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Ray Romano once compared life with twins to living in a frat house. As he put it, "no one sleeps, there is a lot of noise and a lot of throwing up." I find this very true with 4 young children, including twins. However, though things are always crazy, we always try to have fun and, most certainly, always love each other.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Guess What I Did Last Night (This Morning)???

Yep- this one of those other things I said I would never do. I went to the midnight showing of New Moon!! When my sister, Emily, first mentioned... about 1 1/2 months ago.... how badly she wanted to go to the midnight showing and that I should go with her, I thought she was nuts. It would certainly be fine to wait a few days to see the movie- at a more normal time! But, as she kept talking about it, I figured why not? It would be a fun adventure- especially since I had someone fun to go with. So, she bought the tickets about a month ago and it was already close to being sold out! Stephanie Meyer could NEVER have imagined where things would go when she first started writing Twilight.

Last night, we met at Steak N Shake at 10 pm, right next to the theater and enjoyed eating and chatting. We headed to the theater just before 11 and- not only was there already a HUGE line for the ultrascreen theater where we were assigned- but EVERY SINGLE SCREEN IN THE ENTIRE THEATER was sold out!!! We were in the first showing at 12:01, but the other screens were all full too, starting at 12:02,12:03, 12:04, etc. And, that was just this one theater. I am sure every theater in the country was like this! At least I am not the only one crazy enough to do that! So, we got our seats just before 11 and had more than an hour to kill. How does one pass an hour while waiting for the movie? It was so funny to see a sea of cell phone lights across the theater! Everyone was playing games, texting and (in our case) taking turns playing sudoku on Emily's phone! The time went quickly. I was very tired and not sure I would make it through the movie, but when it was over, I was more awake then before!
(not a flattering picture of me, but the best of the 3 she took and a good one of her. Almost didn't post it, but I guess it is good to document the good times and at least there is a good picture of me up top now. The flash on her camera was incredibly bright and this wasn't the first pic she took. I think the girl in the back covering her eyes in hilarious!!)

Here are my thoughts:
-It was definitely better done than Twilight.
-Edward didn't seem as hot in this one. But, maybe it is because he was overshadowed by Jacob's hotness once the werewolf gene kicks in. Wow..... I think I have moved over to team Jacob!
-images were vivid enough to give me nightmares. :)

It was a really fun night and am glad we went- I enjoyed hanging with my sister and it is kind of fun knowing I was among the first to see it. Though, I went to bed at 3 am and had to get up at 7:30. Ugh..... I am very tired. I got the boys off to school, but otherwise just don't have energy left for much more than blogging about it!


Michelle said...

Jealous you got more sleep than I!! It was awesome! I loved it however the critcs are killing it..robert and eaves gave it 2 stars!I would have given it atleast 4!

Sara Emily said...

I had a blast!! Thanks for coming with me!! :) I do think that girl behind us was close to hitting us over the head with the camera... LOL oh well. I loved the movie!! And I couldn't ask for better company! :) Love you!

Autumn said...

I WENT TOO!! And I'm babysitting! I'll tell you more later but my cousin was totally ok which totally surprised me--it was the kids idea! Again-more later. I REALLY liked it. And slept 3 hours today after I sent kids off! ;)

Kelly said...

Totally rocked!! I am still thinking about every frame- it was just wonderful!! I have to disagree with you that Edward was not as hot- I thought hotter- totally my kind of vampire- Jacob had a hot body, but he isn't irresistable to me like Edward is- so I wasn't tempted to switch sides- I love the love story of Bella and Edward too much- despite Jacob's toned hot bod!!
It was still fabulous and I am dying for June 30th for Eclipse!!