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Ray Romano once compared life with twins to living in a frat house. As he put it, "no one sleeps, there is a lot of noise and a lot of throwing up." I find this very true with 4 young children, including twins. However, though things are always crazy, we always try to have fun and, most certainly, always love each other.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Kid speak

A couple of bloggers I know do an occasional post devoted to crazy things their kids say. I had not yet jumped on the bandwagon until now. With recent events involving ghost sightings and Abraham Lincoln look-a-likes, I figured it was time that I record these things for posterity's sake. They did not disappoint this week! This post features Ellie the most, but also includes one by Jacob and one about Meghan. Enjoy the wild ride!

9/11-We went apple picking as a family and went to Wendy's afterward for lunch. I took the girls potty and, while I was still in the stall, Ellie left the stall area and was in the sink area. A large woman had just finished using the bathroom and was washing her hands. Ellie said something that must have been nice because the woman said "Thank you, that was really sweet" and then Ellie said "Why are you a big fat woman?!" I wanted to DIE- I yelled at her from the stall but then took my time finishing in the stall until the woman left- I just couldn't face her. where did she get that? It isn't like her parents or much her family are skinny!

9/12 While sitting in church on Sunday, a conversation with Ellie:
E-Where is Jesus?
Me- In heaven.
E-Where is Heaven?
Me- Far away (I was going to elaborate further but before I could, Ellie says.....)
E- Will we need the Tom Tom??

9/13- I was relieved to know that at the age of three, the girls have finally decided what they want to be when the grow up- They are going to be "Butterfly Feeders!" Sounds like a promising career to me!

9/13- the girls take a pre-k cooking class at the local rec center, which they LOVE. They go on Tuesdays and Monday night, the girls were looking forward to the next day. Ellie asked what they were going to make the next day. The teacher is my good friend, Abbey, so I knew from talking to her it was going to be pasta salad. I told Ellie this and, knowing she didn't really know what it was, told her it was noodles. She said, "I hate noodles!" (strangely enough she isn't a pasta fan....). I told her these were yummy noodles. She said, "will it taste like strawberry shortcake?" I said "No, it will taste like noodles." She said, "Then I won't like them!"

9/14- I was talking to my dad on my cell while driving to Kenny's soccer game. Kenny had to be there early and I had to go somewhere right after so Aaron and I had driven separately. Aaron had left earlier with Kenny and then I left a little later with everyone else. While talking, I forgot where I was going and blew way past the exit I needed so then went the "scenic route" to get there. When we arrived, I was explaining to Aaron what took so long. Jacob says "That is probably why there is no talking on cell phones in New York!!!" (While on vacation in New York, we got a very expensive ticket for Aaron talking on his cell while driving- apparently illegal there....) Ya ya ya......

-Meghan says the word "actually" surprisingly often for a 3 year old. However, it sounds more like "akshee" the way she says it. Makes me laugh everytime!


Amandean said...

I think I'll really miss when Luke is old enough that he doesn't say completely silly things anymore. In the meantime, I love it!

Autumn said...

HEHE!! I love it! I'd DIE about the "big fat" comment!!! OH MY.