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Ray Romano once compared life with twins to living in a frat house. As he put it, "no one sleeps, there is a lot of noise and a lot of throwing up." I find this very true with 4 young children, including twins. However, though things are always crazy, we always try to have fun and, most certainly, always love each other.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Temporary Hermit- and Loving It!

I find myself in a very odd place this week.  Where might that be? Home!  At home with no where I HAVE to go!  Feels very strange, indeed!

Not only do my children not have school for winter break, but almost everything we are involved in has stopped for break too.  My days of run run run have come to a- temporary- screeching halt and it feels so odd but nice all the same.  Here is a sampling of all the places we go every week:

Take boys to school every day and pick them up
Preschool on Tuesdays and Thursdays (home preschool that I teach at my home sometimes)
Karate for boys
Piano lessons for Jacob
Babysit for a community choir
Rec center classes for the girls
Band practice for me
Cub scouts for the boys

And that doesn't include other meetings that come up, grocery shopping and doctors appointments that fall throughout our weeks.

Last week was still so crazy, even when many of our other commitments stopped for break because once that was done, I frantically had to finish shopping, clean my house and many other errands that had been put off due to lack of time.  Then of course, we had the holiday weekend- which was wonderful (see previous post!)- full of lots of good family time.

And this week.....NOTHING!!!!  In the last 3 days, I have run the dishwasher a few times, did at least 18 loads of laundry (I lost track....), and took down all Christmas decorations.  Since Monday, I only left the house once.  Thankfully, the kids are still enjoying their new toys and video games (not to mention doing HOMEWORK....  I mean, really- why do they need HOMEWORK on Christmas break?!?!) so they haven't gotten too bored yet.  They have also had plenty of playmates- I have been babysitting extra kids all week so for that reason as well, I have not been able to go anywhere because I didn't have enough seats in my van for everyone.  It made for a nice excuse- but I didn't really want to go anywhere anyway.  For a stay-at-home mom, I am not home very much so it is a nice change of pace.

Tomorrow, I only have one extra kid to watch and with time running out on break, we will probably venture out and do something fun.

As of next Wednesday, the kids go back to school and the rat race speeds back up, but for now, I am a hermit- and loving it! 

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