Always Crazy, Always Fun, Always Love

Ray Romano once compared life with twins to living in a frat house. As he put it, "no one sleeps, there is a lot of noise and a lot of throwing up." I find this very true with 4 young children, including twins. However, though things are always crazy, we always try to have fun and, most certainly, always love each other.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

The girls have been busy too!

My last post focused on the talent show that Kenny and Jacob performed in. This weekend, I will have more to show off with what they have been doing at school. However, for this post, I would like to show some things that Ellen & Meghan have been doing lately. They have been quite busy as well! Thanks to my friends Abbey and Autumn who introduced us to the awesome preschool classes at one of our city's recreation centers! They have these great programs for people of ages that are dirt cheap. (that is where the boys are having their piano classes, as well, for now.) On Thursday's, the girls take a Pre-K gymnastics and Pre-K art. Both of which cost a whopping $5 per kid for the entire 8 week course. Nope, not kidding- only $5! Then, on Friday's they take a Pre-K cooking class for the price of $10 each! I couldn't pass that up at that price to give them the chance to get out, do something fun, and interact with other kids.

So, here are some pictures to enjoy of some of their classes: (some of these may be of poor quality- some were taken with my cell phone camera....)

Pre-K Gymnastics:
Abbey (who is the teacher) helps Ellie on the balance beam!

Meghan practices her frog hop and log roll!

Pre-K Art:
On this day, they painted with corn syrup tinted with food coloring. A very cool effect!

Pre-K Cooking:

We baked and decorated sugar cookies for Valentine's day!

They got to make pizzas and punch out their own dough!

And, here, they got to top their pizzas however they wanted! (Daddy got to come this day! That made it extra fun!!)

One more thing.....

What a difference a year makes!!

Last February, when I took the girls to their 2- year check up, it.....was.....a.....nightmare! Between the girls freaking out about every little thing and Jacob (who was sick anyway) throwing up in the exam room- it did not leave pleasant memories. For the whole story, click here.

A few weeks ago, had their 3 year check up and it was a whole different experience! Their were no tears! Meghan (who was most afraid of the doctor before) hopped right up on the table, excited to see the doctor! Ellie was a little more hesitant, but allowed the doctor to examine her from the safety of my lap.

I had to snap this picture of them while we were waiting for the doctor to come in. They were given these little gowns to put on, and I thought it was just too adorable!!!

Both girls are very healthy! Both are in the 98th % for their height! I knew they were tall,!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

They've Got Talent!

Last weekend, our primary (that is the organization in church for children 3-12) did a talent show to give the kids a chance to show their stuff a bit. It was truly amazing how much talent we have in our group. We saw performances by singers, piano players, artists, tumblers, air guitarists, sign language singers, lip syncers, cookie bakers and more! Every act was truly entertaining and the kids did a great job.

My boys were no exception! I will brag about them a little now! (my kids, my blog, I'm allowed!) Jacob chose to play his upcoming recital piece for the piano class he has been taking. I am so impressed with Jacob- he did just amazing! He has only been playing since November but plays like someone who has been playing longer. He truly seems a natural at it. He enjoys his class, but there are several others in the class and I think he would do well with one-on-one attention of a private teacher. That is something we are working on starting here in a month or two. Here, for your viewing pleasure:

Kenny also participated and did a great job! He is in the same piano class as Jacob and is doing very well also, but he doesn't love it as much as Jacob so he didn't want to perform a piece for the talent show. He chose to demonstrate a different hobby. He loves to build with Legos. And, thanks to his father- he is pretty good at it! Kenny has managed to build things as complicated as garbage trucks with the arms that reach out and grab the trash cans (along with the trash cans to go with it!) For this day, he chose to build a flying car. I think this video of him describing what he did is hilarious. He did a great job explaining it!!!

I am truly proud of both of my boys! I seriously wonder sometimes how so quickly they went from these tiny babies in my arms to the growing boys developing their own talents and thriving! Just makes me wonder what they will grow to be.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Winter Blessings?

I have been dealing with a serious case of the winter blahs. Blah...blah...blah. The gloomy, gray, cold skies have been getting to me pretty big this year. I haven't even blogged in a while because there just haven't been much blog worthy going on and I didn't want to bore anyone with my average daily life of laundry, errands and doctors appointments. However, in an effort to fight away the winter blahs, I thought maybe I should "count my blessings" and list somethings about winter that I do enjoy.

1) Christmas

I LOVE Christmas. I would hate December if it wasn't for Christmas. Christmas is just not the same if it isn't cold. I prefer warm weather, but not at Christmas time. One year, early in our marriage, we went to Florida to visits Aaron's mom for Christmas time. It was a great trip and we had a great visit, but singing Christmas songs around palm trees while wearing shorts just doesn't fit (Sorry, Mom K! :)).

2) Snow Days!!!
It is always nice to wake up and realize schools are closed and you DON'T have to do that daily rush. You can lounge in your heated house and send the kids out to play in the snow!

3) Hot Chocolate.... Oh ya! And, it is even better after a tip from a friend. I buy the Swiss Miss diet (25 calories a pack), and mix in a little fat-free flavored Coffee-Mate...... Oh so good- and even with two packets of hot chocolate, all together it has 100 calories or less!

4) Big oversized comfy sweaters or hoodies.

5) New TV Shows: During the summer, all those good shows are reruns, but in the dead of winter, you can always count on new shows to pass the time when the kids go to bed. CSI, Flash Forward, The Good Wife, and of course..... LOST!!!
We stayed up waaaay too late last night watching the premier of this last season. The show ends this spring so they are telling the final story. I sat down to watch the extended premier last night with 3 overloaded baskets of laundry to fold while I watched. The show was nearly over before I realized that the totally forgotten piles of laundry had not been touched.

6) Valentine's Day- so fun to make cookies and valentines to pass the time!

7) Special Birthdays-

My mom, my dad and Ellen & Meghan have winter birthdays- makes for lots of celebrating with presents, cake and family!

8- The countdown!!! Each day that passes bring us one day closer to April!

9- Balance- I suppose if it were 70-80 degrees every day, I would begin to take it for granted. There is nothing quite so glorious as putting your face in the sun on that first 60-70 degree day in spring! You can feel your whole spirit start to recharge. It probably wouldn't be the same if you hadn't endured the crappy weather to get there.

So, there you have it- a few reasons that winter is somewhat tolerable. Hopefully these things will help hold me through till April!!