/ Theme Color

Hmm- not sure. I don't have much of a theme due to "hurricane children" in my house and lack of style sense.

18) Favorite christmas dinner

A really good Ham and those cheap "Brown and Serve" Rolls. (those are the best! :)) Yum!

19) What do you want for Christmas?

Lower bills, a bigger house, for us all to continue to be as healthy as we are, and a date night or two with my husband.

Who else would like to play? I would love to read about you! Consider this an "unofficial tag"- if you would like something fun to blog about that says a little about you, play along!


Lauri said...

Ah...I love those cheap brown and serve rolls too. And mint hot chocolate is delicious!

Kelly said...

Ditto to Lauri's comment! I loved reading your comments and preferences- I am going to work on mine tomorrow, so stay tuned...