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Ray Romano once compared life with twins to living in a frat house. As he put it, "no one sleeps, there is a lot of noise and a lot of throwing up." I find this very true with 4 young children, including twins. However, though things are always crazy, we always try to have fun and, most certainly, always love each other.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Room Full of Chocolate!!!!

.....wouldn't that be nice?

But I like this room almost as much! (more on that soon.....) Until a week ago, we had a gross icky basement playroom. When we first moved in to our house 9 1/2 years ago, the only carpet in the whole house was in the kitchen, the bathrooms and the semi-finished basement rec room. The rest of the house was hard wood floors. Weird, huh? Over the years we have gradually eliminated all the carpet except for the basement. After 9 1/2 years of kids, pets and dirt tracking all over the carpet, it was just down right nasty down there. It was really beginning to bother me that my children were playing down there. I didn't get a before picture of the whole room before we started tearing it up, but here is a corner of the room:
I called it semi finished because it had a drywall ceiling, painted cement block walls and Berber carpet over the floor. You can see the drab walls and heavily stained carpet. It smelled awful.
I knew we needed to do something about it but we really didn't have much extra money to do it. So, my mom gave me the idea of tearing up the carpet, painting the concrete floor and putting down a large area rug! I loved the idea! Simple right??

Sure.... famous last words...

I thought it would be as simple as tearing up a layer of carpet and then cleaning and painting the floor. Well, we discovered a THICK goopy layer of glue under the carpet, and black linoleum tile underneath that. We only got a few feet of carpet up and we were stuck- having no idea how to get it all up- the carpet was so heavily glued. We called a friend from church who rescued us and came over with an amazing tool to help us get the carpet and tile up all at once. With a little slave labor, it went pretty quick! Here is what was under the floor (you can see the nasty pink trim in the rest of the basement here. Look close to compare to the after pictures):
(The boys were LOVING helping!!!!)

So, as you can see, under the black linoleum tile was black grout used to glue down the tile. Seriously??? Did the people who put down the tile and then the carpet ever think that someday people might not like the decor and want to change it?! After trying a few different tools, the grout was not coming up- it would have been a bigger more expensive job involving professionals and money we didn't have. Much of the grout was flat so we figured we would just paint over it and it would only look a little textured and we would put down a rug anyway. So, we scrubbed it clean and got to work! It was very stressful for me and took longer and cost more than expected. I don't enjoy home repairs and could never move into a "fixer upper" because I would probably go crazy. But, in the end, it feels soooo good to have it done!

So, why did I refer to a chocolate room?? Because it just worked out that all of the shades of paint we chose were some form of chocolate!

Wall paint- "Hot cocoa"
Trim paint- "Belgian Chocolate"
Floor paint- "Soul Chocolate"
Even the molding around the bottom (which was supposed to be cheap easy fast and self adhesive....ha- ya right- the biggest pain ever!!!) is called chocolate!

So, all of that together with new light fixtures and a big rug from Old Time Pottery and toys rearranged, and this is what we got- a whole new room that I am no longer embarrassed for people to see!

Maybe not a perfectly done professionally finished room, but a room that is soooooooo way better than before and is now livable and enjoyable! And, the kids LOVE it! They feel like they have a whole new room and new toys because it is all set up differently then before. In fact, they couldn't wait to do this:
A camp out on the new rug! Fun fun!


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Kelly said...

It looks amazing, Amanda!! So worth all that trouble!! I used Chocolate paint in my bathroom and I could lick the walls I love it so much!
It looks so inviting and nice down there- I am glad it turned out so nice!

everyday katie said...

We had the same thing in our laundry room. Under the carpet was two layers of cheap tile and TONS of goop. I know the work involved so props a HUGE to you! Your basement is WAY bigger than my laundry room. How nice to have that great finished space.

Good work.

Autumn said...

Chocolate room! I love it!! Nice work-it looks really great. The boys look HAPPY to help!! :)

Amandean said...

That is so impressive. It looks really great!