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Ray Romano once compared life with twins to living in a frat house. As he put it, "no one sleeps, there is a lot of noise and a lot of throwing up." I find this very true with 4 young children, including twins. However, though things are always crazy, we always try to have fun and, most certainly, always love each other.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Presenting.....The Next Robert Frost!

Kenny, who will be 9 years old in a couple of weeks and is just finishing the 3rd grade, just finished a large unit on poetry at school. He created a book of poems that HE wrote himself (that I will share in a moment) and I am really very proud of him.

It started a month ago or so when they did a project where they had to choose a childrens poet. He chose Robert Frost, who is actually one of my favorites! They had to cover a cereal box in paper and the front had to have a large picture with the poets name; the back had to have a brief bio on the poet with a fun activity (kind of like a cereal box would have). Lastly, it had to have two poems by the author- one on each side of the box. Here is his:
He made the word search and did it all himself!

Then, to conclude the poetry unit, they had a poetry breakfast this morning with parents invited. The tables were decorated with the "cereal" boxes! Very cute I thought! And, there was bagels and fruit cups to munch on while the children presented their poems.

I was very touched- and sometimes saddened by Kenny's poems. He actually wrote very very well. It was clear to me how much he has grown over the year. He started out the year waaaay behind in reading, but has caught up to grade level and has shown he can write very well! The part that saddened me was it was very obvious in his writing how he struggles to relate with other kids his age. This has been a real problem for him the last couple of years. I won't go into it because that is a post of its own. But, basically, Kenny is a very sweet and very innocent kid and, for a number of reasons, just doesn't relate well to his peers. This has resulted in not having any "real" friends, which as a mother- kills me! This has been hard on me as well as him. Anyway: Here is his book. Each poem was to be a specific style, as you will see (in case it is hard to read, I will copy each poem after the picture):

Cover page

Dedication Page:
To my favorite grandpa
You will love this poem
I really hope you like my poems a lot

You are the best
I love you a lot
I have been working hard
You are in my heart forever

To Grandpa

(this is the only one I can't copy verbatim because I can only get a few words- they are written around the cat in small letters and not his best hand writing....)
This is what I can get...with his spelling: Cats, furry gray, relley fat fore big legs, it has bounes, hart and stumic.Cats hate bats. Cats are fun. There is much more that that but I can't quite make it out.

Angle, barograph, cup, data, edge,
Gallon, hour, inch, jack,
Key, line, mile, number, order,
P.M., quart, ray, side, tenth,
Unlikely event, volume, week,
X-ray, year,
Zero property of Multiplication

This one is hilarious! Very true on many levels- you can tell how much thought he put into it!
Sounds at Night
A thunder storm
Cars beeping, screeching, crashing
Parents snoring
Bugs buzzing
Clock alarms
Trees rustling as the wind blows
Babies crying
Fire trucks sirens on, fire trucks honking
Frogs croaking

Suns (haiku)
The sun's very hot
The sun is made of fire
The sun never moves
This is one that is a little sad, but surely well written. It is THIS one that HE chose to read in front of the whole group. I would have chosen a different one, but this is what he chose....

Kind Kid
Every day I go to school
Not a naughty kid
Nice to other people
Everything I play with I share with others
The medicine I take helps me think
However kids still pick on me.

Blue, downhearted, unhappy, moody
When my Great Grandpa died.

Mad, furious, foolish, annoyed
When people tattle on me at school.


I see housed, trees and the ocean
I smell yummy hot dogs, and salt water
I hear the waves of the oceans
I feel crabs, rocks, sand, and mud under my feet
I taste the salt air
I think Florida is a wonderful place to visit

(he has been there once in his life- about 2 1/2 years ago and he still has great memories of it! That one is for you, Mom K!!)

.I Am Poem

I am talented and creative
I wonder why People fight
I hear my Grandma's pretty voice
I see the sun in the light blue sky
I want a Golden Retriever named King

I pretend that I am an Artist
I feel so calm and Peaceful
I touch my cats Velvet soft fur
I worry about the future
I cry when someone dies
I am talented and creative

I know that something exciting is going to happen
I believe in my Family
I dream about a new Day
I try to be the best I can be
I hope that I become an Artist
I am talented and Creative


I don't understand
Why people get hurt
How they die
Why others pick on people

But most of all
Why do people die
Why are their bad people
Why people litter the earth

What I don't understand most is
Why hunters kill animals
Why people go to jail
Why do bees sting people?

.I will

Someday I will be a garbage man
Someday I will die
Someday I will have a family
Someday I will go to New York
Someday I will move to Florida
Someday I will have friends

(just stab my heart with an arrow....ugh...)

Anyway, I was very impressed with his writing ability. His teacher said as well that he just really rose to the challenge and did a great job! I just can't believe how much he has grown! Here is one last picture with one of his teachers. (he actually has two, that were job shares and each worked part time. They were both wonderful and he loved them both!)


Breezi said...

he has some very thoughtful poems. I agree with you... stab me in the heart, with that 'someday' poem. I just wanna hug him!

you have yourself one sweet boy there.

Michelle said...

Wow. He is something! He is an awesome little man!