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Ray Romano once compared life with twins to living in a frat house. As he put it, "no one sleeps, there is a lot of noise and a lot of throwing up." I find this very true with 4 young children, including twins. However, though things are always crazy, we always try to have fun and, most certainly, always love each other.

Thursday, May 9, 2013


I can't believe it has been since January that I have written anything here!  At the beginning of the year I was all excited to renew my writing efforts.  I think I have a few things working against me as far as that goes-

1) lack of writing material.  My kids are all in school now and therefore they give me much less writing material.  Nobody wants to hear of my days of running errands and cleaning my house. Bor-Ing!!!

2) Facebook- I am addicted just as many others are!  It is an easy quick way to give a basic update to the day verses doing a whole blog post.  I should probably combine some of those into a post!

3) Time- Time is the age- old enemy to many- including me!  Blogging just gets pushed to the back burner, especially when I am not sure what to write!

4) Opinions-  I actually have a lot of strong opinions about things going in the world.  I sometimes feel like I need to write about them and get them on paper but I am also very shy and don't like to risk offending others or arguing with others.  I totally get and respect others opinions and I don't mind talking about them face to face, but I hate internet arguing.  It starts out as someone sharing an opinion and turns into two or more people defending their different views as if it will change anything or do anything more than cause sad feelings. 

But that being said, I really do still want to write and I am hopeful that my writers block will lift soon and I will have plenty of material (hopefully good stuff!) to share- and maybe even a few opinions. 

So, here is a basic update of what is going on with everyone!

Aaron- He has been busy busy busy!! Things are going well at his "day job" at AEP- he even got another promotion!  It is his 2nd in just over a year, but both were long over due. It has been many many years before that since he had gotten one.  It is a huge relief!  He is loving his new garage with lots more space for working on VWs.  That keeps him busy on weekends! 

Amanda-  It surprises me how busy I have been with the kids in school and me not working.  There is always something that needs done!  Between errands, appointments, volunteering at the school, church callings, helping in other places as I can, girl scouts (ya, I ended up their Daisy leader- THAT wasn't supposed to happen!), twins club, band and more- my time is FULL!  This time last year, I figured I could finally get caught up in printing pictures.  I have not had ONE picture printed!!!  I know we tend to have time for whatever we make a priority so I am just going to have to make it a priority to be able to get any of it done. 

I also just finally got signed on to be a substitute teacher part time!  As busy as I am, I figured we could use the extra cash to pay off debt, for Christmas and whatever else is needed.  I will only work a couple days a week at least to start out.  But, it will help me decide what I want to do as my kids grow up and start to build a work history.  The nice thing about subbing is that I can always be home when my kids are home- I see no time in the near future where this will not be a priority to me!  The no-pay of staying home and/or the low-pay of subbing is worth it for me to always be able to be here. I actually start tomorrow doing a 1/2 day for Jacob's class!

Kenneth-   Kenneth is growing like crazy- so tall and strong and handsome!  I am so proud of him and I can't believe he is finishing the 6th grade! He will be in the Jr High next year. How exciting for him!  His grades are good, though he has to work for it.  I think this is good for him though because he will know as he grows how to study and how to work for things at school.  He has been going through some "growing pains" lately that have caused a little bit of trouble.  I don't want to type the details here, and ultimately they don't matter for the purpose of this blog.  But, as parents, we are working through it with him and using it as a learning experience and I think he has learned.  I have total faith that he will grow into a wonderful man.  He is so sweet and compassionate and caring.  It is just another reminder for me to get down on my knees in prayer to know how to guide my children. 

Kenny has also met his first real friend- a boy named Aaron.  This is the first time he has had a friend close enough to invite over and to hang out with every day at school. (the fact it has taken this long for him to connect with other kids has to do with his ADHD and a social delay- that was one of our reasons for wanting to move- to give him a chance to make friends).  Aaron seems to be a very nice kid.  I do have some concerns over his home situation, but I think he could be good for Kenny if I encourage them to hang out here most of the time where Kenny and our family can be good examples to him.

Jacob- Jacob is thriving at school and growing fast as well!  Both of my boys will pass me up in height very soon!  He just turned 10 and had a great birthday. He had his first sleepover! I was nervous because it was over spring break and a lot of people went on vacation so I hadn't heard from very many people.  But, 4 boys and 1 girl came (with 3 boys spending the night) and they all had a blast!

Jacob's constipation problems have been improving, but are still there.  But, his reflux problems seem to be increasing as well as random stomach aches that debilitate him and keep him home from school.  Those stomach aches though tend to let up later around noon or so.  The doctor (after a few blood tests, stool samples, xrays, medications and more) finally did an Upper GI endoscopy on him to try to find the problem.  The results were completely normal!  I was happy it wasn't serious but frustrated because the stomach aches were still happening.  The doctor came to the conclusion that he has "Functional Abdominal Pain" which basically means that he has real (not imagined or made up) stomach aches with no physical cause.  The cause is usually based on anxiety or something similar. So, he is working with a psychologist now to learn how to work through them. 

We have also learned that he has scoliosis.  It was found on one of the x-rays for his stomach.  The doctor doing the x-ray asked if I knew he had a curve.  "!"  It was very mild- you couldn't really see it from the outside so we were told we would have to keep an eye on it as he grows.  At his 10 year well check, the doctor felt it seemed more obvious from the outside so it is getting a little bigger.  Still not a major concern, just something we will have to check regularly and encourage him to keep better posture. 

Ellen and Meghan- I group them together not because they aren't individuals but because their updates just naturally go together today!  They have had a GREAT year in Kindergarten!  I can't believe my babies are going into 1st grade! They were in the same class in Kindergarten and I think it went well and they like being together but we have decided to separate them for first grade.  They both do very well academically but they are on very different levels.  Meghan is average- right were she should be- reading at a beginning of first grade level and learning the basics in math facts.  Ellen is reading at an end of 2nd grade level! She reads chapter books with ease and can spit out her addition and subtraction facts easily.  Meghan sees this and feels she is not up to par- that she doesn't do good enough.  But she does!  She is doing great!   Hopefully by separating them, she can see her own talents better by not comparing herself to her sister constantly.

So, that is about it for now!  Everything else is still going well! We still love our house and our renters are still paying their rent on time! Can't ask for more than that!  Hopefully you will hear more from me soon!


Tonya said...

So glad you made an update! I love reading blogs and we don't always get to talk much at church. Congrats to your husband on his promotion! Great news! And good luck tomorrow starting the sub job! I hope it goes well for you. I am glad to hear that most things are working out well for your kiddos with the move and all and that health issues are becoming clear or resolved. That can be tough. And lastly, I love to read opinions and hope that you share them with us all. I hope that I do not cause you to shy away from sharing. I am very opinionated (as if you didn't already know!) but I never mean to offend, either, and try my best to respect other people's long as they share them kindly. I know you are always kind-hearted and so I wouldn't take offense to you sharing. And if I've ever offended you, please forgive me! :)

Kelly said...

Loving the updates!