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Ray Romano once compared life with twins to living in a frat house. As he put it, "no one sleeps, there is a lot of noise and a lot of throwing up." I find this very true with 4 young children, including twins. However, though things are always crazy, we always try to have fun and, most certainly, always love each other.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Also Introducing, the Next Famous Author

So, my last post was shameless bragging over Kenny (who, by the way, when we got his report card, he is reading at a beginning of 4th grade level!!! Yes, I know he is going into the 4th grade, but at the beginning of 3rd grade, he was reading at an early 2nd grade level. Thanks to getting his ADHD under control and a wonderful tutor and LOTS of hard work on his part, he did it!). Well, now it is Jacob's turn! I have some amazing boys! So, forgive one more shameless bragging post.

Jacob just finished the 1st grade and was awarded honor roll for the second semester at school! He very nearly got it first semester- just one little grade off.
Jacob has faced some tough challenges this year that were beyond his control, but he has still managed to excel and show his colors! Reading has come to him naturally and he has turned into an amazing reader. I actually find him sitting alone in his room just reading. In fact, just tonight, he started to read the Junior Dictionary. They tested him at school and the results were gifted! Wow!! That letter was a pleasant surprise- though, I am not too surprised because the kid is brilliant. So, next year, he will actually be in a grades 2/3 split class, where that teacher will be working with the gifted teacher. It is basically, from what I understand, an advanced 2nd grade class. He is actually reading at an end of third grade level!

He loves to write and writes very cool stories. Here is a sample of a few stories he wrote (with his spelling- that makes it so much more adorable.)

Magic Mowten

Magic Mowten was fantastic! The frst time we went inside. Me and my brothr wer small enof to go inside the playset. Next we played gams. We played a dinosr cach the polke ball game. Then we left. Then the next time I plaed golf. Ther wer ehten (eighteen) hols. The last hole it ets (eats) are golfball. It gose in a macheen. Then we play are favrit game cach the polke ball. Then we go on the rascars (race cars). We had a nise trip.


Kenneth is grate. He is so funny. Once he cote (caught) a duck when he went fishing. He burps in everyone's faces. My brother is eight. He likes garbeg truks. He also likes diging. Once on my brothers brthday my grandpa took my brother to his faverite place. My grandpa took Kenneth to Mick Donlds. He desided to go there. Kenneth is in therd grade. His brthday is in June. It is June sixteenth. I'm going to give him alot of presents when it's his brthday. Kenneth is the best boy ever.

(apparently this trip stood out to both boys. It was more than two year ago, yet Kenny wrote a poem about it and Jacob did a story!)

My trip to Floorda was fantastick. We went there one time. We went to the bech. The bech had a playground and I met new friends. There driveway had sand on it. We all went on a wallk. Then we went inside because it started to rian. We even got to stay to have a slep over. The next day we saw some snakes that don't bite. We standed in the water at the bech. I got to get an animal off there shelf. At the bech we found seashels. We got to stay at the bech for an hafe an hour. We reed books befor we go to bed. We went to bed at nine. The next day we were almost going to leve. But we had to say goodby. We had a nice time at Floorda. PS. it took two days to get there.

So, if you hung in there with me this long, you are a saint. But, I really enjoyed reading his work and wanted to record it. I do plan on saving his copies, but I also plan to print this blog one of these days so now I can be sure to have copies of his work to show him someday when he has kids in school.

Thank you for humoring me with my two shameless bragging posts....normal blogging to resume shortly.

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Autumn said...

So fun to read-I love imperfect spelling with kids-so cute! Way to go Kenny on his reading improvement!!! So great!! Brag all you want.