Always Crazy, Always Fun, Always Love

Ray Romano once compared life with twins to living in a frat house. As he put it, "no one sleeps, there is a lot of noise and a lot of throwing up." I find this very true with 4 young children, including twins. However, though things are always crazy, we always try to have fun and, most certainly, always love each other.

Thursday, September 1, 2011


Monday night, I hosted an awesome girls night. What did it cost?

Dinner at Chipotle- FREE- thanks to the prize I won through the raffle for the summer reading club! I got a coupon for Chipotle for 10! (that was the only bummer- that it was limited to 10- I seriously could have invited 30! I felt like I was leaving sooooo many people out! I am blessed with so many wonderful friends!)

Cake for Amy's birthday- cost was simply a couple hours to make it (I had all ingredients on hand of course!) This night out happened to fall on her birthday and you just can't have a birthday without cake! She was celebrating the 14th anniversary of her 29th birthday, so I decorated the cake appropriately!

Dinner with these amazing ladies?

(Front- Ashley, Natalie, Terri, Amy. Back- Autumn, Holly, Abbey, Katie, Jen, Me, Emily)



Kelly said...

Super fun!!

Lauri said...

Katie said you had a ball. Nothing better than FREE

everyday katie said...

Thanks again! It was a fun night. We should plan nights like that on a regular basis...even if it means forking out $5.

Autumn said...

14th anniversary, I love it!! Hehe!! I had so much fun, thanks for sharing Amanda!