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Ray Romano once compared life with twins to living in a frat house. As he put it, "no one sleeps, there is a lot of noise and a lot of throwing up." I find this very true with 4 young children, including twins. However, though things are always crazy, we always try to have fun and, most certainly, always love each other.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Momma Said There Would Be Days Like This....

My blog has been a little quiet recently due to lack of material.  With the kids in school all day and me putzing around getting things done, well..... things just haven't been that exciting.  Our evenings and weekends are always a rat race of activity, but nothing that exciting to write about.

Today, however, is blog worthy.  No doubt about it.  I was dreading today all week long and sure enough it seems, I should never have gotten out of my warm cozy bed.

Jacob's soccer league had tournaments today- it was to be 3 games today (?!) and 1 tomorrow.  The games were to be at 10, 1 and 3. We were to arrive at 9. I was not thrilled when I saw the forecast- 50's and rainy.  Great.  What makes that harder is we just had a nice Indian summer and it was 80 degrees on Thursday!  That would make it seem that much colder.  Add to that that Aaron would be out of town so I was left to take Jacob to the games- with the other 3 as well- and be outside all day in the drizzly cold rain.  Ugh.  So yes, I was dreading it.  I hoped for a huge downpour overnight making the fields unusable and therefore cancel the event.  I didn't even understand why we had to go anyway. His team never did well and only won one game all season!

I got up and checked my phone right away but no such luck (the coach communicates by mass text).  I woke all the kids up and came back to my phone and saw a text from the coach.  Part of me was excited thinking "Yay it's cancelled!"  The other part thought...."Really, he had to wait till AFTER I woke the kids...."  But, either way, no such luck- it was just a reminder to all parents to let him know if you weren't coming. Sigh....

So, we are getting ready to go and I am gathering our stuff and I could NOT find my keys anywhere.  And Aaron is out of town with the other set so if I can't find mine, we are screwed.  I searched everywhere. I knew they were in the house. Friday I did the Halloween party for Jacob's classroom and had so much stuff to take, I put it all in our wagon and walked over there.  I knew the keys were in the wagon. I remember getting them out to unlock the door when we got home, then dropping them in the wagon and pulling the wagon inside.  So I KNEW they had to be in the house.  I checked under furniture, in bags, even in places that made no sense.  I knew it had to be somewhere with the things that had been in the wagon- I worried maybe I threw it away with trash from the wagon so I checked the inside and outside trash- twice. No luck.  I worried that maybe I left them IN the wagon, though I didn't think that was likely because I would have seen them. But, I still worried because Kenny had taken it outside to rake leaves and gather them into a pile. So, I checked outside and dug through the pile of wet the rain...twice.  No luck.

I sat defeated, crying not knowing what to do. At one point in the middle of all that, I said a prayer to help me find them and kept retracing everywhere and looking everywhere but no luck. I kept hoping for a "grand revelation" as to where they were but it didn't come and my frustrations soared.  I sat defeated a couple of times as I had been looking for an hour and didn't know where else to look.  The thought kept coming to me "Think about what was in the wagon...." but all I could think of was the bags of trash I already checked and the pans I had already cleaned and put away.... what else was in there that might have my keys?!  I couldn't think and kept looking and trying to think as I kept having the thought.... "what else was in the wagon?!"  So, I knew my answer was what had been in the wagon.  Finally at about 9:40 (game starts at 10- 20 min away!!), I finally remembered what I was forgetting.  There had been a box in the wagon with left over paper plates, cups, etc that I am saving for the next school party and I put that box on a shelf downstairs!  I ran downstairs and the keys were in the box! I had totally forgotten about the box being in the wagon.  I am so thankful I was able to think that through (no doubt with some help from above) because I would never have found those "accidentally" until December for the school Christmas party!

So, I ran upstairs and shouted for the kids to grab their stuff and get in the van.  I grab everything and load it up.  We were in the van ready to go at 9:50 and I turn the key and......NOTHING.  The van's battery was completely DEAD!!!! Seriously?!?!?!?!

