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Ray Romano once compared life with twins to living in a frat house. As he put it, "no one sleeps, there is a lot of noise and a lot of throwing up." I find this very true with 4 young children, including twins. However, though things are always crazy, we always try to have fun and, most certainly, always love each other.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

We Had a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

This Christmas was truly everything I could have hoped for. Lots of family, lots of fun- everyone happy and in general good health. I have really missed the blogging world as I have just had no time to update. But, I am not alone- I noticed many of my blogging buddies have been slow to update as well. But, that is good because it means we have all been busy and enjoying the season. I will now update all those who care with what we have been up to the last week and a half- mostly in pictorial form.

Christmas Morning- Before going to bed Christmas Eve, we were busy with preparations. We made cookies for Santa, cleaned up, read the Christmas story in Luke and finished our scriptural advent puzzle. We explained the rules to the kids. We would NOT get up before the sun. If they woke up and it was still dark- go back to bed! Surprisingly, we were woken at 7:45 by Aaron's mom, Janet, calling to wish us a Merry Christmas! (Love you, mom!) The kids woke up soon after and we were ready!

This was our attempt in getting a picture of the kids before presents were opened. Santa was smart and didn't wrap the girls new baby doll strollers, so they saw them right away and loved them!

Jacob was very excited to discover the contents of his stocking:
(the big thing in the left of the picture on the couch is the IKEA play tent Santa brought for the boys- sooo much fun!)

Kenny opening presents:

Ellie opening the doll from Grandma Janet (good thing we don't pick her up that way.....)

Both girls got dolls, doll strollers, purses, cell phones and more. Meghan likes to walk through the house with a baby in the stroller, and talks on her cell phone and says she is going shopping.... I wonder where she learned that?!?!

And, I must have been really good this year. Aaron gave me my gift from him on Sunday night before Christmas because he just couldn't stand it anymore-he was so excited. He got me the one thing I have been coveting for years but could not afford....
I am in heaven. He couldn't have gotten anything better. We still couldn't afford it, but he surprised me and used money he earned working on someone's car, along with taking advantage of an awesome day-after-Thanksgiving sale. Thank you, Aaron!!!!!!!!! It is perfect!!!!!

HOW TO RUIN A DIGITAL CAMERA.....(aka- the one tragedy of the day...) While I was getting ready for the day, the kids were briefly unsupervised for a few minutes.... Kenny managed to get our camera and was taking pictures with it. Meghan knocked it out of his hand to the floor. Broke the lens function. Luckily, we could salvage the pictures taken. It is kind of funny in a way. We could see all these pictures he took with this being the last "clear" one- (yes, the is Meghan reaching up to grab the camera...)The next picture looked like this...
At least the pictures backed up his story. I was so sad! What is a mom of 4/ blogger supposed to do without a camera? Luckily, my mom sent me pictures she took the rest of the day. Then, Aaron did work on a car for a friend, getting extra money, giving us enough to get a new camera just a couple days ago. Phew... life can go on!

On to my sister, Julie's house....
In the afternoon, we went to my sister Julie's house- she lives nearby. We had an amazing time! The meal was perfect and it was so good to have everyone together. A few pictures, thanks to my mom's camera....

Aaron and Ellie lounging together

Amanda and Ellie (she is our cuddlebug...)

Meghan with Grandpa and the doll from great-Grandma and great-Grandpa (and Meghan sucking on the tiny bottle that came with the doll....)

"The Boys"-Jacob, Kenny and Joey (my nephew-Emily's son), getting bunny ears from Julie!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THIS PICTURE!!! This is Ellie with her great-Grandma (my Grandma) playing with the doll she got her.

We also had a really fun "dinner time brunch" with Aaron's family, but I have no pictures from that due to the broken camera. We don't get to see them near enough and it was nice to have them over to our house where we ate our fill of pancakes, bacon and more and enjoyed each others company. We have an amazing family and we love them all!!!

My friend, Jackie, came into town and I was able to go out with her. I hadn't seen her in over a year and I missed her so much! We had an amazing time with so much to talk about and catch up on. (She took a picture, but again- I had a broken camera....)

New Year Eve

Just a fun and simple night with just our little family! There is no one else I would rather hang with. We enjoyed some yummy mint hot chocolate
and some popcorn
and a movie
That is, after some technical difficulties. We purchased "The Ant Bully" off of PPV, since it was a movie none of us had seen (I recommend it- very cute!!!). We were just settling in to watch it, when we lost all sound. So, this is Aaron on the phone with our cable company at 10:30pm learning to reboot our cable box to get sound back. Luckily, he fixed it and we were able to enjoy our movie! I kept the girls up a bit past their bed time, but only about 1 hour. The boys made it to midnight very easily and loved seeing the ball drop on TV!!

New Year's Day
We hoped the kids would let us sleep in- but of course, not really. Meghan actually has a cough that kept her and us up half the night, then they got up way earlier then we wished, but we still had a good day! We went to Grandma and Grandpa's house where Grandpa did what he does best- hung out with the kids and fed them m&m's! Yum!
So, that is it for now. Anyone who made it through all of that deserves a reward!! As you can see, it was truly a great holiday season!


Lauri said...

What a fun holiday you've had. Its fun to see and hear about all of your activities. Happy New Year!

Kelly said...

I love the girls' hair in the morning!! They love strollers, babies and cell phones- typical little darling girls!! I love their faces in all the pictures!! Your husband is fantastic- that too is my coveted gift--but since I have no counter space, I have put it off as the perfect gift until we move- which will be someday! I love that!! How wonderful of a surprise from him!! Glad you remedied the camera! Could not live without that! You look awesome on Christmas- what a cute sweater!! So glad your festivities were great and hope this year is even better!!

Katie said...

I CANNOT believe how old your girls are. Man time flies when you're away. In fact, don't they turn two this week? Yikes!

Everything looks perfect (minus the broken camera...that's rotten luck). We got an off brand kitchenaid a couple Christmas' ago. I cannot believe how much I use it. Very fun.