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Ray Romano once compared life with twins to living in a frat house. As he put it, "no one sleeps, there is a lot of noise and a lot of throwing up." I find this very true with 4 young children, including twins. However, though things are always crazy, we always try to have fun and, most certainly, always love each other.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Birthday with Strep

Today, Kenny turned 8 years old. Just totally unreal that I have been a mom for 8 years already! He is such a good kid. So compassionate to others, friendly, loving and well behaved. I am proud to be his mom.

Originally, we were going to have a birthday party with our families on Sunday. However, Saturday night, Kenny started having a headache and later an upset stomach. I didn't think much of it-he had played outside ALL day. I figured he was over heated- gave him some medicine and he felt better. Sunday, he was running a fever of 103, so we had to postpone his party till next Sunday. Monday, it was even worse with a fever of 105! So, I took him to the doctor and, despite the fact he had no sore throat and it wasn't even red, the doctor wanted to run a strep test. Sure enough, it came back positive! She said she had seen it before, where there was no sore throat but there was strep. So, he got an antibiotic. I was hoping he would feel better today, but his temp still hovered around 103. He spent most of his birthday like this:
(despite the fact that he was feeling crummy- he still loves to pose...)

He did finally start to perk up a bit around 5 pm once he was well dosed on meds. Before dinner, I don't think he had eaten enough in the last 3 days to equal one whole meal. His requested birthday dinner was Kraft macaroni and cheese, so he did eat a little of that since he was feeling better, but not a ton. He had enough energy for once to enjoy his birthday a little. Here, he is playing with balloons (he never wanted to get out of his PJ's):

And opening his presents:

-a spiderman yo-yo

-A "boom ball" game and one of his requests- walkie talkies!!

And the "big one"

A new bike!! Yay!! He was way too tall for his old one. He was excited enough, he rode it up and down the sidewalk a couple times. (Ignore the big boxes in the back ground- it was a bunch of junk we sold on craigslist and we were waiting for the guy to come and get it...)

What is a birthday without cake?
Though, the poor guy wasn't even up to eating one of his cupcakes! He has done okay at drinking fluids, which is good, but just isn't really eating. Despite his lack of appetite and not feeling 100%, he did say he had a great birthday, which made me feel good. I just wanted him to have a good day and be able to enjoy his birthday, despite being sick.

I mean, really, how awful it must be to be sick on YOUR one day of the year? I honestly don't think I have ever been sick on my birthday aside from a cold maybe.

Even though he did perk up a bit this evening, it became obvious it was just the Motrin making him feel good. Right before bed, his fever was back up to 103. And, he has had 3 doses of the antibiotic already!

Even though he did ultimately have a good day, I still look forward to the party with our families on Sunday. He deserves a special day where he is feeling good.

Happy Birthday Kenny, we love you and hope you feel better soon!!!!


Breezi said...

Poor guy! That must STINK to be sick on your b-day.

Well, Happy Birthday Kenny. You are one cute kiddo.

Kelly said...

Poor guy...glad he is able to perk up now!! Having strep is horrible, and having it on your birthday is even worse!! Hope he get to 100% very soon, so he can enjoy that cool bike!!

Sara Emily said...

HEy - the kid is 8! why only 7 cupcakes with candles?? LOL - just kidding. Anyway, I feel soooo bad for him! And even worse that we can't make it on Sunday. Bummmmmmmer. We will probably try to come hang out a big Saturday if you guys will be around and bring his present (Joey is dying to play with the squirt guns!!) I hope he's feeling better by then!!

Mom Janet said...

What a BUMMER - but I am thankful that he was able to celebrate a little and to start feeling better in spite of that nasty strep throat. I'm guessing that Pebbles ate the 8th cupcake since it was missing (hehehe). Give him a big HUG & KISS from Grandma Janet & Grandpa Bob for us and hope that he is way better by the weekend so it can be a real party for his birthday and for father's day. All our love.

Katie said...

Abbey told me he had strep. That is so rotten. How is it that none of the other kids caught it?

Autumn said...

I love how he's smiling even though he wasn't feeling so hot!! Too cute! I hope he's better now!!