I would like to say I held my temper and did NOT throw the keys against the wind-shield.... but, well, I can't say that.  But, thankfully the wind-shield held up fine....

I felt like I was apparently not meant to leave the house today.  I tried to think positive and think maybe it is God's way of protecting us- like we would have been in a horrible accident if we left on time or something.  Or it could also just be His way of teaching me a lesson to keep better track of my stuff....  

I was thinking how I would have to find the jump box, probably call Aaron and have him remind me what setting and such to put on it (has been a while since I used it), find an extension cord and so on..... but then I remembered his other car was in the garage and we could just drive that. But now, we had to unload the van and reload his the rain... and cram all 5 of us in that tiny car and get on our way- finally at 10:10.

We got there at half time of the first game.  I saw the purple shirts of Jacob's team and had him jump out and then I would go park.  After I parked, I sent Kenny to take Jacob his jacket he had left in the car and then the girls and I walked up to watch the game.  I was so busy just getting settled, I honestly didn't notice I didn't recognize any of the players until Kenny came and told me we were at the wrong field.  These were the 5th and 6th graders.  Jacob's 4th grade league was on the other side of the park.  Of course..... so we had to reload the car again and head to the other side of the park.

So, that was the biggest drama of the day but the rest was just miserable.  The coaches of our town's teams provided hot dogs and everyone brought food to share so we ate after the 1st game and it was somewhere around noon that the rain stopped but it was still so cloudy and cold and windy.  The kids and I huddled in the tiny car until the next game started at 1.  The 3rd game wasn't supposed to start until 3 but they moved it up to 2:15 to get us home a little faster. What a relief.  The kids were so bored and so cold and were getting so restless.  We brought a few things for them, but not enough- not that there is much to play with in the rain anyway. There wasn't a playground close at this park either.  After the 2nd game, Ellie asked if it was time to go home and I said no, there was one more game. The poor thing cried!  I could understand her feelings!!!  Meghan got her fingers crushed in a collapsed chair at one point and thankfully another mom had band-aids.

It was just plain miserable.  They lost all 3 games....horribly.  But, they are good kids and played hard with good spirit.  They all improved so much during the season- especially Jacob. The coach said the Jacob was his most improved of the season!!  As we were getting in the car when we were finally done, Jacob said that there would be no game tomorrow since we lost all 3 games, we were out of the tournament.  I couldn't resist and energetic "SWEET!!!"  I was so relieved to hear it was all over.  Poor Jacob was offended by that and was sad they don't get to play tomorrow so I had to retract my words but of course, really I am thrilled that we are done, despite the fact it meant they lost! ha!

Once we were home the day improved a lot.  The kids all got baths to get clean (to say Jacob was a ball of mud is an understatement- those fields were a MESS!), clean clothes and warmed up.  I made breakfast for dinner and then we went over to the elementary school where there was a Halloween activity and the kids had a great time.  I fought a headache and a bone chill all evening I couldn't quite get rid of, but I was just thankful to be inside out of the cold!  I felt kind of wimpy because, even though the other moms were miserable too, they seemed less miserable then me and more used to it.  Many said they have baseball tournaments or spring soccer that is like that all the time it seems.  I think what was hard about it to me was that it was ALL DAY with no easy way to get warm. And the crappy beginning to the day of course did NOT help my spirits... Well, I guess I just don't have kids that are quite so "sporty" and into every sport to make me have to get used to that.  And you know what, I am totally okay with that! I am just thankful that soccer is over and we can have our evenings back for family time again!  I like them to be active and involved but I am glad they also don't seem to go from activity to activity to where we are always running.  I know the coach of their team doesn't even get a break. His son starts wrestling this week which has more of an intense schedule than soccer does....  I guess this is where finding balance comes in and I hope that is what we have found. It is good to be involved, but you also don't need all these activities running your life.  A balance between activities and family time is important.  I am thankful to be getting that family time back. 

In closing, here is a picture Aaron took of Jacob after a (warmer....) game last week.  Jacob really enjoyed playing!!!(ignore the shadow, I can't figure out how to crop it at the moment on the computer I am on....)

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