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Ray Romano once compared life with twins to living in a frat house. As he put it, "no one sleeps, there is a lot of noise and a lot of throwing up." I find this very true with 4 young children, including twins. However, though things are always crazy, we always try to have fun and, most certainly, always love each other.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Better Late Than Never..... GIRLS WEEKEND!!!!

When I was 6 years old, my family moved to a new town about 1/2 way through my 1st grade year.  I was a shy girl and was terrified walking into this school where I knew nobody.  (To this day, I still struggle in new situations!)   My first day of school, this sweet shy girl named Jackie was the first to talk to me. She helped me through those rough first weeks- and we have been best friends, practically inseparable- ever since. 

We have stayed close despite our lives going in separate directions.  In fact, in some ways, this has made our friendship more interesting!  We always love to share what happens in each others lives and since it is different from what we are going through, it is interesting! It was hard when she moved to Lincoln, Nebraska 7 years ago for graduate school- she was so far away!  We still kept up through emails and phone calls. She would come home once or twice a year and we would have a night out then.  When she married in 2007, I even got to fly out there (second flight in my life!) to be her Matron of Honor.  Since then, I still just see her when she comes home to visit.  I decided this year, I would save my pennies from babysitting and go out there to visit again.  So, I did that and I flew out there (my 3rd flight ever!) the first weekend of June.  I am only just now able to write about it due to the crazy time afterward of packing and rushing to move and getting settled.

It was an amazing weekend!  A wonderful blend of getting out and seeing her town, staying home and relaxing (sleeping in! Woo Hoo!), and lots of talking and enjoying each other's company.  Here are some things we did!

June 1st- The day I arrived!!

The 1st was Jackie's 35th birthday!  We went out to dinner, relaxed at home watching a movie, and went to a local bakery to get some yummy treats for her birthday!

These cupcakes were divine!  I also just had to buy these because we thought they were funny.....

They are chocolate cigars, but we decided after taking pictures that they looked like something else... They were pretty good though- tasted kind of like Swiss Cake Rolls.

I also enjoyed Ben's (her husband) garden and walked around in it a few times while I was there.  He is an avid gardener with a beautiful garden full of color in their back yard.

It was so peaceful and beautiful to walk around and see the many different plants and flowers.

Saturday, June 2nd

Today was the day I think I was most looking forward to!  After a yummy lunch out, we had manicures and pedicures!!  This is a huge splurge for me- something I have only done a couple other times in my life.  I would do it every couple of months if I could afford it.  But, I suppose that once every several years will have to do.  It was truly wonderful.  Both the pedicure and manicure were very relaxing and turned out beautiful!

The blue sparkly toes are mine and the bright pink are Jackie's.

The deeper red fingers are mine and the bright pink are Jackie's.  We had the new Shellac manicure- it was beautiful and never chipped and lasted a very long time.  It is not easy to get off, but it was worth it considering it lasted so long and stayed shiny and smooth!

We came home to a home cooked meal cooked by Ben- he is an excellent cook!!  Later that night, we enjoyed going out to a movie and just hanging out!

Sunday June 3rd

On Sunday, we did something that both of them had wanted to do but had not yet done since they had moved there. We toured the Nebraska state house.  Sounds "exciting" right?  Although that isn't what people from Lincoln refer to is as.  Let me explain this a little...

Lincoln is not a large city.  There is also not many tall buildings- most are not more than a few stories tall- even down town.  Yet, you have this state building that erects into a pillar above the rest of the city. Here is how it looks as you drive into town....

Do you see it?  Let's just say it reminds many of a male body part.  They call it the P---- on the Prairie

They give tours of the building, so we thought that would be fun.  I actually learned more than I ever wanted to know about Nebraska state history, but it was still very interesting.  And according to Ben, they have a lot wrong....
But the building is beautiful!
Here is the view from the top looking out- as you can see, there is nothing near as tall as this building.  One thing I thought was interesting was all of the trees.  I had figured that Nebraska had always been more plain and not as lush and green.  They actually explained during the tour that none of those trees were there when the state was settled.  On the first Arbor day, more than 1,000,000 trees were planted!

Here is a closer up view of this P---- on the Prairie.....

Ben and Jackie on the steps
And me and Jackie!

Monday June 4th

This was my last day- I would fly out this evening.  But, we still had a very full and fun day!

Early in the weekend, Jackie had joked about how Nebraska was home to the only Roller Skating Museum in the country.  I said, Let's do it! Why not?
It is actually very small- just a large room attached to the offices of the Roller Skating Confederation. We learned some interesting things-

This was the first patented design for a Roller Skate in 1819- it was even inline!

By the late 1800's, skating was actually one of the most popular recreation activities.  It was very formal and women would skate in these full, heavy dresses and men in tuxedos.  Can you imagine??

Before heading to the airport, we went to the University of Nebraska at Lincoln to tour where Jackie works and is working on her PhD.  Here is where she spends all her time!

It is a beautiful campus.  Even though it was dreadfully hot, I enjoyed walking around!

I also went shopping to get t-shirts that said "Nebraska" for the kids.  Jackie snapped this red-faced hot picture of me. 

I missed my family terribly and was anxious to see them again, but it was hard to say good-bye too and I cried as I walked into the airport to go home.  I thoroughly enjoyed my weekend away and being in her world for a few days.  I look forward to going again someday!!!


Kelly said...

My BFF livesvfarvtoo, and I am saving to go see her this fall...she lives in Arizona and I am going with just happy! Love that you make time for important!

Kari said...

Looks like fun!

Anonymous said...

I'm SOOO honored that you came out to see me! It was a great weekend, and I'm blessed to have you in my life! Love ya, Jackie