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Ray Romano once compared life with twins to living in a frat house. As he put it, "no one sleeps, there is a lot of noise and a lot of throwing up." I find this very true with 4 young children, including twins. However, though things are always crazy, we always try to have fun and, most certainly, always love each other.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Top O' The Morning To Ya!

Saint Patrick's day is a big day for some, not so much for others.  I have always thought it to be fun, but have never done much for it.  I think last year I made a green breakfast, but that was about it for our festivities.  This year was almost the same.  But, when I heard about someone planning to go the parade today, I remember from past years how fun the parade sounded.  With perfect weather for it (sunny and 70's!), we made a last minute decision and off we went!  Poor Aaron was stuck at home though- he already had a job scheduled in the garage.  The kids and I had a blast though!  Just going (and walking around) downtown was a treat for them- something we rarely do. They were just fascinated by the large buildings and all the movement.

It was so fun to see the seas of green from everyone dressed up and in the spirit.  We weren't really "dressed" for the festivities- partly a consequence of this being a last minute decision- but so fun all the same!

I was a little worried about finding parking with the parade being downtown and with finding a good spot to watch for fear of tons of people, but both parking and finding a spot to watch proved simple!  I forgot until Aaron reminded me that, since Aaron works at AEP, we could park in the downtown garage for free with his ID badge, even though he doesn't work at the downtown office!   And we found a great spot to sit not far from the parking garage along the parade route. It wasn't overcrowded and we had a great view!(Finding a bathroom when the kids inevitably had to go a few minutes before the parade began was another story, but we managed and made it back just in time....)

 Here are my 4 crazies excitedly waiting!

When a lady passed by selling cotton candy and frilly head bands, I couldn't resist.  The kids were complaining of wanting a snack so they shared some cotton candy.  The head bands helped us (er- the girls anyway...) to look a little more in the spirit of the day!

The parade itself was fun!
There were, of course, several bagpipe bands, with bagpipes, drums, kilts and all!
Check this out..... see the feet under the balloons?! There was a person wearing these balloons!!

I think the kids would even argue that they found a pot of gold....... as in candy that was thrown!  All 5 of us were all smiles the whole time. I think we found a new tradition! Hopefully next year, since it won't be so last minute, Aaron can join us too.

Afterward, the kids got treated to McDonald's for lunch (they were hungry because I had not thought/ planned far enough ahead for food and it was past lunch time!) and in honor of the holiday, I even let them share Shamrock Shakes! It was the first time they had ever had them- but they for sure had to share! Too big and expensive to eat themselves!

And, since we didn't have time for a green breakfast since we were hurrying to get to the parade, we had a green breakfast for dinner! (forget the traditional corned beef and cabbage.... yuck!)
It is always funny- every time I do something like this and change the color of the food, the boys are always excited and the girls are grossed out- not wanting to eat it.  However, they soon realized it tasted just as good despite the awful looking color!

I think today goes down as the  best St Patrick's day yet!

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Kelly said...

We saw all those too!! funny!!
Dana picked me up a Shamrock Shake today as a surprise treat- man, was it delish!
Gotta love green!
Oh, and we are the crazy Irish family who wouldn't miss a St. Patty's Day parade for anything! ha ha
My kids love that it was on Saturday, and yep, what a glorious day!!