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Ray Romano once compared life with twins to living in a frat house. As he put it, "no one sleeps, there is a lot of noise and a lot of throwing up." I find this very true with 4 young children, including twins. However, though things are always crazy, we always try to have fun and, most certainly, always love each other.

Friday, August 27, 2010

The Titanic Didn't Sink!!!!!

...though it did fall over a bunch....

Last night was the annual Rain gutter Regatta for scouts. Kenny chose to make his boat look like the Titanic- since he is so captivated by that story right now. I thought it turned out great!!!

For those who have never been to such an event, there are two rain gutters set up on tables (see in background of picture). Then, two scouts race each other by blowing the sale of the boat without using their hands to touch it. They all race each other until a winner is declared.

We ran into some technical difficulties though because for some reason, Kenny's kept falling over. So, he came in last and was quite discouraged but it was a cool boat anyway and we are proud of him for making it completely by himself!

Also, Ellie wasn't a happy camper that whole night. Anyone else see the contradiction here in this picture?? Ha ha!

First Day of School!!!!

Wednesday was the first day of school! The boys had not been very excited about school, but the first morning, even they couldn't hide their excitement.
Kenny started 4th grade and Jacob is in 2nd grade! I know it will be a great year for both of them! They both have great teachers too!

I have come to realize though that I really don't count down the days until school. I didn't really look forward to them going back! I kind of like the easier days of summer where we don't have to rush in the morning and I....hate....homework- at least as bad as they do!!! It is always tough to help them, while getting dinner going, keeping two 3 year olds out of trouble, etc. Though the days were crazy, I kind of liked having them home where we could go do whatever and not have the extra stresses.

Here they are, excited to get to work!

The both went with backpacks and arms full of supplies! I couldn't believe their lists this year! Check it out- all for two boys:
For anyone who is curious, on this table is:
216 pencils,
2 packs of 10 markers
3 packs of 24 crayons
1 pack of colored pencils
12 glue sticks
8 dry erase markers
1 dry eraser
2 scissors,
4 pink erasers
multiple pencil top erasers
6 composition books
6 folders
2 spiral notebooks
2 packs of 70 pages of paper
6 boxes of tissues
2 boxes of freezer bags
2 hand sanitizers
1 soap
school box
pencil case
2 pairs of gym shoes
3 ring binder

and I was still missing a clipboard, 2 highlighters, bottle of glue and baby wipes that I bought today!! Crazy, huh??

I guess it is better than the teacher buying things out of pocket though. Thank goodness for amazing back to school sales!!!!

After school, both boys were very happy- they had great days and lots to talk about! But, Jacob soon crashed on the couch...
I thought, wow! The first day of second grade must have been intense! But, then, when he woke up, I realized he had a fever of 103!!! Poor kid! So, he didn't get to go the second day of school, but went back the next day feeling great!

Here's to a great year! I know every parent says this but- I can NOT believe how fast they have grown and that I have a 4th and 2nd grader! They are great kids!


Kelly said...

The school supplies this year were out of control for us too! I can hardly believe they need that much! I had to take them to school for them because they could not carry them all!
Glad Jacob is feeling better- and the race was great- despite Kenny's end result! Poor guy!
Such a creative boat, though!

Jenn said...

Nice job on the boat Kenny! Glad to hear Jacob is feeling better.

Sara Emily said...

Dude, Amanda, MAKE YOUR KID WEAR HIS HAT STRAIGHT!!! And though the following isn't pictured, also his pants pulled up and he may, under no circumstances, wear bling!! Auntie Em's rules. :)

These pics were great and I'm glad Jacob is feeling better!! <3 u!