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Ray Romano once compared life with twins to living in a frat house. As he put it, "no one sleeps, there is a lot of noise and a lot of throwing up." I find this very true with 4 young children, including twins. However, though things are always crazy, we always try to have fun and, most certainly, always love each other.

Monday, July 18, 2011

A Twin Sister's Love

I have said it before- I never would have asked for twins. I have learned that a better way to say it is that I never knew I wanted twins. The last 4 1/2 years have been such an adventure. Despite the sleep deprivation and near constant chaos, it has been proven to me that God knew what he was doing- I love these two little girls like crazy! They are so different from each other- each with their own ideas and interests.

I truly believe they were meant to come together! Despite their differences, they really are best friends-they play together and are usually ornery together too. Sure, they have their moments of fighting or doing their own thing, but they genuinely love each other. There have been many examples of them being worried or concerned for the other. They love to take care of each other.

A couple of weeks ago, we went to a 4th of July party at my aunt's house. I didn't take any pictures this time around, but my cousin captured this great shot of her daughter and my girls:
Ellie, Meagan and Meghan
(wearing necklaces they made there!)
Soon after we arrived, the kids started working on a project my other aunt had brought for them. Ellie suddenly started screaming and I quickly realized she had been stung by a bee! This was actually the first time any of my kids had ever been stung! I whisked her into the house to help her and I didn't even notice at first that Meghan had followed. I took Ellie into the bathroom to look at the sting and treat it and I looked over at Meghan and she was looking at me with big eyes and her lower lip sticking straight out, trying not to cry. I told her Ellie would be okay and I gave her a hug and she started crying. So now Ellie was still crying because she was hurt and Meghan crying because she was scared and...well.... let's just say I had to dry my eyes too. The concern for her sister was so sweet and touching.

A week or so later, Meghan was running through the house (despite constant warnings not to...) and slipped on something that was left on the floor. She hit her chin pretty hard on the floor. Thankfully, she was okay- not bumps or bruises even, but of course she cried hard. Ellie was right there asking if Meghan was okay and just very worried for her sister.

These are just recent examples of many observations I have had. They both will often get something for their sister too if they are getting one for themselves. Such as, if Meghan gets a banana, she will often automatically take one to her sister. Or if I am pouring juice for them both, they will wait for both cups to be ready and take one to her sister. I know all of my kids, including my boys, have shown genuine concern and care for their siblings, but I speak of it as a twin thing just because it is definitely stronger and more obvious with Ellen and Meghan.

I am sure as they get older they will have many moments similar to this and many moments when they won't want anything to do with each other. For that reason, I had to record this memory.

I'll bet you are all wishing for twins now, right?


Autumn said...

So sweet-and interesting! I especially love how Meghan looks in that photo!!

Lauri said...

In college, we read many twin studies that show it goes beyond concern for one another, but they actually feel one another's pain. I think it's fascinating.

Jenn said...

I know siblings are often caring, but I do think sisters take it a bit further and are in general more sensitive to each others' feelings. I'm sure your girls are even more so. So sweet that they are concerned for each other.