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Ray Romano once compared life with twins to living in a frat house. As he put it, "no one sleeps, there is a lot of noise and a lot of throwing up." I find this very true with 4 young children, including twins. However, though things are always crazy, we always try to have fun and, most certainly, always love each other.

Friday, January 6, 2012

A Big Day for Two Big Girls!!!

On Wednesday, January 4th, my sweet "baby" girls turned 5.  I just can't believe it!  The last 5 years just flew by!  Sometimes I still find myself in shock that I got two babies.....and now they are 5!!  We had a very good day on Wednesday- the day was almost entirely about them!   I had to babysit for the choir as usual for Wednesday mornings.  But, after that, we met my dad for lunch!  These girls absolutely adore their grandpa!
(I don't know why this picture turned out so little....)

After that was an event they had been waiting for since Christmas!  When Aaron's mom was in town, "Grandma Janet" as the kids know her by- gave them gift cards to "Build-A-Bear" for their birthday!  So we went on their birthday! They were so excited- they had heard of it but had never been.  It was a very fun experience.

First they got to pick the style of bear they wanted.  Ellie wanted the brown bunny and Meghan wanted the Hello Kitty.  We then went to the stuffing station where they were filled with stuffing!  Very cool how it works- a machine shoots it in through a pipe in a matter of seconds and then the worker just has to pull and tie some strings to complete the sew. 
(this is at the stuffing station)

They also got to pick a heart to put inside it. Meghan insisted her kitty needed two hearts.  The lady was so nice to humor her.

Then it was on to the "washing station"  It looked like a tub, but air blows out and they brush their bears:

Ellie washing her bunny

Meghan washing her kitty.

Then they got to pick out an outfit (they picked matching outfits) and then on to pay for them.  Let's just say I am glad they had a gift card.... wow- sticker shock! ha!  But their smiles were totally worth it.

Here they are showing off their dressed bears, that share the same birthday they do!

For dinner, I made exactly what they requested: Meatloaf and macaroni and cheese (and I added green beans).  Yes, my 5 year olds both requested meatloaf!!  Thankfully they both wanted the same thing so I didn't have to cook two dinners!  I always make what the kids want for dinner- so it should be no different just because the girls share a birthday!

After dinner is cake!  Ellie wanted vanilla cake with strawberries and Meghan wanted apple cake.  I got smart and just made cupcakes so I could save what we didn't need- instead of having two whole cakes sitting around here.  Though the apple cake recipe didn't transfer well into cupcakes...they were okay, but I didn't save the extra of those....

Of course, they have their build-a-bears!!  They have been inseparable from those bears ever since!!!
Ellie blows out 5 candles!!

Meghan blows out 5 candles!!

And then of course, PRESENTS!!!

I just took a picture of everything they got. Some was Ellie's, some Meghan's and some both. They got barbies, barbie clothes, playdoh, goggles and girl legos!  They have been asking for "girl legos" for sometime (meaning pink and purple) so they could start their own collection.  (Aaron calls them chick-gos) I have been hesitant because the boys ALWAYS have legos around, but I figured they are only little so long- if they want legos, the should have them!

I LOVE this picture-

After opening the presents, the girls were so excited about the legos that they couldn't wait to put them together.  So, Aaron very happily agreed to help them.  He has never outgrown legos! I love how all three of them are bent over and focused!

What a fun-filled day it was!  And, this weekend- there is more!  We are having a party for some of their friends on Saturday and then a party with our family on Sunday.  Needless to say, I will be exhausted by Sunday night, but it will be worth it. You only turn 5 once, right?

My little girls have grown so fast.  I am already having heart palpitations about sending them to Kindergarten this fall!  They can't possibly be old enough- yet they are!  They are so bright and have such sweet friendly dispositions.  They add such a fun dynamic to our family.  As I have said before, I never knew I wanted twins.  These two are so completely different yet best friends.  They were meant to come here together. 

They compliment each other.  Ellie is outgoing, yet sweet and a cuddle bug.  She reaches out to others easily.  She is very quick to learn academics.  Meghan is more reserved to those she doesn't know but opens up quickly once she feels she can trust the person.  She is spunky and active and quick to gain physical talents.    They are smart, happy, energetic girls that are a blessing in every way. 

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Kelly said...

So fun!! MY girls are addicted to Build a bear- and if you sign up for their emails, they send you free (up to $12) bear coupons and every other month or so $5 off purchases- they save up to get new ones. Leah is about done but Celeste is still loving them. For Christmas, Santa brought Leah a purple tie-dyed cat with the certificate and all- Santa didn't have to do the dance and all that either!! ha ha
There are some deals if your girls are in love with getting more.
Happy Birthday, big girls!