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Ray Romano once compared life with twins to living in a frat house. As he put it, "no one sleeps, there is a lot of noise and a lot of throwing up." I find this very true with 4 young children, including twins. However, though things are always crazy, we always try to have fun and, most certainly, always love each other.

Monday, December 5, 2011

A Big Scare

  This weekend, a very scary event occurred in the life of Amy, one of my best friends, that shook us all a little and means that life for her will likely never be quite the same.    This is Amy's 5 year old daughter, Sophia:

Isn't this the sweetest picture?  She is a beautiful little girl who has had to deal with a lot in her 5 1/2 years.  She has quite a few allergies (food and environmental), asthma and more recently, seizures. 

She had one in May of 2010.  It was very unexpected- she had never had anything like it before and it came out of nowhere.  It lasted 40 minutes until it was under control.  She spent a week in the hospital as they ran tests trying to find a cause.  The doctors didn't really find anything except the presence of a virus. They said it was possible this was a cause and said that everyone gets one "freebie" seizure where it is always a possibility of it being a fluke.  This is what her family was hoping. 

Unfortunately, it happened again last Friday, December 2nd.    Sophia had a mild cold and was over tired from not having slept enough during the week, but otherwise was her normal self.  Amy went to pick her up from school.  Normally, she would have picked up her 10 year old son first, but she was running late and asked a friend to pick him up so she went straight to the girls school.  She parked on the street and walked up to get Sophia and her twin sister, Amelia.  She thought Sophia looked a bit dazed, but was otherwise okay.  The grandmother of another student stopped to talk to Amy so the girls played on the sidewalk while they talked.  Suddenly, Sophia just stopped and stood very still and her eyes went all the way to the left.  Amy put her arms around her and kept asking if she was okay, but got no response.  After a minute or two of this, Sophia collapsed right into her arms and the seizure continued.  Amy yelled for help and carried her into the school and into the nurses office.  At first when they laid her on the cot, she was still and they hoped it had passed, but then her left arm started shaking and that continued down through her body all the way to her feet- all on the left side. 

The ambulance came and she was taken to the hospital- Amy riding along with her.  Poor Amelia was completely terrified seeing her twin sister go through this and her mom having to leave with her. Amelia is a very shy child anyway and this was a lot for her to take.  The school nurse, Mrs. B was just amazing and ended up taking Amelia to Amy's in-laws house where she would stay for the night. 

As scary as this was, it was easy to see how God arranged things to be sure Amy was there for her when this happened.  This is all way more than coincidence:

1)  If she had picked up her older son first, they wouldn't have gotten to the school before the seizure started.
2)  If the grandmother hadn't stopped to talk, Amy would have quickly loaded the girls in the car and taken off to pick up her son- so this would have happened on the road, with her by herself.
3)  She parked on the street and walked up- whereas sometimes she pulls into the lot and loads the girls there.  Had she pulled into the lot as usual, her car would have been in the way of other cars when this happened- right during school pick up time.

It is amazing how, even in the face of tough trials, our Father in Heaven looks out for us.

So, she was taken by ambulance to the hospital.  It took "only" about 25 minutes for the seizure to get under control this time because they gave Sophia medicine in the ambulance this time but they had not before.

I went to see her and the receptionist asked if I was family to Sophia.  I didn't even hesitate to say I was her aunt.  It really isn't dishonest-  I love her mom as a sister and I love Sophia as much as I do my nieces and nephews.  I have watched her grow up for 4 years now and care for her well being.  I figure the only thing that makes me different from her "real" aunts are:

1) I am not blood related, but then not all aunts are!
2) I have not known her since she was born- though I have known her since she was 1 1/2 years!
3) I don't get to come to family gatherings.

Otherwise, not much difference!

She was very sleepy for a long time due to being exhausted from the seizure as well as the drugs they gave her to control it.  Later, she started waking up as they were admitting her and she started asking for her special stuffed kitty. Unfortunately, it was in the back packs with her mother-in-law, so no way of getting it.  I felt for her- the poor thing needed something to hug on after all of that. So, I went down to the gift shop and found a kitty that was nothing like her own, but hoped it would do. 

I am so happy to say it was a hit! She loved it and it was her special companion in the hospital.  Check these out:

She even named him snowflake!  Here, the "art cart" had come with fun activities to do- she chose to paint a magic wand!

Here she is telling snowflake all about how she is going to paint the wand.

And, this is the wand in progress!

Fortunately, she quickly returned to her normal self- seemingly unscathed from such a long seizure.  The doctors are saying that is the biggest worry- is the length of the seizure and that this is not the first time.  Any time she has one like that, she is risking brain damage.  For this reason, she needs medication to assure another one like this will not happen.  She was released from the hospital and will follow up with the neurologist in the coming weeks for more testing as they try to find the answer.

Understandably, they are all scared and very overwhelmed.  Please keep them in your prayers as they navigate this unexpected road and search for answers.  Amy is such an amazing person and a great mother- Sophia is lucky to have such a loving and caring family looking out for her!


Breezi@ Not Your Average Fairytale said...

Wowza. It is seriously amazing how Heavenly Father watches over us- no matter how big or small.

I hope they figure out what's causing little Sophia's seizures.

We'll keep praying :)

Stephanie White said...

Such a scary, stressful situation. I will continue to pray for them.

Kelly said...

So scary-
Just makes me so grateful for what we have- what a crazy ordeal for this sweet little girl- hope it stops and she grows up happy and healthy.
Will be thinking of her!

Erika's Site said...

Oh my. I love the fact that she has a kitty. My mother is partial to white kitty cats :-) What a dollface. I'm sorry that she has scary health problems. It makes me sad to hear about kids with a laundry list of health issues, especially breathing.