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Ray Romano once compared life with twins to living in a frat house. As he put it, "no one sleeps, there is a lot of noise and a lot of throwing up." I find this very true with 4 young children, including twins. However, though things are always crazy, we always try to have fun and, most certainly, always love each other.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Day for the Books

A day like last Friday just has to be recorded. It was one of those days. Enjoy a laugh and a gasp or two at my expense. Strap on your boots- it will be quite a ride!

Thursday night, I went to my monthly mothers of twins club meeting and then out with friends so, as it always is, it was a late night. I didn't get to bed until after 1am. I heard the alarm go off at 6:45 and I hit what I thought was the snooze, but apparently not- I startled awake at 7:25- 15 minutes before the baby I was to babysit would arrive and well past time to be getting kids up and ready for school. The morning was chaos of trying to get kids fed and dressed and out the door. None of them wanted to listen to what I was telling them so we were running very late heading out the door.

Our garage door has not functioned right in a long time and so has to be opened and closed manually. Our van is so tall, you have to really push it up to get it high enough for the van to clear it. As I was walking out the door with the baby in one hand and purse, keys, and whatever else in the other and trying to shoo kids to the car, I noticed one of the kids had opened the door and it wasn't quite all the way open. I figured I would put the baby in and get kids strapped in and then have free hands to open the door. Well, in the craziness of getting 5 kids buckled in, I managed to forget. I jumped in the drivers seat, backed out quickly and tore the bottom 4 inches off of the garage door. Luckily no damage to the van, but destroyed the garage door. I have had one out of three quotes so far- this one saying $925 to replace. I did find out it will qualify under our homeowners insurance but I am not sure what my deductible is- hoping it is $500 instead of $1000 but we will see when I talk to claims rep tomorrow. Otherwise, I have absolutely no idea how we will pay for it. Ugh....

After that, I enjoyed a brief but good visit with a friend. The one bright spot of the day. I then got brave and took my 3 1/2 year old twins and the baby into Aldi's to get some groceries. As the girls ran circles around me and kept trying to put things in my cart that I didn't want, I noticed many of the other customers seemed amused. I was glad I was able to entertain THEM because I certainly wasn't having much fun....

And it goes on....

I took all of the kids home to get them fed lunch before taking the girls to their preschool cooking class at the rec center right down the road. I check my voicemail and there is a message from Kenny at school saying he has a stomach ache. This happens sometimes due to his medication, but I knew for a fact I had forgotten his medication that morning in the chaos, so I worried it may be a real stomach ache this time. So, I called the school and said I would come get him. I also arranged with my friend, who is also the teacher of the girls cooking class, that I would drop them off and not stay (which I usually stay and help) and she would bring them home afterward so they wouldn't have to miss. When I picked Kenny up at school, I mentioned to the secretary that I knew it wasn't his medicine because he hadn't had it. She said he hadn't had lunch either and then Kenny pipes up and says "Ya, my tummy hurts and I am starving at the same time!" WHAT?! He didn't sound like a sick kid to me. The receptionist then said she wasn't so sure he was really sick because he kept trying to play while waiting for me. Frustrated, I said I would take him home since I was there (fearing if it WAS real, he would throw up 30 min after I left....) but that he would get NO video games or TV-- that he would only be able to lay down and rest.

Sooooooo, off we go to the rec center to drop off the girls. Kenny wanted to wait in the car. I figured this was fine- he is 9 years old and I would be in and out in less then two minutes. I thought he could be trusted in the car for 2 minutes. Ha! I came out and the van smelled BAD! My first thought was did he throw up?! But no- I knew it was more of a chemical smell. I kept insisting he tell me what he did but he kept insisting nothing. It was then that I noticed the can of mace (that I had totally forgotten I even owned....) peaking out of the top of my purse. Upon questioning, he confessed to having sprayed it. Thankfully, he was okay and we went on home after a stern lecture of how dangerous that stuff is and you should never touch things you don't know what they are!

After we got home, I noticed an orange residue all over his hands. Mace maybe? I wasn't sure so he washed his hands. He did lay down for a long time- over an hour- making me think maybe he didn't feel good after all. He got up after a while and said he was feeling much better and was hungry and wanted his lunch. So, he took his lunch bag out of his back pack and started eating his lunch. About a minute later, he started screaming!!! I went to him and he was covering his mouth screaming "My lips hurt! They are burning!" and he was crying and totally freaked. It was scary! He kept trying to drink water saying it helped but then would cover his lips in between drinks, screaming. So, I got an ice pack to put on his mouth. All I could figure is he didn't get all the mace off his hands and then transferred it to his mouth while eating. It burned so bad he couldn't take the ice off his mouth for more than a second! I called our pediatrician who suggested running cold water over his mouth to rinse it away and to also call poison control to see if they knew of any other remedies. I did and they said pretty much the same thing and just to "do whatever worked that helped it feel better and it would eventually wear off". By that time, he was calming down and it did wear off completely shortly after.

That evening, the baby went home and I agreed to watch my sister's kids while she went to the grocery store. I was trying to cook dinner with six hyper children running through my house being absolutely crazy. Over the last couple weeks, we have had some drain/pipe repairs being done in our basement by our friend, Russell, and I didn't know until he showed up, that he was coming over to work some more. He had to cut up a little more concrete so that is what he was doing. It created so much dust that I had concrete dust coming through every vent in the house! It was a cold evening but I had to open windows for just a little ventilation! You can imagine how the noise and the dust would have hyped up even more already hyped up children! CRAZINESS! I now have a coating of dust on EVERYTHING in the house. My level of exhaustion was just to huge to deal with it Friday night and I was out of town all weekend so it is going to be a looooooong week of trying to get this house in order again! (That being said, it has been a HUGE blessing that he is doing this work for us!!! He has done an EXCELLENT job and at a fraction of a price an outside company would have charged!!! Our basement pipes have been defective for soooo long and it will be like living in luxury to have dry basement when I do laundry!)

So, I stayed up and got things done to get ready for my whirlwind weekend and crashed into bed for a mere few hours before beginning the busy, but fun weekend. I am glad every day isn't like Friday was. I think I would be begging to go back to work if it was! Definitely a day to be glad it is behind me so now I can look back and laugh a little at the wild ride!


Autumn said...

Ugh. What a pain. Sorry mostly about your garage door!!! NOT a cheap fix!!!!!!!

everyday katie said...

OH MY! I don't even know how to respond. Your garage. AAAAAGH! And I bet Kenny was miserable. I can't imagine how painful mace would be in your mouth. WHAT A DAY!

Lora said...

Hey Amanda,
Hope you are well. Just wanted to tell you, you are not alone with backing up into your garage. Just did it last fall!! Not fun and I'm sorry it happened to you. You'll laugh about it later. Rushing around is never fun!