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Ray Romano once compared life with twins to living in a frat house. As he put it, "no one sleeps, there is a lot of noise and a lot of throwing up." I find this very true with 4 young children, including twins. However, though things are always crazy, we always try to have fun and, most certainly, always love each other.

Monday, December 31, 2012

Year End Review

It's always a crazy thing to see one year end and a new one begin.  As with most people, the older I get the faster they go by!  Here we are on the very last day of yet another year!  2012 was very good to us.  It was a year full of blessings, good surprises, testimonies strengthened, growth and happiness.  2011 had been particulary tough and I was not sad to see it pass.  2012 was a peaceful year for our family with many new things going on!   A few random highlights from the year:

-Aaron and I turned 35 and celebrated our 14th anniversary
-Kenny turned 11, Jacob turned 9, and early in the year, Ellen and Meghan turned 5. -We moved to a new home and became landlords, renting our old home
-We went on our first beach vacation
-Ellen and Meghan started Kindergarten, Kenneth started 6th grade and Jacob 4th grade.The kids all have great teachers who seem to genuinely care about them and help them.
-We became part of a new ward in our church. This was a big change considering I had gone to church in the same building for pretty much my entire life.  It was a tough adjustment,  but we are making new friends and are thankful for those who have been so welcoming.
-Other new friends were made in our new town.

Having just come out of Christmas, I can say we had a wonderful holiday this year!  I have learned so much about prayer over this past year and my testimony has been so strenghtened. I have no doubt it was prayer that led us into our new home.  This fall, money was particularly tight.  Going over the budget, I realized we had just enough money for basic bills-without enough left over for most of the groceries and gas for our cars- and certianly not enough for Christmas.  I prayed that we would have the opportunity to earn the money we needed to meet our obligations and also be able to enjoy the holiday season.  Shortly after that, Aaron's phone began ringing off the hook with people needing work on their cars.  It was such a blessing and so humbling to see that direct answer to prayer.  It ended up being a very peaceful season (that is, despite the viruses the kids insisted on sharing.... ha ha!) with all our obligations met and enough money to give towards gift for our kids and others.   Here are just a few pictures of the holiday season (I didn't take very many and a few that I did didn't turn out, so here is just a few):

Aaron played Santa for our ward Christmas party!!!  Kenny didn't recognize him at first but Ellen did right away! Meghan didn't know it was her dad until we told her!  He made a great Santa and really enjoyed listening to the kids and hearing what they wanted!
 Santa with Ellie! (the one with Meghan didn't turn out, which is why it isn't posted here)
Jacob with Santa!

Kenny with Santa!

Christmas Eve morning, we had Aaron's family over for brunch.  We had such yummy food and really enjoyed visiting and spending time together.  Debbie always has a stocking for everyone filled with yummy candy and fruit. For the kids, she gives $5 McDonald's gift cards. For the grown ups, we get scratch off lottery tickets!  It is the only time we play any sort of lottery so it is always fun. Aaron was the big winner and won $100!  What did he get with his winnings?   Yep.... Legos!
Christmas Eve we had a wonderful dinner and celebration at Julie's house.  We decorated cookies to leave for Santa!!
They were so excited Christmas morning!!!  They got many things they wanted and a couple surprises!  Here they are on Christmas morning- they each got their own bean bag chair!

Christmas was "whiteish-" It has snowed a couple inches a couple of days before Christmas, but it had mostly melted by then.  The day after Christmas, we got another snow storm!  And then again that weekend!  The kids LOVED being able to get out and play and spent a large amount of time out!

Kenny and Jacob made snow forts and had a snowball fight! We also found the slope in our backyard is great for sledding.  It isn't huge and I am on the hunt for a larger slope near by, but for now, this one is works.

Meghan was quite proud of the snowgirl we made together (complete with raisins for hair!)

 Last year was a very mild winter- the most mild in years!  Just this month so far, we have had more snow then we did all season last year.  It was pretty at first, and the kids have enjoyed playing in it, but I have decided I am done with's gonna be a long winter!

But, we have plenty to keep us busy next year!  Here are some of what I will be up to in the new year:

-I just found out today I will officially be the girls Daisy leader. I was supposed to be co-leader but our leader had to step down for health reasons.  She is broken hearted and I feel horrible for what she is going through.  It is going to be interesting to be the leader! Yikes!

-I am figuring out my new calling in my new ward.  I actually have 2.  One is sacrament chorister. That is easy so I just wave my hand around and no one really looks at me...  The second one is the additional RS meeting coordinator. That means I am in charge of the monthly enrichment activities for the adult women! Now this one is scary!  Planning activities is not my strength.  Lots to learn here!

-Volunteering as usual for the school in the girls room and room mom in Jacob's room.

- I have decided at some point during the year, I will get my subsititute teaching license.  Yikes!  But, it will be good to earn a little extra money and get some classroom experience to determine if education is what I want to do or not. 

-Twins club- I am in charge of the social portion of the meetings and I am assistant treasurer- still figuring that out.

So, it will be a busy year but I think it will be a great one too!  I am looking forward to what the new year has to offer!!!!  I feel truly blessed and so thankful for my family and this wonderful life we have!

Happy New Year!!!!

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Anonymous said...

What a great year and holiday for you! We so miss you! Can't wait to see what 2013 has in store!

Love, Kelly