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Ray Romano once compared life with twins to living in a frat house. As he put it, "no one sleeps, there is a lot of noise and a lot of throwing up." I find this very true with 4 young children, including twins. However, though things are always crazy, we always try to have fun and, most certainly, always love each other.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

More Birthday Fun!!

Ellen and Meghan have certainly been very spoiled as they crossed over into big kid world!  After our own little family celebration on their birthday Wednesday, we had a party with their friends on Saturday (the 7th) and with our whole family on Sunday (the 8th)!    But you only turn 5 once- it's a big one for sure so why not celebrate it big! :)  These girls are so special and sweet and good and they deserved every minute of it!

I had not planned on having a party with their friends.  I had parties for the boys when they were that age but stopped having them for a couple of reasons and so it never really occurred to me to throw the girls a party- but then they kept talking about all the friends they wanted to invite to their party and so I knew we needed to!  I threw it together in one weeks time- from deciding to do it, to sending invites, to planning and throwing it!  All in all, it was a big success.  I lost my camera, as mentioned before so my amazing friend Annie offered to take pictures for me.  She is very talented and took a lot of great pictures- and manipulated many of them to make them cooler. I wish I could post them all, but I will only post a few that are my favorites and that tell the story of the party best.  This is a very long post- but with the exception of these first paragraphs, the words are kept short.  The pictures are fun to look at!

We had a great turn out!  Including Ellen and Meghan, we had 12 kids ages 3-5 in our tiny house! I was excited they could all come (the group included their sunday school class, preschool group, neighbors they play with often and a few other best friends) but nervous how it would go.  Thankfully, it went very well- I kept it short- 1 1/2 hours- and kept them busy.

  We started with balloon play.  At first, they just tossed it in the air to keep it from touching the ground. When they bored with that, we did a follow the leader type game with them.
This shot shows most of the kids.  It is only missing Joy (who you can see in the balloon pic above and others- she was working the radio) and Sophia and Amelia- who were feeling to shy to play.  They played pass the crown- kind of like hot potato, but with a crown (the party had a mild princess theme, since the girls love princesses! )  Whoever was holding the crown when the music stopped got to control the music for the next round! Starting at the top of the picture and going around is the girls friend, Ellie- in the orange shirt then Annie, Meghan, Addie, Emma (Addie's cousin), Grayden, Zachary, Ellie and Clark.

We then did a fun- but easy and quick- art project!  They decorated princess wands (girls) or swords (boys)- that had been cut out of card board and wrapped in foil.  They loved it and did great!  I just bought the puffy glittery stickers for them to stick all over them.

Sophia working hard! Love this one of Amy (Sohpia's mom and my so very dear friend) helping her!

And here is her sister, Amelia- who will NOT smile for pictures.... Annie is lucky she got a picture of her!

Grayden is focused on making a great sword!

And here are some finished products:

Friend Ellie with her wand!

And Zachary with his sword!
Joy with her wand!

I love how unique they all were!

It was a mild day for January so we went outside for the next game.  It was a simple relay- scoop beans out of the bowl- run down and dump beans in a bag and run back.  They loved it!   Annie (the friend taking pictures) caught this picture before the game got organized:

Love how she made Annie E (yes, two Annie's in attendance- one adult, one kid!  And two Ellie's for that matter!)  stand out by making the rest black and white.  It makes her look like the leader of the pack- but really, she just happened to be standing there with the group watching her before we started!

Soon, we got the game organized....  I think it is obvious which of my girls is more competitive!  Ellie is focused and ready!

And here we find we were correct!  Ellie is off and running- Meghan just watching! ha!

I love this one of Grayden- I think he is excited it is his turn!

Yet as he plays, he is cool and confident!

Next was cake and ice cream.  I kept it simple- just cupcakes and ice cream.  I love it how Annie (with help from my friend Amy) made my simple cupcakes look so grand by arranging the wands and swords around them (which had not yet been decorated at this point....)!!

I love how Meghan is so serious about her ice cream!  She made sure to scrape every last bit out and was fully focused- totally like her!
This is Addie- a new friend who just moved into our ward (church) boundaries- the girls love her!  So fun to make new friends (and for me too- her mom is pretty awesome too!)
And these were my FAVORITE pictures..... no explanation needed....

(I seriously wish I had Annie's eyes for pictures!)
And of course.... presents!  I think present time got a little overwhelming- there were so many kids who were so excited to see what they got and crowding them and I think the attention got to them a bit and they acted up some here, but I think they did okay being two 5 year olds.   I love the expressions on their faces in this one:

Katie (Grayden's mom) made awesome tutus for both girls- pink for Meghan and purple for Ellie. Very impressive for a mom of 3 boys!  The girls just LOVED them.  Meghan didn't understand why I wouldn't let her wear hers to church the next day.

So, they were happy and tired at the end of their party!  I am so thankful that they are surrounded by so many sweet little friends!

Sunday was more fun!  Only a few pictures for this one, but it was a great day!  They got to spend some time with 4 out of their 6 grandparents,  a few Aunts and Uncles and cousins!! My mom snapped this one of the sweet girls:
This picture was actually not hard to get- they didn't make it easy on her!
And of course, more presents!! The big thing this year for their birthday was the girl legos!

 (Meghan kept hiding under the table to open her presents- I think she was a little shy from all the attention!

 Ignore the dirty face in this one!  Pretty cute/ classic kid though.  My sister Julie got them these adorable head bands with clips.  She is always good about that sort of thing.  Good thing because I am not that good at it.  I love for them to have these cute sort of things, but rarely think about it. I don't know why- probably just one more thing to think about....

So, we have celebrated this milestone more than enough and I think my girls are very happy!  After all this- and of course all of this happening right after the Christmas rush- I think they might go through withdrawal now that they haven't opened any presents in a week!  Ha!  And now that their birthday  is over, they don't get more presents until Christmas!  They got all their fun all over with at the same time every year. 

I love these girls so much.  I could not imagine our family or my life without them.  What an incredible blessing they are.  Usually in the course of one day they will make me laugh, frustrate me, teach me, perplex me and make my heart grow more.  I thank God every day for all 4 of my babies!!!  Life is good!

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everyday katie said...

I love those pics of Gray. He had a great time. It seems the party turned out perfect. And I'm glad the tutus turned out. Every time my boys are invited to a girl's birthday, I have to use it as an excuse to make girly things.