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Ray Romano once compared life with twins to living in a frat house. As he put it, "no one sleeps, there is a lot of noise and a lot of throwing up." I find this very true with 4 young children, including twins. However, though things are always crazy, we always try to have fun and, most certainly, always love each other.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Don't Stop Believing!!!!

Yesterday marked 13 years that Aaron and I have been married. It is crazy to think it has been that long- it doesn't really seem like it! We have had a lot happen in those 13 years- both good and bad- but I think more good then bad for sure. I honestly feel we get closer with each passing year and that our love is stronger then when we were younger. We work well together- we know how each other functions and we both have strengths where the other has a weakness, so together we can do a lot!

Several months ago it came to my attention that both Josh Groban and Journey would be in town doing concerts on August 5th. I really enjoy both and felt that since it was our anniversary we should splurge and see one of them. We almost never go to concerts- seriously, I can count the number I've been to in my entire life on one hand! It is just a cost I generally can not justify. But, what better reason then an anniversary?! I couldn't decide which to see (though I was leaning towards journey) so I polled my Facebook friends and got an overwhelming opinion of Journey! We definitely made the right choice! What a blast!

Before the concert we went out to a really great dinner. About half way through our time there, another couple was seated next to us (maybe 5 feet away). They were older than us- probably around 60 I would guess. They were so grumpy- obviously they had been fighting for a while about something and the squabbling continued as they sat there. It was awful- we could hear every word and they would not stop! I wanted to say- "Hey, it is our 13th anniversary and we are happy and having a great time- please stop squabbling so you don't ruin it for us!" But I didn't and we made a real attempt to focus on our conversation so we couldn't hear them! I kept thinking how miserable it would be to go to dinner when you are so angry! They both were just miserable. So sad. But, thankfully, we were thoroughly able to enjoy our dinner despite them.

The concert was actually Night Ranger, Foreigner and Journey so I was really excited! We got great seats!! Though, due to horrific traffic, we were late getting there and we missed Night Ranger completely. I was sad but not too disappointed because I don't know their music as well as the other two groups anyway. We got to our seats (on the floor and only about 30 rows back!) about 5 minutes before Foreigner took the stage. Both Foreigner and Journey put on a great show!!! I loved every second of it!

Aaron took this shot of us with his cell phone camera- I thought it turned out pretty good!

It wasn't really possible to take a great picture- especially since I only had my cell camera because I forgot my regular camera. But, I took a picture of each band anyway. The picture of Journey did not turn out at all (it was completely dark by then and the stage lights were bright so it didn't work) but I got this shot of Foreigner:
You can't see much, but it you can see about where we sat. I actually think the best part about this picture is the expression of the woman on the right! Ha!!

In addition to the music, it was also fun to "people watch." For example, there was this young couple (early 20's?) two rows in front of us that seriously needed to GET. A. ROOM!!! Oh my, they were all over each other! Quite a contrast from the older couple at the restaurant! Ha! I also couldn't believe the amount of drunk people as we left- all stumbling all over each other as they made their way to their cars! I wonder how many of them were driving!? Then we got the unwelcome experience of watching some guy (probably drunk?) pee all over the tire of a limo. Definitely an interesting group of people for sure!

I just loved the energy of the whole thing. As I mentioned before, I have been to very few concerts in my life- and only one other "rock" concert other than this one (Billy Joel, and yes-I count that!) It was soooo very loud of course- our ears were still ringing today- but so fun and so worth it to get out and enjoy the music and do something we don't normally get to do. It was so fun to sing along to the songs we new well and dance a little and just be a part of it all. It was so crazy to see these "old looking men" sing the songs that I have sung along with for most of my life. I remember the videos in the 80's of these groups with the young men with big hair. So funny to see them now-old but still big hair! But yet they are as great as ever! I really enjoyed watching the drummer of Foreigner. He was truly entertaining to watch. I love watching a good drum set player (this is for you, Scott A. if you are reading this! ;)). The Foreigner drummer would move his arms certain ways and his hair would flip as we played. The Journey drummer was great too, just not as much fun to watch just because he was more "hidden" behind his drum set and I couldn't see him as well.

My sister, Emily actually kept our kids overnight (she is either a saint or crazy.... I am thinking both!) so we were able to be child free all night and not get woken up by our crazy crew. It was down right weird how quiet our house was this morning (at least until the dog got sick....) We got up and went to IHOP together for breakfast before picking up the kids. Breakfast alone with my husband is something we never get to do! The kids had a blast too at "Auntie Em's"- I am so lucky to have such amazing sisters!!!

So, here is to another 13 years and 13 more after that and 13 more and 13 more and so on forever! I know that as long as we.....


in each other, we will continue to keep growing closer. Happy Anniversary, Aaron!! I love you!!


Kelly said...

Sounds like an amazing 13 year anniversary!! We LOVE Journey! We too haven't been to a concert in years, well, I haven't, I think Dana has been to a couple with his sister paying, but not together- but such fun when you do!! We used to go all the time when we were first dating 15 years ago- and yes, people watching is a great part of the fun too!! Lucky that you got a whole night and morning out of it!! Happy Anniversary!!

STUFFellaneous said...

Glad you have fun. Happy 13!

Autumn said...

SO fun!! Yes, a good picture for a cell phone!! You look great, Amanda.