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Ray Romano once compared life with twins to living in a frat house. As he put it, "no one sleeps, there is a lot of noise and a lot of throwing up." I find this very true with 4 young children, including twins. However, though things are always crazy, we always try to have fun and, most certainly, always love each other.

Friday, November 5, 2010

The Reason I Haven't Been Blogging as Much Lately.... that we have been very busy- out enjoying the season as well as just the humdrum of daily life. Plus, I also feel that there hasn't been much blog worthy things going on. I feared posting the same sort of pictures and stories as always and therefore boring everyone. But then, I remembered I am doing this blog for me and my family and others who read it are just a bonus! So, I thought I would devote this post to showing some of the fun stuff that has kept me too busy for blogging. I once heard someone refer to blog vomit. The definition being not blogging for a while and then "spitting" it all out in one post. That is what this is. Not a pleasant analogy I realize- especially considering I deal with my share of real vomit on a regular basis, but it still fits.

So, here is what we have been up to this fall:

Apple Picking!

This is definitely a perk to living in Ohio- we picked apples 3 times this year- at two different locations- both within a 20 min drive of my house! This particular day was back in September at the home of a friend's parents. They have several apple trees bordering their property. I went with two friends (Abbey and Holly) and their kids.
We started with a picnic lunch on a cool pleasant fall day!

Our awesome apple pickers! (Jacob F, Meghan peeking from back, Ross, Ellie, Rachel, Faith- not sure where Annie is in this picture...)
Meghan trying out the apple picking tool. That thing was actually very cool!

There just isn't anything much better than an apple right off the tree! Ellie knows that for sure!

We went just for the apples but, by surprise, got to witness a cool demonstration!!! The home owner, Glen, let us observe while he made fresh apple cider with apples from his trees!
The kids got to help rinse the apples in the tub and then put them in the press. Glen turned the crank to chop them up into the bucket below:
Once in the bucket, the other crank is turned to press the apples down. The bucket has holes cut in the bottom for the cider to come out of. The cider drains into the lower bucket.
He then ran the cider through a straining cloth to get remaining chunks out and then everyone got to try some fresh cider! What a neat experience it was for us all!

Fall Harvest Party:
This is a perk of being in the Mother's of Twins Club- really fun family activities!!! We visited a local farm that is full of fun activities for the kids to do. We really had a blast, but the the place was PACKED! Our club alone brought 200 people and it was also still open to the public (I had thought it was a private party for the club) so there were several hundred people there! But, it was still fun!

Of course, it was October and my children are wearing shorts and sandals. It....was....HOT that day- in the 80's with the sun beating down on us! You just never know in Ohio... This picture does give perspective on how tall my kids are! (Kenny is slouching down- he is reeallly close to 5 feet!)

They got to try out several different sized tractors!

My giant hamsters!

As we were leaving, we saw this outhouse with the door closed. My kids, eternally curious, ran up to check it out. When they opened it, we found it "occupied"....we all about died laughing!

And, of course, a pumpkin from the pumpkin patch! A couple weeks later, this pumpkin became Frankenstein!!!

Our ward hosted a Halloween party, as usual, with a trunk or treat! Here are my crazies all decked out.... not the best picture, but there was so much going on, they would NOT hold still and look straight for even a full second!
From left to right, we have Obi Won Kenobi, Princess/ Fairy God Mother, Anakin Skywalker, and Princess/ Fairy God Mother.

I made these yummy popcorn balls to look like pumpkins:I also made mummy dogs that didn't even last 60 seconds before they disappeared (causing me to have to make them again later for my kids so they could have them too! ha!) and it was a fun night with a soup contest and fun with friends!

I don't have trick or treat pictures, but that doesn't matter because they wore the same thing... Aaron had to take the kids trick or treating by himself (so he went to my sisters neighborhood and trick or treated with her) because Kenny and I were at 4th grade camp! More on that...

4th grade camp!
As I have mentioned before, our school does outdoor science programs, involving camp every year for all grades. 1st, 2nd and 3rd grades go for one overnight, but starting in 4th grade, they go for 2 nights! I went as a chaperone.

As I mentioned, we had to miss trick or treat. It was an unintentional oversight by the school. When camp was planned, they thought trick or treat was Friday night and the kids would get back in time (they got back Friday afternoon) but realized the week before camp the trick or treat was Thursday night! So, they planned a Halloween party for camp and the parents donated TONS of candy to be passed out. I honestly don't think Kenny really missed Trick or Treat at all- he had such a blast!

They got to climb a rock wall, go horseback riding, scoop tiny organisms out of the lake and study them with a microscope, sleep in cabins (heated with bathrooms, thank goodness!), cook over a fire and more! I could NOT find my camera before I left so I didn't take many pictures but here are a couple I took with my camera phone.

Ready for the wall!
Oh the way up! The wall is 30 feel tall- he actually made it to the top and rang the bell! I was SO proud!
He is on the horse right in the middle, facing left. Again, this kid showed no fear and got right up there and rode the horse by himself!

And More!

I promise- I am almost done! We got free tickets to a local wild animal preserve "The Wilds". I won them from the twins club. I forgot my camera that day but snapped a couple pictures with my phone- just to give an idea of how up close and personal some of these exotic animals were! Here are a Rhino and a Camel!

With the boys in school, I have been keeping the girls busy! We are doing a small, casual preschool co-op with my friend Abbey and her two kids. On Tuesdays and Thursdays one week, they come to my house for two hours. The next week, my girls go to her house for two hours and do preschool activities. I am sure I will post more on this in the future. I also take them to story time often and they are also in a pre-k gym activities and pre-k cooking class. This week, they started a pre-k ballet class! (all of these pre-k classes are at the near by rec center where they are super cheap but great!)
My girls are in the long sleeve red t-shirts in the back. I am working on getting them leotards this week. I am sure I will post about this again soon! Soooo funny to watch 3-5 year olds attempt to follow the teacher. I think the girl in the middle in the front is hilarious- totally focused on her fingers- who cares what the teacher is doing?! Ha!

So, now it is easy to see why I haven't had much time to blog. Throw in all this fun stuff together with boring stuff I HAVE to do (pay bills, clean, laundry, laundry and more laundry, and other responsibilities), and I am lucky to breathe! Kenny also did soccer this year and Jacob did flag football, but I never did take any pictures this year.(I know... "Mother of the Year"....what kind of mom takes no pictures of her kids playing sports?!) Maybe I will scan the formal pictures that were done and their school pictures- they are handsome boys and I am so proud of them!

Now that I feel I have caught up on our current events a little, I need to think of things to post about- I feel I have a sort of writer's block. I want to blog more often, but don't always know what to write about. Any suggestions from my faithful audience (at least those who haven't fallen asleep yet reading this book of a post...)?


Autumn said...

AH!!!!! They're doing pre-K ballet this time?! SIGH. This time I was thinking of having Ellie do the ballet/tap combo...though I've already missed a week. would be fun to do with you guys. Lots of fun pics.

Kelly said...

You have been busy- not that I doubted it- but really busy!! Love the pics of all the events- it has been a wonderful fall season- shorts and all!

Kari said...

Looks like fun! Good things to be busy with. =)