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Ray Romano once compared life with twins to living in a frat house. As he put it, "no one sleeps, there is a lot of noise and a lot of throwing up." I find this very true with 4 young children, including twins. However, though things are always crazy, we always try to have fun and, most certainly, always love each other.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

MY day!!!!

Today (Saturday Sept 3- it may be the 4th by the time I post this...)  was a great day- it is my birthday!!!  There are two things that are definitely true-

1)  I am a bit of a ham when it comes to my birthday- I LOVE birthdays and love having my own day!  I don't even mind getting older because of it.  I hope that I will love birthdays just as much when I am 90! I have been very blessed and have a lot to be thankful for and I am thankful that God has given me another year.  Who cares about getting older?! It doesn't define me.  I am young in my heart.

2)  When I knew for sure Aaron would be out of town for my birthday (I have known for months....) I definitely played the martyr that he wouldn't be there for my birthday- that I would be HOME ALONE ALL WEEKEND BY MYSELF WITH 4 KIDS  on my birthday! Heaven forbid..... ha ha- I definitely made him feel bad about it.  But I really didn't mind.  It is the big annual "TDI festival" for VW's that he likes to go to- he didn't get to go last year because it was in Oregon, but this year it is in Kentucky- he went with my blessing.

But, I am happy to say, despite him being gone, I had a great day! 

Here are the highlights of how I managed to get by "on my own":

I slept in (the kids got up and watched cartoons while I continued to doze in bed) and then Jacob helped to make me chocolate chip pancakes! Yum!!

Then, this arrived at my door:
Aaron had this delivered to me with a really sweet card!!  He NEVER sends me flowers- seriously only a couple times in our entire marriage- not that I am complaining- he does a lot of sweet things otherwise, but this was a surprise for sure.  And I love the Willow Tree figurines and I love that he picked this one! 

Also, I had requested 3 things for my birthday- but told him not to get all 3 because it was too expensive, but well, of course he didn't listen:

He got me my own music stand, stand lights (you can barely see on the top) and a trumpet stand!  Ever since I joined a community band last year, I have been jealous of these items that the other trumpet players all have!

Despite the fact that he wasn't here, he really spoiled me!  I think maybe he was feeling a little guilty....

Then, I met my parents for lunch at McDonald's and we let the kids play a bit.

After lunch, we met Amy at the pool for an amazing afternoon!!! Thanks to a couple of coupons, we only had to pay for 3 of us to get in and it was perfect because today was hot and humid and the best type of day for the pool.  We lounged at the pool all afternoon. She gave me this adorable little purse:

I actually have a "Vera Bradley" item!! Something I never would have bought for myself, but just adorable!

After the pool, we got home with just enough time to eat some sandwiches for dinner (Kenny made macaroni and cheese completely by himself) and change our clothes and head out to my friend Katie's party.  Her 30th birthday is next week so she celebrated today with a 20's themed party.  It was so fun- Katie doesn't know how to do things small I don't think- she thought of so many little details and things that just made it really fun!  They all dressed up in 20's attire- I was the only adult that didn't, but it was because I didn't have anything that would work nor did I have the time and energy this week to search the thrift stores.  But, despite that it was a lot of fun!  It seemed a little different to go to a birthday party on my birthday, but I knew it would be worth it to spend the evening with friends- plus, I would get cake- which I did!!!  I really enjoy spending time with them- they are amazing women!

Despite getting home at 10pm, my children had to be bathed before bed- they were filthy!!! Definitely a sign that they had a blast!  To say they went to sleep quickly is an understatement!

Other perks of the day:

1) FACEBOOK!  I love facebook for birthdays!  As of this moment, I have 109 birthday wishes on my page!  (yes, I am pathetic enough that I counted!)

2) MY KIDS!  I LOVED spending the day with them- the girls especially said Happy Birthday off and on all day. Jacob played "Happy Birthday" on the piano in several different keys.  The girls drew me pictures like this one from Meghan:
I received several weed bouquets too!!! They were so sweet- they seemed to really want it to be a good day for me!  I am lucky to have them. 

3) Phone calls from friends and family! 

4) Receiving a card from Jackie with a Pampered Chef gift certificate! I LOVE their stuff!

5) I love having a birthday during Labor Day weekend- my birthday often falls on this weekend.  I feel like I get to celebrate the whole weekend.  Monday when Aaron gets home, we will have dinner with my family!

I am certainly feeling the love today.  Yay for birthdays!!!!


Kelly said...

What a great day! SO happy it was wonderful!! Enjoy it as long as it lasts!! Happy Day!!

Autumn said...

I love birthdays too. I love how Aaron spoils you, you deserve it! The stand lights are cool, I've never heard of them. I've been such a bummer on celebrating for friends the past few weeks, I'm glad you had a good day!