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Ray Romano once compared life with twins to living in a frat house. As he put it, "no one sleeps, there is a lot of noise and a lot of throwing up." I find this very true with 4 young children, including twins. However, though things are always crazy, we always try to have fun and, most certainly, always love each other.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Oink Oink

Anyone who can breathe has heard about the swine flu and the "impending pandemic." The country seems to be in a panic over something so tiny that no one can see it with the naked eye, yet has the potential to kill. The news seems to have very little else to talk about other than the latest update of how many affected and how to protect ourselves. They make you want to run to your bed and hide under the covers (oh, wait, I want to do that anyway....). But, that is how they get ratings.

I have not been even a little worried about this problem. I do feel really bad for the people of Mexico and those in America who have been affected by it. I can't imagine how scary it is in areas that have been so strongly affected- I would probably feel the same if I were there. Here in Ohio, there has been ONE confirmed case. Just one. 3 probable and a few dozen suspected (though the CDC ruled out something like 70 already just in Ohio- people with the sniffles who panicked). The one who has become sick was a 9 year old boy. His entire school shut down for a week. The superintendent of our district has already been on TV with their plans to shut down, should it strike. Ok... Really? (For one, we have already used more than our calamity days and have to make up days- my kids don't want to be in school until July....)

The annual influenza that makes it rounds every year kills thousands, yet we rarely hear about it. Maybe because we do have access to a flu vaccine to help prevent it where as with the "swine flu" we do not. Still, it is usually the otherwise sick, elderly or young who have trouble weathering the standard influenza. Though the swine flu is a stronger virus, I suspect it is the same-those with normal immune systems will likely recover okay after feeling crappy for a while. It has been mild in America, I believe, partially because of more sanitary health conditions and stronger immune systems. I could be wrong- maybe Armageddon will strike in the form of the swine flu and prove me wrong- but I doubt it.

All of that being said, one of the "probable" cases in Ohio is an employee (a doctor) at the OSU Hospital. When they said that on the news, it did get my attention- my mom and my sister, Julie both work there. Julie got an urgent call from her supervisor yesterday telling her the person affected is a man who she works very closely with. She would need to watch for symptoms. It occurred to me that right there was actually a direct link from the virus to my home. Let's say it ends up being a confirmed case in this man. Say maybe he sneezed on Julie and she gets it. My kids adore her and see her often and climb all over her and she spreads it to them. Makes it feel a little more like hitting home. Plus, Julie has asthma and we suspect Ellie may, which could make even a mild flu serious. Still, I am not worried. Really, how often to we sneeze on, cough on or kiss our coworkers? (Julie is happily married...) And, unless she does become sick, I will certainly not limit my kids exposure to her- she is just too darn good of an aunt. So, we will take our chances and go on with life and continue to roll our eyes at the doom and gloom news while praying for those affected.

However, should anyone around here start oinking anytime soon.....

**UPDATE**As of Sunday 5/3- there are a total of 3 confirmed cases in Ohio- including the doctor my sister works with. But, if she had gotten it, she would have had symptoms by now. I am still not ready to join the panic. :)


Sara Emily said...

OINK! lol :)

Katie said...

I feel the same. It's just the flu. I suspect it's so bad in Mexico because medical practices aren't as advanced as they are here. And like you said, the regular flu kills tens of thousands of people every year. Every surrounding district here has shut down...but not ours yet. I hope it doesn't. But everything extra has shut down. Mayfest and the local Cinco de Mayo celebrations. All school activities, proms and sports. My kids swimming lessons were cancelled. Parents aren't allowed inside the school buildings. It's RIDICULOUS! I don't think any of this will truly help. And do they magically think postponing everything for a week will get rid of the swine flu? Right.

Lauri said...

You put in to words what I have been thinking all week long...It's the flu. Even if we get it, we will feel lousy for a week and it will be over.

I'm scared to death one of our students will get it and we'll have to shut down the school for a week (standard proceedure). The students are all for it until I reminded them that we'd have to make up the time after the school year is over. I'm making them wash their hands constantly.

Oh, and I REALLY hope it doesn't effect the school I'm graduating from next week. I really want my moment of fame walking across the stage and accepting my diploma.

trentnjeanmorello said...

Well, I am worried about the swine flu...1 because I have a 6 week old who doesn't have a strong enough immune system to make it through and 2 because things like this can spread so fast. I understand many die from the flu each year, but the unknown is always scary!

Breezi said...

Hey Amanda!
That park is Inniswood Metro Park. It is in Westerville, right off of the westerville exit from 270. You should TOTALLY go! It is way fun!

Ohh...What time does your ward start? Are you before, or behind our ward? Maybe we can meet up at church to exchange those diapers. Maggie can't wait to use them ;)

Are the girls still doing well with the potty training?

Autumn said...

I am with you. Is it just because there's no other news? I've been surprised at how much attention this has!!

tbonegrl said...

Thanks for visiting me!!!!

I am a teacher so I feel like if I am going to be exposed, I am in about the most probable place it will happen. I saw on the news this am they are now backing off and are saying they aren't as worried about swine flu. Now, however, they ARE worried it will mutate into a more potent strain in the fall.