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Ray Romano once compared life with twins to living in a frat house. As he put it, "no one sleeps, there is a lot of noise and a lot of throwing up." I find this very true with 4 young children, including twins. However, though things are always crazy, we always try to have fun and, most certainly, always love each other.

Monday, August 3, 2009

A Cousin's Influence

On Saturday, I had the opportunity to babysit my 4 year old nephew, Joey and 12 month old niece, Savanna while my sister, Emily, went horseback riding with a friend. Here is their family picture that I stole off their facebook page- taken last Christmas.
While I was babysitting, I ran into some trouble with the 3 boys (Joey, and my two- Kenny and Jacob). The 3 boys had been playing peacefully in our basement playroom while I was working in the kitchen. The conversations went something like this.

(Jacob running up the stairs)
Jacob: Mom!!!!
Me: What?
Jacob: Joey called me stupid!!
(While I don't approve of this, I also get sick of tattling and decided to ignore it. Jacob goes back downstairs.)

(Jacob runs upstairs again..)
Jacob: Moooom!!!
Me: What?!
Jacob: Joey called me stupid again!!
(I again chose to ignore it, figuring it is really attention he wants...)

(A few seconds later, Jacob runs up stairs again)
Jacob: MOOOM!
Me: What?!?
Jacob: Now Joey called me a bonehead!!! (bonehead? Where did a 4 year old learn that?!)
Me: Tell him to stop (and aside from that, I still ignore it- Jacob pounds back downstairs)

Jacob (to Joey): my mom says to stop!

(A few seconds later- Jacob runs back up the stairs)

Me: What?!?!
Jacob: Joey called me a bonehead AGAIN!!!!
Me: Sigh.....(apparently this isn't going to stop on it's own) Tell Joey to come up here now!

(I hear Joey sobbing loudly as he comes up the stairs into the kitchen)
Me: Joey, why are you crying?
Joey: Because Jacob told me to get upstairs right now!
Me: Do you know why?
Joey: No!
Me: Because you were calling Jacob bad names- those are words we shouldn't say-it hurts peoples feelings.
Joey: (sobbing louder) BUT KENNY TOLD ME TO!!!!!
Me: Oh, so KENNY told you to say that?!
Joey: (crying) Yes!
Me: Okay, you are not in trouble- go back down and play, but do not call names anymore- it is not nice and tell Kenny to get up here. (Feeling better and no longer crying, he goes back downstairs)

(A few seconds go by and Kenny comes up the stairs)
Kenny: What mom?
Me: Did you tell Joey to call Jacob bad names (as Kenny starts to argue saying no..) and don't lie or you will be in worse trouble!!
Kenny: (with a sigh...) yes, I did.
Me: Kenny, you are a big boy- you are 8 and he is only 4 and you taught him something bad. As a big kid- you need to help teach him good things...blah blah blah- small mom lecture continues
Kenny: I don't want to be 8 anymore
Me: (reaffirms the need to be a good example and sends him off to play with a warning to nothing of the sort again...)

Ya.... These 3 are going to be interesting in their teenage years...I can see it now!

**On a more serious note** On the horseback riding trip that Emily went on for which I was babysitting, she was injured. The horse slipped in mud and fell, she fell off and slid under the 1400 pound horse who then got up and stepped on her 3 times. She could have been killed or at least had multiple broken bones. However, through a miracle, she is fine aside from some major bruises and a severely twisted knee. The story she tells is really quite remarkable of how God helped her through the ordeal. She says it best in her own words on her blog, linked here. If you have a few minutes, I strongly recommend reading it- it is worth it- you will be glad you did. I am truly thankful she is okay; what a scary thing!!


Breezi said...

I loved your blog about those silly little boys. :) It makes me feel like my kids are normal :)

I'm so glad that Emily is okay!

Katie said...

Holy cow...that is scary. I am not a horse fan.

But that story is funny. My boys totally pull things like this and at the time, it annoys me. But to read it, it really is kind of funny.

Kelly said...

When my kids are in trouble, they say they don't want to be their age, too! Good to know it's not just me!!
Glad your sis is okay!!

Autumn said...

The convo is funny, even funnier-Kenny not wanting to be 8!! I'm SO glad you sis is okay-that is truly a miracle.

Sara Emily said...

You turd! I just noticed you blogged about this! Our boys are a blast, eh? I can just imagine the trouble they'll get in later on down the road!!