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Ray Romano once compared life with twins to living in a frat house. As he put it, "no one sleeps, there is a lot of noise and a lot of throwing up." I find this very true with 4 young children, including twins. However, though things are always crazy, we always try to have fun and, most certainly, always love each other.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Child's Heartbreak

For anyone following my Facebook posts, you know I have a sister-in-law (Aaron's sister, Sarah) who is very sick. She has been in the hospital now for 1 1/2 weeks with a Staph infection that has spread through her entire body. The doctors believe it started in a hole in her heart (that has been there since birth- they thought it would heal on its own but never did and until now, never caused a problem) and so her heart has been pumping the infection throughout her body- all through her blood stream, her liver, lungs and beyond. She is on major doses of anti-biotics- which she seems to be responding to and is gradually improving. However, she is still very weak and needs several days in the hospital to get her strength back and will continue to need IV antibiotics once home for a while. Down the road, she is looking at surgery to repair the hole in her heart (to prevent a re-occurance) and to have her gall bladder removed.

Sarah is only 36 and has two small children- Kurtis (almost 8) and Joey (4). I have been helping care for the boys some. Yesterday evening I took care of them at their home while their dad, Jeff was in class. While I had no doubt that this trial has been very tough on the boys, they have been troopers. Last night, however, was an incident that broke my heart.

Joey went to play outside and I encourage Kurtis to do the same- but he was too busy playing his DSi game. After a while, the game started to aggravate him and he started crying. I know this has been an issue before and that his parents take away the game at that point. Since he had already been playing a long time, I told him to turn it off and go play outside. He turned it off and was crying louder, stomping around the house getting his shoes, and just crying and mad. Right before he went outside, I had him sit next to me and I said, "Kurtis, are you still mad about the game or is something else bothering you?" He said "Something else." I asked him what was wrong. He cried louder and said, "I want my mom!" Needless to say, my eyes were no longer dry either..... I did my best to reassure him that his mom was getting better and would be home in a few days. It was heart-wrenching. Their mom is their world. This has to be so hard on them.

He went outside to play but his heart wasn't in it- he sat on the porch playing with the leaves on their bush. So, I asked him if there was something he really wanted to do. He said that his mom was going to watch Star Wars with him but then she got sick. I asked if he wanted me to watch it with him and he said yes and asked for popcorn. I said absolutely! So we settled on the couch with Star Wars and popcorn. That is love right there- I hate Star Wars! Unfortunately, he had school today and the movie was running late so he had to go to bed before it was over, but I will be watching them again tonight, so I think a re-viewing is in order!


Autumn said...

Aw-they're lucky to have you notice that something else was wrong, glad they weren't in the care of someone else who may have just lost it. SAD! :( I hope she gets better soon!

Breezi@ Not Your Average Fairytale said...

That's so nice you were able to help the sweet kiddo. That's got to be hard for everyone.
Prayers for your sis. :D

Amandean said...

What an awesome aunt you are. I'm so glad they have someone like you to lean on. And I love that you kind of saw through the facade to what he really needed. Here's prayers for your sister.

Kari said...

That is heart breaking. I hope his Mommy gets better. How awful.

Troy and Rach said...

I'm always amazed at how many times an outburst by my kids is never about what I think it is about. Usually some big problem they feel overwhelmed by.
Hope your sister gets better soon.